3 Tier Minnie Diaper Cake Baby Gift for Baby Joey

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

A sweet 3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift for Baby Joey.  All the way from KL!

Minnie Mouse Joey 3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift 5

This 3-Tier Baby Gift Hamper consists of:

– 30  pieces M Size Huggies Dry Disposable Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 2 Short Sleeved Osh Kosh BGosh Rompers

– 1 Pair Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

Customized with baby Joey’s name, and wrapped in our premium purple and white gift box for that presentable and beautiful look.

Thank you Susan for your support!

Minnie Mouse Joey 3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift 1 Minnie Mouse Joey 3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift 2 Minnie Mouse Joey 3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift 3 Minnie Mouse Joey 3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift 4

Staying overseas but need a unique baby gift for someone in Singapore? Get Diaper Cakes!

How To Make A First Time Dad Feel Involved

By Adeline Woo

As  a first time mummy, you might at times, have this huge tendency to want to do all the baby’s preparations on your own.

Whether it’s scheduling your ultrasounds, preparing the baby’s room or making arrangements for the baby shower, don’t neglect your hubby!

Here are some ways to make sure your hubby feels appreciated, important and involved during this whole crazy process.

First time daddy


Announcing The News

Announce the good news of the baby’s arrival together.    Skype together when you break the good news to both your parents, tag him on Facebook when you share it online or schedule a photo shoot of both of you together for a printed “We’re expecting!” announcement card.

Scheduling The Doctor’s Visit

Put all your doctor’s appointments on his calendar, especially the big ones like the first ultrasound, or the one when your baby’s gender will be revealed).  Make sure he is available before scheduling for such appointments, so he can be there to hear the heartbeat and see his baby too!  This will make him feel that it’s important that he be there too.

Preparing The Baby Registry

Work out the list for the Baby Registry together, and try not to be a control-freak!  He might prefer some items that you don’t think is necessary, and vice versa.  The point is to do it together as a team, so don’t shoot him down for his wants.

Throwing His Dadchelor Party

Make sure he gets a “dadchelor” party by throwing so hints to his close guy friends.  You will be getting your baby shower, so let him have his fun too at some man-centric event!

Decorating The Nursery

Let your man be involved with decorating the nursery (not just with the wall painting and heavy lifting stuff), and give him some bragging rights to his friends after that!


Avoid Hovering
You might be cringing every time your first time daddy holds, feeds, burps or bathes baby. But as long as he’s not doing anything that could be dangerous, try to remain silent.  If you don’t give him the chance, he won’t ever figure out how to take care of his baby in his own way. Congratulate and help him along – don’t hover.

Give Him Some Fun Duties
There are certain baby things that most of us loathe doing (like the late night diaper change), but resist the urge to delegate to your hubby every single one of them. Instead, give him some fun activities to do, like singing baby a lullaby or giving her a bath. These aren’t just things he’ll enjoy doing – they’re things that will help him and baby bond.

Take A Class
We know – it’s tough to find time to get away. But if you’re taking a weekly drawing, swimming or fitness class, you’ll have a regular schedule of getting out of the house (and feeling like your old baby-free self for a little bit). And your man can have some quality time with baby to bond!


What To Buy For The New Parents

By Adeline Woo


Pregnant women in their last trimester should treasure the final months of attention from their family and friends, cause once the baby is born, all the attention will shift to the little bundle of joy!

A classic example will be the gifts that most new parents receive at the hospital , baby showers and full month celebrations.  How many of those gifts are meant for the baby? And how many are for the new Mommy and Daddy?  = )

My personal experience is that most of the gifts I received, if not all, were for my little one.  Which isn’t a bad thing, I must say, given that baby stuff are getting more and more expensive these days.  Plus, baby things are so much cuter!

Nonetheless, it’ll be nice if the new mummy gets a little attention even AFTER the baby is born, you know?

So the next time you receive an invitation to a baby shower of full month celebration, don’t forget the mummies and daddies too!

