5 Baby Gifts Never To Buy For New Parents

Wrecking your brains about what baby gifts to buy for an upcoming baby shower?

Most times, our intentions as gift givers are pure and well meaning.  But the hardest part about buying gifts is that we never know what our recipient REALLY wants, and if someone else might give the same thing.   Worst still, god forbid, we be the one who gave something the new parents hate.

Here at Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have compiled a list of 5 baby gifts that you should never, ever get for new parents.  And why.

1. Baby Onesies with Offensive Wording

Baby onesies and rompers can be so cute. Such itsy bitty pieces! And then there are the baby clothes that will destroy you. Or, rather, that you must destroy.  Most often than not, these are the ones with offensive wordings that belittle the parents, or just plain distasteful. No mother should ever let their little ones wear these.  So if you’re looking for baby gifts that does NOT push the boundaries of good taste, avoid these at all costs.

worst baby gifts 2 worst baby gifts

2. Personalised Baby Gifts with Misspelt Names

Personalised baby gifts are great, but only if you get the baby’s name right.  So make sure you double and triple check the name before you click “confirm” for your next baby gift.


Worst baby gifts 3

3. Expensive Outfits in Newborn Size

You may want to splurge on a baby gift to impress someone, or just for someone dear.  Be sure to buy them a size bigger, and not in newborn size!  Many gift givers make the mistake of buying something that is the “perfect size” or “right size” for the newborn baby.  More often than not, newborn size outfits would have been covered by mommy and daddy already.   So get something that’s a little bit bigger so your gift doesn’t get outgrown before the baby’s even home from the hospital.

Burberry Clothes Baby Gifts

4. Clothes That Are Oversized

And then there are those baby clothes that are oversized. Way past the one year milestone.  As if the new moms don’t have enough to think about already.  Not she has to think about where to store those oversized clothes for the next few years.  So be a little bit more careful when you pick your next baby gift.  Don’t let it be a classic case of right gift, wrong age.

Worst baby gift clothes

5. Unwanted Parenting Advice

This is the worst kind of gift you can give to any new parents.  Especially if you are not even a parent yourself.  It can be 100% out of kind intentions, but please save it for yourself. = )

worst baby gift