Pregnancy superstitions and why we should follow them

pregnancy superstitions

When you first announce your pregnancy, you get the usual – “Congrats! Remember not to do xxxxx”. Like hey, it’s my child, don’t tell me how to raise them.

But then again, these pregnancy superstitions do have some merit. No smoke without a fire, eh?

We have compiled a list of the most common pregnancy superstitions;

Defer your pregnancy announcements till after the first trimester (3 months)

It is believed that announcing your pregnancy too early will increase the chance of a miscarriage, as most miscarriages happen in the first trimester.

No home renovations

The Chinese believe actions like sawing, drilling and hammering, (that are common during home renovations) are harmful to the baby’s spirit and could cause fetal deformities. If its an emergency, being away from the renovations are believed to help. Also calling your baby’s spirit away from the renovation site will prevent any harm from coming to him/her.

No using scissors or needles on the bed

Using scissors or needles on the bed symbolizes cutting of umbilical cord and causes birth defects. While there are many people with experience with this particular pregnancy superstition, it is still unsure whether its coincidence or the superstition has a legitimate claim.

Put a knife under the bed

This is done to ward off evil spirits with evil or malicious intent from harming your baby’s spirit.

No attending funerals

Funerals are largely considered unlucky in Chinese culture and therefore, people often warn expecting mothers to avoid attending any. However, in the case where it is necessary, it is recommended to tie a red scarf around the belly area to ward off the negative energy from the funeral.

No cursing

Cursing is far more common in today’s society, so much so a curse word is always at the tip of your tongue. Try to refrain from cursing or have anyone around you say any curse words as it is believed that cursing around the unborn child equates cursing him/her. In Western culture, this is also avoided as they don’t want the baby’s first words to be a curse word.

No rubbing belly

Its normal to want to caress your pregnant belly, but its told that excessive rubbing of the belly will result in a spoiled child.

Have you heard any of these superstitions passed down from your mum/grandmother? I know I’ll definitely be abiding by these “guidelines”. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

How often should I change my newborn’s diapers?

It’s a repetitive chore, and you will start dreading the same foul smell coming from your baby, as that would mean it’s time to change your newborn’s diaper.

newborn's diaper

But here’s a general guide on how often you should be changing your baby’s diaper as leaving the nasty stuff there increases the risk of a diaper rash or worse still, an infection.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends changing wet diapers every two to three hours, but as soon as you notice poop either visually or through your heightened sense of smell once you become a new mommy.

Diapers are expensive, especially when you’re going through 16-20 pieces a day. You don’t have to change the diaper every time your newborn pees, as they pee about 20 times a day, only when they poop so you lower the chance of irritation or worse, infection.

Luckily for parents, the amount of diapers used will decrease as their diet will tend to contain more solids, but that also means more poops.

Remember to always leave a two finger spacing on the top of the diaper.  This is to prevent it from being too tight or loose!

newborn's diaper

Made With Love! 2-Tier Eeyore Diaper Cake For Baby Phoenix!

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

It’s 100% Made With Love! Happy 1st Year, Baby Phoenix!

Here’s 2-tier Eeyore “Made With Love” Diaper Cake for Baby Phoenix!


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This 2-tier Diaper Cake consists of the following:

– 20 pcs L Size Mamy Poko Diapers 

– 1 Short Sleeved “Made With Love” Romper

– 1 Pair Mother Care Socks

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Pair Size 4 Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Eeyore Soft Toy Cake Topper

Personalized with pretty ribbon and baby Phoenix’s name and wrapped in 46cm white and purple premium gift box.

Thank you Melvin for your support!

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6 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

Mummies and Daddies! Have you always wondered how your lives would be made much easier if certain products actually exist?

Well, you might just find your answer here in our compilation of baby shower gifts that are absolute genius! Like why didn’t anyone think of these earlier??!

Put them on your wish list for your upcoming baby shower or baby full month celebration now! Before you get 2 sets of identical clothes and activity mats.. = )

1. An Ultrasound Machine That Connects To Your Smart Phone

Always wondering what your little one is doing inside?  Now you can skip the long queue at the gynae’s and see for yourself with this cool little gadget!

