Top 10 Kid Food Bloggers

Food has become an incredibly popular focus for kid bloggers over the past year.

More and more young people are blogging about the food they like to eat, recipes they’ve created and yummy treats they’ve baked.

With three meals a day, a food blogger never runs out of ideas for blog posts.

The down side is that it can take more work to be a food blogger – you have to decide on a recipe, gather your ingredients and then actually do some cooking whilst taking plenty of pictures before you write the post. Or more realistically, you have to snap out of your food coma so you can get to writing and reviewing!

But the up side of that is that you are learning a skill you can use your whole life (we mean cooking as well as blogging), plus you’ll have something nice to eat at the end of it.

Here are some of the stars of the current menu of children and teenagers blogging about food. Visit their blogs, leave comments and maybe you’ll even cook one of their recipes:

  1. Chef Grace
    We loved Grace’s recipe for Candy Pizza which she shared with us recently. This talented 4th grader is crazy about cooking.

  2. The Brilliant Chef
  3. Seven-year-old Daniel has ambitions to be a chef, and on the evidence of this blog we think he will indeed be a brilliant one. Daniel also has a non-cooking blog called, appropriately enough Outside of the Kitchen.
  4. Little Baker’s Blog
  5. A beautiful looking blog from 12 year old Myfanwy, who says “my favourite ingredient is love and I put it into all my bakes”. She’s already won two national competitions – definitely a baking star on the rise.

    Love can make some pretty macaroons!

  6. The Jungle Chef
  7. Lucas lives in Guatemala and cooks all sorts of exciting recipes. Great pictures mean that you can cook along with Lucas too.
  8. Confessions of a Teenage Baking Queen
  9. Mally’s recipes sound so delicious we were practically drooling at the screen.
  10. The Fab Fun Food Club
  11. Luca’s been quiet on the blogging front lately, but we hope he comes back soon. We love his mission to prove that kids can be gourmets too.
  12. Suki’s Soho
  13. Not so much a recipe blog but lots of good food info here as Suki reviews London’s best restaurants. If you’re looking for recommendations for where to eat with your family in central London, Suki’s got the lowdown.
  14. Teen Baker (Now known as Cook By Degrees)
    Lucy’s the longest standing young food blogger we’ve found – she set up this blog when she was 13 and is now 18. It just shows you that there are always more delicious recipes to cook.
  15. Teen Granny
  16. There are some seriously good cakes and pies in this blog. Seventeen-year-old Scarlett is into baking, knitting and lots of craftiness – the perfect recipe for a beautiful blog.
  17. Amisadai and Louisa’s Adventures in Africa
  18. Now, this isn’t strictly speaking a food blog (actually it’s a fascinating record of life by two sisters aged 7 and 10 who’ve moved to Africa), but we had to include it because it features the most original recipe we’ve seen. – Cooking With Cow Poo! Would you try it?

    So they can’t all be junior masterchefs on their own TV show, but they can definitely write, review and produce recipes for a start! And maybe we have our own kid food bloggers in Singapore too…. Leave a comment if there’s an aspiring kid food blogger, or anyone who’s already one!