Ways To Show Dad Some Appreciation

Ways To Show Dad Some Appreciation 

While Fathers’ Day may be over (It fell on 19 June 2016 in case it slipped your mind), we don’t have to stop showing appreciation to good ol’ dad. Here are some ways we can continue to show our appreciation to our father!

1. Learn their lessons
While it’s tempting and even natural to wave your old man off because you are too busy to pay attention to him, or too tired to listen for 2 seconds longer, don’t.

Their rich experience can show you something you always miss thus you’d better learn from their lessons too. Like you, they used to make mistakes and made their own principles and rules they keep to in life even now. Try to avoid ignoring their life lessons and show your interest to become wiser and to show the appreciation for their important manuals.

Ways To Show Dad Some Appreciation

2. Appreciate their help
Your parents will always be there for you.

Maybe they never hovered over you and completed every page of your homework, preferring to hang back and let you discover on your own what you like and what your strengths and weaknesses are, but you know that whenever you needed a helping hand, they’d stretch theirs to yours immediately.

As you are older, the help might come in the form of dollars and cents, or some chicken soup as you fell ill, or offering to babysit your child so you get some peace and quiet. Whatever and however they offer help, be sure you say thank you and really appreciate them, because not everyone is blessed with what you have.

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3. Ask them for advice
Somewhere along the way, friends became more important to us and parents became less important. Mum’s home-cooked meals of dishes sitting warmly on a bed of rice are eaten less and less as we patronise the latest up-and-coming restaurant advertised on Ladyironchef.

Dad’s offers to take us out are heard lesser as we bury ourselves in work and other commitments. But we should take the time to ask our parents for advice once in a while, if not to hear their opinions, but to make them feel important anyway.

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