Useful Housework Hacks

Allowances, nagging and yelling can all work to a certain extent in getting your children to do the chores they were supposed to complete days ago. But to save your sanity and to reduce the disagreements between your children and you, here’s a few housework hacks.

1. Watch what you say
Tone down your complaining. Kids are listening, and they are very mouldable! If all you talk about is how much you hate folding the laundry or mopping the floors, they will sub consciously adopt that same attitude, and produce that same complaining, moping tone you’re using as well.

2. Be a team, not a dictatorship
Screaming and ordering don’t help much if you want someone to listen to you. Be a part of a team with your child, so they see themselves as part of a team, not just some junior around the house to be ordered around.

Practical tips:

1. Use fabric conditioner as an air freshener
This is a more cost-effective way to fill your house with the scent of fresh laundry than buying premium candles. Simply place your favorite fabric conditioner, along with some water, in an empty spray bottle and use just like your favorite air freshener. – See more at:


  1. Clean up broken glass with white bread.

    The bread absorbs all those tiny shards that you might miss with a broom alone.

    3. Clean stainless steel pans with vinegar.
    Cooked an amazing meal, but left with stains at the bottom of your pan? Rather than using elbow grease to clean them, make the job easier with vinegar. Simply pour some vinegar into the pan along with some water, and slowly bring the mixture to a boil. Your house will smell of vinegar for a bit, but your joints will thank you.

    4. Cleaning your blender
    Save valuable time by filling a blender with warm water and dish soap, then turning it on and blending for a few seconds. Rinse with clean water and dry.

5. Clean wooden furniture with beer

If you find yourself with leftover beer or find some beer that is no longer drinkable, use it to clean around the house. Flat beer works best, but a regular beer will work as well. Simply, pour a bit of beer onto a soft cloth and start wiping down your wood furniture. Once you have gone over it once, take a dry cloth and go over it again to shine it up. This not only will leave your furniture looking new and shiny it will also help preserve the woods coloring.

With all that time saved, what do you want to do now?