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Ultrasound On Phone


2. The Why-Cry Baby Analyzer

This baby cry analyzer is  a life-saver! Especially during the endless nights of baby crying, when us first time parents are trying to figure out how in the world we can stop the fussing.  With the analyzer, we can know instantly if the baby is crying because he is hungry, needs a diaper change or is just plain tired. Available on Amazon.

Why cry baby analyzer

3. A Pacifier That Closes When Dropped

How cool is that?? Especially for mummies who are clean freaks like me.  So on top of getting this pacifier, I’ll still get a pacifier holder to prevent the pacifier from dropping in the first place.  This self closing one would be a good back up plan, JUST in case the pacifier still somehow manages to drop on the floor! = P

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Close Pacifier


4.  Onesie Extenders

Babies grow so fast!  When I had my first baby girl, I bought so many pretty dresses for her, with the intention of dressing her up when we go shopping in the malls. Eventually, I was too tired to do both the dressing up and the shopping mall trolling. Fast forward few months later, she had already outgrown them.. = (

These adorable handmade extenders will increase your baby’s onesies by one size, so Ta-Dah! More time to plan for the dressing up and mall shopping!

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onesie extenders


5. Bicycle Stroller

Having a baby does not mean you gotta give up your exercise regime or healthy lifestyle!  Check out this cool foldable bicycle with an adapter fit for a baby stroller.  Now you can work out with baby in tow!

Bicycle Stroller


6. Super Cute AND Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Perfect for feeding your little one during the fun weaning stages, these Squooshi reusable food pouches are easy to fill, easier to clean and comes in adorable designs that are sure to attract your mini-me! Time to whip out some mashed greens for my fussy eaters!

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Squooshi 4 Pouch Assortment


We think Diaper Cakes are sheer genius too! = )

Diaper Cakes are cute & memorable baby gifts suitable for baby showers and full month celebrations.


2-Tier Eeyore Diaper Cake for Baby Jaden!

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

So many dreams, so many wishes. So many hopes, so many questions. Such happy feelings, such a small human being. Welcome to life, little prince, Baby Jaden!

Congratulations for EeZi and Bernard!

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Baby Jaden’s 2-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Hamper consists of:

– 25 pcs M Size Huggies Total Protection Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Long sleeved Carters “Perfect Gentleman” Romper

– 1 Pair Mothercare Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Cotton On Kids Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Eeyore soft toy

Decorated with pretty ribbons, customized with Baby Jaden’s name, and packed in our premium gift box.

Thank you Elsie for your support!

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Baby Showers are full of happiness and joy.

What could make a baby full month party any better than amazing your guests with a creative diaper cake?

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Welcome Baby Zachary with An Eeyore 3-Tier Diaper Cake!

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Welcome Baby Zachary and congratulations to Ming Jie and Adelene!

Wishing you all a lifetime of love, health, laughter and happiness together.

3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Eeyore-Boy-Zachary-5

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This 3-tier Eeyore Diaper Cake Baby Boy Gift Hamper consists of:

– 30 pcs M-Size Mamy Poko Disposable Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Osh Kosh BGosh “Dad’s Little Dude” Short Sleeved Romper

– 1 Osh Kosh BGosh “I Love Dad” Long Sleeved Romper

– 1 Pair Pre-walker shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Eeyore Soft Toy

Decorated with pretty ribbons, and packed in our premium gift box.

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3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Eeyore-Boy-Zachary-1 3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Eeyore-Boy-Zachary-2 3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Eeyore-Boy-Zachary-3 3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Eeyore-Boy-Zachary-4

Diaper Cakes – A delightfully creative and unique gift for the new parents.

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Baby Victoria’s Sweet 2-Tier Pink Piglet Diaper Cake

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

This Sweet 2-Tier Pink Piglet Diaper Cake is especially made for the sweetest baby ever, Baby Victoria!

2-Tier Diaper Cake Pigglet Baby Victoria

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Baby Victoria’s 2-Tier Pink Piglet Diaper Cake consists of:

– 25 pcs S Size Drypers Dry Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Long Sleeve Carters Romper

– 1 Pair NEX Pre-walker shoes

– 1 Pair socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Pink Piglet Soft Toy

Personalized with baby Victoria’s name, and packed in our premium box.

Thank you Eunice for your support!

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If you are looking for a practical yet cute baby gift, try our Diaper Cakes!

