Top 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a time of great joy and celebration. To be invited to a baby shower normally signifies an above average relationship with the parents. Naturally, you must be very happy for her that she is expecting a baby and finding a gift that expresses your happiness and appreciation is of utmost importance.

Getting the best baby shower gift may not be as simple as it seems especially for someone who never had a baby before. Let us show you unique ideas that will make a perfect baby shower gift. These products are not difficult to find and won’t cost you lots of money.

1. Diaper Cake

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Having lots diapers is a must for a couple that has a little baby. But it doesn’t mean you need to get it boring big pack of diaper packaging. Diaper cakes offer a better solution. The diapers are arranged in a manner that resembles a cake. It is also normally topped (see with did there?) with other related baby accessories like socks, stuffed toys and bibs. The attractive layout and clever arrangement makes it a hit at most baby shower parties. Visit our site to find out about diaper cake and other baby gifts. Also, our diaper cakes comes in an attractive packaging that makes it easy to carry around.

2. Handmade Nappy Bag

Everywhere the baby goes, The Diaper Supply Depot also goes. That’s why every parent need a proper diaper or nappy bag. Handmade diaper bags will be a nice choice for baby shower gift. You can choose the one made from various materials with the right design that your friend would really love. It is recommended to find the one with personalization option. Here are some interesting options from Etsy


3. Nursing Cushion

Many moms feel uncomfortable position while breastfeeding. With nursing cushion, she can provide gentle and safe support to her baby yet helping her get ergonomic position while breastfeeding. Don’t forget to choose only a cushion made entirely from 100% natural fabrics.

4. Hand-knit Baby Hat

A baby hat helps to keep the baby’s head warm and what would be better than a hand knit hat. It would be perfectly comfortable for the baby and moreover, it can make her look good. You can choose from various models and colours and whichever you choose, just make sure you get the “right” colour to suit the sex of the baby. And that means pink for girls and blue for boys.

5. Stylish Nursing Tank

The previous four are all about the baby and for the last one, we think that it’s only right the mommy gets something too. A stylish nursing tank is a great gift if the mother intends to breast feed. It is basically a tank top with built in bra for ultimate comfort and support with clip at shoulder for easy opening designed to let the baby has easy access to the breast. It makes breastfeeding much easier and more importantly, keeps the mom in style.