Ways to keep your baby laughing!

Everyone loves it when a baby laughs especially when it’s completely out of the blue. But getting the baby to laugh again by doing the same thing seems to never work. I don’t know if you’ve realized this but whenever I see a baby laugh, it brings a smile to even the grouchiest person.


Here are 5 fool proof ways to make your baby laugh, smile or giggle!

1) Tickle.

I bet you think this is such a no brainer. Honestly, tickling a baby is tricky. If you tickle a baby too hard, the baby will feel major discomfort and instead of making it laugh, you’re going to make it cry, wail or brawl.

Here’s the trick: Tickle the baby by grazing your fingers gently under the baby’s feet or inner thigh. (Imagine your fingers are as light as a feather.)

2) Pretense Biting.

Just for the record. We’re not encouraging cannibalism here but pretending to bite your toddler’s arm or thigh will make the baby laugh and giggle. Partially because it’s ticklish but mostly because it’s something different and out of the ordinary hence the baby starts to get really excited. This would explain why doing the same funny face twice will not get the baby to laugh again because it’s something that he/she has already seen.

3) Laugh!

Previously we mentioned that Parent’s are influential. We all know that Laughing is Contagious. Imagine when an influential person does something that is highly contagious, people will follow!

Babies are easily influenced especially when they are in a room looking at everyone around laughing,  they will be influenced to laugh as well!

4) Weird sounds.

Unusual noise are one of the most common things that gets a baby to start giggling. A burp, a slurp, even a choke!

5) Blowing.

It’s official. A baby works differently from the rest of the human species. Blowing on the baby’s face. tummy, feet and underarms will get the baby to start laughing non-stop!

This works for my kid, let me know if it works for yours!

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