Getting The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Kids

By Adeline Woo

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Doing some last minute Christmas shopping for the kids?

By following these simple tips when selecting gifts for children, you can match the gift to the child’s senses, and avoid the “unwanted gift” syndrome!

If the child is:


A gift that involves some form of activity will be a sure hit.

Crafts kits, balls and anything with wheels should be on your list.  Anything big and involves lots of wrapping paper will also bring a smile to the little one, who would probably be more delighted with unwrapping the big present (which in itself is an exciting activity) rather than stopping to appreciate the gift itself!


Kids who are visual love matching things and toys that look familiar. For example, a toy car that looks like daddy’s car, or a doll that they can tend to, just like how mummy takes care of her baby sister.  Matching items like a Minnie Mouse pencil box to go with an existing backpack, will all be appreciated.

The auditory child will likely be very vocal about the toys and presents they receive.

So try your best to remember what they may have spoken about or asked for. And then do your best to get the gift or something related to it. Toys that move, sing and talk will be absolutely fascinating to auditory children.

If the child has a sibling, be sure to give something similar (in terms of size and quantity) to avoid the auditory child from noticing (and vocalizing about!) that their sibling’s toys are larger or has more!

Taste & Smell

Children who loves to taste and smell would love anything that has a touch of personalization, imagination or family-orientation.

Cartoon figurines, photo frames with a photo of the family on holiday and any magical-type items will all be big hits.

Toy kitchens, baby dolls, bears and small stuffed animals will appeal to their sense of taste and smell as well.

Role playing costumes such as a Disney princess character or superhero will also be well loved.

When receiving a gift from the child, be sure to show plenty of enthusiasm as they care a lot about how their gift is being perceived by others.

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas Everyone!

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