Top 10 Unisex Baby Names Of 2016

Huffington Post Canada released a list of the top 10 unisex baby names of 2016 pretty recently, and we thought we’d share it.

1. Emery

Meaning: Brave, industrious.

Famous real-life people named Emery:

Emery Hope Sehorn, daughter of football player Jason Sehorn and actress Angie Harmon
Christian rock band named Emery.

2. Blair

Meaning: Dweller on the plain

Famous real-life people named Blair:
Tony Blair, Prime Minister, Lawyer
Henry Blair, Inventor
Montgomery Blair, Government Official, US Representative, Lawyer
Linda Blair, Animal Rights Activist, Film Actress

3. Parker

Meaning: Park Keeper

Famous real-life people named Parker:
Camilla Parker Bowles , The Duchess of Cornwall; wife of Britain’s Prince Charles
Parker Posey, actor

4. Rey


Meaning: King

Famous real-life people named Rey:
Rey Mysterio, Wrestler
Lana Del Rey, Singer

5. Frankie

Meaning: Frenchman, Free Man

Famous real-life people named Frankie:
Frankie Grande, Youtube Star
Frankie Jonas, Actor

6. Addison

Meaning: Son of Adam

Famous real-life people named Addison:
Addison Wingate, Reality Star
(And if you like the name Madison, it means, “Son of Maude”)

7. Brett

Meaning: From Brittany
Famous real-life people named Brett:

Brett Butler – Television Actress
Brett Ratner – Television Director

8. Spencer

Meaning: Keeper Of Provisions

Famous real-life people named Spencer:
Spencer Boldman – TV actor
Spencer List – Movie actor

9. Brooklyn

Meaning: Place name

Famous real-life people named Brooklyn:
Brooklyn Beckham
Brooklyn Mcknight – Youtube Star

10. Hayden

Hayden Christensen – Movie Actor
Hayden Hopkins – Dancer
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