Pregnancy In Singapore Is Great!

Once you have confirmed the news and the emotions, it’s time to think about how great it is to be pregnant in Singapore. If you already live in Singapore, the high cost of living, education and what not is enough to worry you for days on end, so we are thankful for the government’s baby bonus scheme. Amongst other things, pregnancy in Singapore is great!

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  1. The Right Ob/Gyn
    Medical care is so advanced in Singapore, but finding the exact right ob/gyn for you might not still be the easiest thing to do. Iyou are a private patient and your ob/gyn orders lots of examinations during a normal pregnancy in Singapore, they might not be the right person. Therefore, ask other mothers for personal recommendations.When you “shop around” for doctors, also make sure that they favor the kind of delivery you are most comfortable with. Some pregnant women want plenty of medical interventions, pain relief, or scheduled caesareans. Others prefer a natural birth for their baby. If you are among the latter, you should make enquiries with Thomson Medical Centre in particular. Generally speaking, it also helps to visit several maternity wards your doctor is affiliated with, e.g. at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital in the public sector, or at private clinics like Mount Elizabeth or Gleneagles Hospital.

    Pregnancy In Singapore

  2. Preparing for Birth
    When you have chosen a hospital and the due date is there, don’t forget to prepare your maternity kit. You should have the following things at hand before welcoming your new baby in Singapore: your birth plan for the delivery, comfy clothes (including disposable underwear), toiletries (especially sanitary napkins and nipple cream), some light snacks, as well as baby-care items (diapers, wet wipes, clothing for newborns). These can be easily obtained from shopping malls in Singapore, supermarkets or health stores like Guardian’s or Watsons’. Don’t forget to look out for discounts or coupons that can help you save a bundle!
  3. Baby Shower
    Everyone is really happy for you to begin your life journey of parenthood! Spending a pregnancy in Singapore (or anywhere, actually) calls for a baby shower. Before you hear the sounds of little feet tottering around the house, gather together with loved ones and listen to the friendly advice other mothers might have, and the excited, congratulatory squeals of your friends. When throwing a baby shower, you have so much to take care of, from decorations to food. If you need help to plan a budget baby shower, here you go.

    A DiaperCake is a lovely addition to any party and anyone who thinks a baby shower is complete without one doesn’t really know what he or she is missing…………… Grab yourself a Diapercake here! (You will love them for being so soft and practical, amongst other great qualities!)