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1-Tier Lovely Minnie Diaper Cakes for Baby Jolie

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

This very special 1-tier Diaper Cake has given for the very special one.  Welcome Baby Jolie! 1 Tier Minnie Diaper CakesBuy Now Button Pink   Baby Jolie’s 1-tier Diaper Cake consists of the following:

– 15 pcs S Size Diapers Dry 

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Pair NEX Pre-walker shoes

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 x 8″ Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

Personalized with Baby Jolie’s name and wrapped in our 46cm tall purple & white gift box.

Thank you Alan and Fang Ting for your support!

Congratulation for happy Mommy and Daddy, Ben and Michelle!

1 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Jolie-1 1 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Jolie-2 1 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Jolie-3 1 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Jolie-4

Do you need a unique and outstanding baby gift for your valued client or customer?

Our Diaper Cakes are sure to impress!  Available in 3 different sizes to fit your budget.

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Baby Taara’s 2-Tier Cute Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake Baby Gift

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

A soft pink cute Minnie Mouse 2-Tier Diaper Cake for cute Baby Taara!

Minnie Mouse Diaper Cakes

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Baby Taara’s 2-Tier Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake consists of:

– 25 pcs M Size Huggies Total Protection Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Long Sleeved Carters Romper

– 1 Pair Mothercare Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

-1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Minnie Mouse

Personalized with baby Taara’s name, and packed in our premium box.

Thank you Nadia for your support!

2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Taara-1 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Taara-2 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Taara-3 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl-Taara-4

Looking for an outstanding baby gift for a conversation piece during baby shower parties?

Our Diaper Cakes are great as gifts for new-born babies, or to the happy new parents at baby’s full month parties.

Made of disposable diapers and useful practical baby items like receiving blankets, rompers, bibs, shoes and socks, all our cakes are handmade with love in a non-pet, non-smoking environment.

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How To Make A First Time Dad Feel Involved

By Adeline Woo

As  a first time mummy, you might at times, have this huge tendency to want to do all the baby’s preparations on your own.

Whether it’s scheduling your ultrasounds, preparing the baby’s room or making arrangements for the baby shower, don’t neglect your hubby!

Here are some ways to make sure your hubby feels appreciated, important and involved during this whole crazy process.

First time daddy


Announcing The News

Announce the good news of the baby’s arrival together.    Skype together when you break the good news to both your parents, tag him on Facebook when you share it online or schedule a photo shoot of both of you together for a printed “We’re expecting!” announcement card.

Scheduling The Doctor’s Visit

Put all your doctor’s appointments on his calendar, especially the big ones like the first ultrasound, or the one when your baby’s gender will be revealed).  Make sure he is available before scheduling for such appointments, so he can be there to hear the heartbeat and see his baby too!  This will make him feel that it’s important that he be there too.

Preparing The Baby Registry

Work out the list for the Baby Registry together, and try not to be a control-freak!  He might prefer some items that you don’t think is necessary, and vice versa.  The point is to do it together as a team, so don’t shoot him down for his wants.

Throwing His Dadchelor Party

Make sure he gets a “dadchelor” party by throwing so hints to his close guy friends.  You will be getting your baby shower, so let him have his fun too at some man-centric event!

Decorating The Nursery

Let your man be involved with decorating the nursery (not just with the wall painting and heavy lifting stuff), and give him some bragging rights to his friends after that!


Avoid Hovering
You might be cringing every time your first time daddy holds, feeds, burps or bathes baby. But as long as he’s not doing anything that could be dangerous, try to remain silent.  If you don’t give him the chance, he won’t ever figure out how to take care of his baby in his own way. Congratulate and help him along – don’t hover.

Give Him Some Fun Duties
There are certain baby things that most of us loathe doing (like the late night diaper change), but resist the urge to delegate to your hubby every single one of them. Instead, give him some fun activities to do, like singing baby a lullaby or giving her a bath. These aren’t just things he’ll enjoy doing – they’re things that will help him and baby bond.

Take A Class
We know – it’s tough to find time to get away. But if you’re taking a weekly drawing, swimming or fitness class, you’ll have a regular schedule of getting out of the house (and feeling like your old baby-free self for a little bit). And your man can have some quality time with baby to bond!