What To Buy For The New Parents

By Adeline Woo


Pregnant women in their last trimester should treasure the final months of attention from their family and friends, cause once the baby is born, all the attention will shift to the little bundle of joy!

A classic example will be the gifts that most new parents receive at the hospital , baby showers and full month celebrations.  How many of those gifts are meant for the baby? And how many are for the new Mommy and Daddy?  = )

My personal experience is that most of the gifts I received, if not all, were for my little one.  Which isn’t a bad thing, I must say, given that baby stuff are getting more and more expensive these days.  Plus, baby things are so much cuter!

Nonetheless, it’ll be nice if the new mummy gets a little attention even AFTER the baby is born, you know?

So the next time you receive an invitation to a baby shower of full month celebration, don’t forget the mummies and daddies too!

Here are some suggestions on gifts to consider for the new parents:


Luxurious towels, bed sheets or pajamas
Having to get in and out of your bed are unavoidable when there’s a baby in the house. So look for the softest and most comfortable towels / pajamas you can find for the new parents.

It probably won’t help much for the sleep deprived parents, but I’m sure they will appreciate the extra comfort when doing the milk feeds at night or walking around the house with a bawling baby. Super comfy bed sheets would be much appreciated too, when they can finally lie down to catch a few hours of sleep!

Babysitting voucher

This will cost nothing but your time.  However, it’s valuable time away from a demanding newborn that you will be giving to the new parents. You can help the new parents better plan their schedule by specifying when you will be coming to babysit.

You don’t have to offer a few hours or several days of babysitting.  Sometimes, new parents just need to catch a breather and have some time out together alone.  Also, make sure you have at least some babysitting experience, lest the offer be rejected!


Baby chewing on ipad
Gadget protection
Babies and expensive gadgets are not a good combination. Not with all the drooling and unsteady hands.  So probably a gadget protector of some sort will help put the new Daddy’s mind at ease!

One night in a hotel
The idea of an uninterrupted night’s sleep is heaven for most new parents.  So be a pal and get them a hotel stay voucher somewhere near their home – to cut down on travel time and the separation anxiety that (some) parents suffer on leaving their children behind.It doesn’t have to be a posh hotel room with a view – the sight of the bed alone with no baby will be cheering enough.  Combine this with the offer above to babysit and you’ll really make their day!


Spa Voucher

Let the pampering continue after the baby is born! Give the new mummy the gift of relaxation—a massage, facial, or a full day of pampering at a local spa.  A voucher for one of those Jamu postnatal home massage to get rid of the tummy would be both practical and thoughtful.

Cleaning voucher

With a new baby as the priority, all other things in the house (like housework) goes to hell.   You could consider getting hourly paid professional cleaners to help clean up the new parents home at an agreed date and time.  This simple gesture will be much appreciated, especially for the clean freak mummy (like me)!

Tonics or Herbs

Tonics and herbs to help the new mummy recuperate or just to stay awake enough to breastfeed the baby also make a great gift.  The most common being chicken essence or tonic wine like Yomeishu, DOM etc.  To make it more presentable, these tonics and herbs now come in gift baskets wrapped nicely with flower bouquets to brighten up the mummy’s day.

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