Here are some suggestions on gifts to consider for the new parents:


Luxurious towels, bed sheets or pajamas
Having to get in and out of your bed are unavoidable when there’s a baby in the house. So look for the softest and most comfortable towels / pajamas you can find for the new parents.

It probably won’t help much for the sleep deprived parents, but I’m sure they will appreciate the extra comfort when doing the milk feeds at night or walking around the house with a bawling baby. Super comfy bed sheets would be much appreciated too, when they can finally lie down to catch a few hours of sleep!

Babysitting voucher

This will cost nothing but your time.  However, it’s valuable time away from a demanding newborn that you will be giving to the new parents. You can help the new parents better plan their schedule by specifying when you will be coming to babysit.

You don’t have to offer a few hours or several days of babysitting.  Sometimes, new parents just need to catch a breather and have some time out together alone.  Also, make sure you have at least some babysitting experience, lest the offer be rejected!


Baby chewing on ipad
Gadget protection
Babies and expensive gadgets are not a good combination. Not with all the drooling and unsteady hands.  So probably a gadget protector of some sort will help put the new Daddy’s mind at ease!

One night in a hotel
The idea of an uninterrupted night’s sleep is heaven for most new parents.  So be a pal and get them a hotel stay voucher somewhere near their home – to cut down on travel time and the separation anxiety that (some) parents suffer on leaving their children behind.It doesn’t have to be a posh hotel room with a view – the sight of the bed alone with no baby will be cheering enough.  Combine this with the offer above to babysit and you’ll really make their day!


Spa Voucher

Let the pampering continue after the baby is born! Give the new mummy the gift of relaxation—a massage, facial, or a full day of pampering at a local spa.  A voucher for one of those Jamu postnatal home massage to get rid of the tummy would be both practical and thoughtful.

Cleaning voucher

With a new baby as the priority, all other things in the house (like housework) goes to hell.   You could consider getting hourly paid professional cleaners to help clean up the new parents home at an agreed date and time.  This simple gesture will be much appreciated, especially for the clean freak mummy (like me)!

Tonics or Herbs

Tonics and herbs to help the new mummy recuperate or just to stay awake enough to breastfeed the baby also make a great gift.  The most common being chicken essence or tonic wine like Yomeishu, DOM etc.  To make it more presentable, these tonics and herbs now come in gift baskets wrapped nicely with flower bouquets to brighten up the mummy’s day.

For a great combination of gifts for mummy and baby, get our Diaper Cakes PLUS a gift basket for the new mummy!

Call us for a quote at 9766 0661 or email us at contact@DiaperCakes.com.sg

What To Eat While Breastfeeding

By Adeline Woo

New mummies – are you currently breastfeeding?

Because what you eat will eventually be consumed by your baby through your breast milk, it is very important to watch your diet.

Here’s a useful table for watching your diet while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Diet
Remember, certain foods like those in the right column can cause indigestion and gas for baby AND mom.

So watch your diet and enjoy a healthy breastfeeding journey!

Source: healthfulmama.com

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

By Adeline Woo

Attention preggies in your last trimester!

One important thing to do when getting ready for your baby: Packing the hospital bag, or some call it the labor bag.

Here’s a summary of what to bring and pack for mummy, daddy (or support person) and baby!

Mom Hospital Bag

Mummies, remember to throw in some nursing bras for ease of breast feeding as well!


Dad and Baby Hospital Bag

For the newborn baby, i would recommend bringing your own disposable diapers else you will be stuck with whatever the hospital gives (and charges) you!

Optional Hospital Bag

Some hospitals provide yummy confinement food, but if you’re not bound by the traditional rules of confinement like most Chinese women are, go ahead and indulge in your favorite snacks!  I’ll have to stick to my red date tea and ginger infused dishes…


Source: pinkpistachio.com

How To Personalize Your Baby Shower & Baby Full Month Parties

By Adeline Woo

Baby showers and baby full month parties are a great way to celebrate the pending and actual arrival of your new bundle of joy.

