How To Personalize Your Baby Shower & Baby Full Month Parties

By Adeline Woo

Baby showers and baby full month parties are a great way to celebrate the pending and actual arrival of your new bundle of joy.

Here are 5 ways to make your showers and parties a memorable and personalized one for you and your baby.



1. Make your own invitations: Instead of buying a few Hallmark cards, spend a little time making your own baby shower invites. Pick out a theme and get crafty! For some inspiration and ideas, there are plenty of resources available on the Internet.  If you need a little help with all of the cutting and gluing you’ll probably be doing, ask some friends to assist you.


Baby Shower Favors

2. Personal favors and door gifts: If you really want your shower to be something special, think about giving each of your friend’s an unique party favor. Instead of giving them all the same thing, try to give them something that represents your relationship with each of them.



3. The food: Forget about paying for a caterer when you can do all of the cooking yourself or with some loved ones. Preparing the meal yourself will make the occasion more intimate. However if you’re not feeling up to it, have your partner do the cooking while you have fun with your friends.


Baby Shower Decoration

4. Make your own party decorations: Similar to invite cards, add a personal touch to your shower and party with some DIY party decorations.


Minnie Shavonne Baby Girl Diaper Cake 1

5. Personalized Diaper CakeA unique and practical baby gift, Diaper Cakes make a really adorable centerpiece for the party.  Guests are sure to ask about this baby gift, which can be personalized with the baby’s name for that personal touch!


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