Here are 5 ways to make your showers and parties a memorable and personalized one for you and your baby.



1. Make your own invitations: Instead of buying a few Hallmark cards, spend a little time making your own baby shower invites. Pick out a theme and get crafty! For some inspiration and ideas, there are plenty of resources available on the Internet.  If you need a little help with all of the cutting and gluing you’ll probably be doing, ask some friends to assist you.


Baby Shower Favors

2. Personal favors and door gifts: If you really want your shower to be something special, think about giving each of your friend’s an unique party favor. Instead of giving them all the same thing, try to give them something that represents your relationship with each of them.



3. The food: Forget about paying for a caterer when you can do all of the cooking yourself or with some loved ones. Preparing the meal yourself will make the occasion more intimate. However if you’re not feeling up to it, have your partner do the cooking while you have fun with your friends.


Baby Shower Decoration

4. Make your own party decorations: Similar to invite cards, add a personal touch to your shower and party with some DIY party decorations.


Minnie Shavonne Baby Girl Diaper Cake 1

5. Personalized Diaper CakeA unique and practical baby gift, Diaper Cakes make a really adorable centerpiece for the party.  Guests are sure to ask about this baby gift, which can be personalized with the baby’s name for that personal touch!


How did you personalize your baby shower? Share your experience below or on our Facebook page!


Source: www.CupidsPulse.com


If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

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Why Buy Diaper Cakes?

By Adeline Woo

Facebook Cover Photo 2

It’s PRESENTABLE. All our Diaper Cakes are wrapped in clear plastic packaging with matching ribbons, or in our premium box packaging for our popular 2-tier Diaper Cakes . They look great as a gift and as a centerpiece at baby showers and full month parties. With our presentable and adorable Diaper Cakes , you, the sender will look good too!

It helps you SAVE TIME. Need a last minute baby gift? Save the hassle of going out to shop for a gift! Our Diaper Cakes make a great baby gift for the new parents, and we only need 2-3 days to make one for you. Just email or call us, all in the comfort of your home and office. 

It’s NON-PERISHABLE. All materials in our Diaper Cakes  can be kept sealed in our box packaging until the baby is ready to use or fit into them.

It’s a UNIQUE and PRACTICAL baby gift.

Unique because it’s not commonly seen, unlike the usual gift baskets and hamper sets. So your Diaper Cake is sure to stand out!

Practical because every item in the Diaper Cakes  can be used. Diaper cakes can also be used as an attractive (andadorable!) center piece on a table during occasions such as christening, birthdays and baby showers.

If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

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Diaper Cakes – Delightfully Different.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake Collection

By Adeline Woo

NEW! Mickey and Minnie Mouse Diaper Cakes.

We made these adorable Mickey and Minnie Diaper Cakes for babies Shavonne and Nolen.

Each Diaper Cake is lovingly hand-made with the following ingredients:

– 25 pieces Huggies M Size Disposable Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Osh Kosh BGosh Long Sleeved Baby Romper

– 1 Pair MotherCare Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Soft Toy Cake Topper

Check out the profile photos below:

Mickey and Minnie Diaper Cake

Mickey Nolen Baby Boy Diaper Cake 1  Mickey Nolen Baby Boy Diaper Cake 2  Mickey Nolen Baby Boy Diaper Cake 3

Minnie Shavonne Baby Girl Diaper Cake 1   Minnie Shavonne Baby Girl Diaper Cake 2  Minnie Shavonne Baby Girl Diaper Cake 3

If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

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DIY Alphabet Blocks For Your Baby Nursery!

By Adeline Woo


Here’s a great idea for decorating your baby’s nursery: DIY printable “wooden” blocks to form your baby’s name!

You can use these adorable alphabet blocks for the playroom or even as a baby shower party favor too!

Download the free printable here.

Have fun and do show us the pictures of your completed masterpiece!


Alphabet Letter Block Printable


Source: The Elli Blog


If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

Contact us at contact@diapercakes.com.sg or call us at 65 9766 0661.

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