Photos Of Your Children Not To Post

Everyone can be a photographer nowadays. Armed with an iPhone, it’s so easy to point, shoot and upload all in a matter of seconds. We take photos of what matter to us most and for us parents, our children matter the most to us. So we capture every growing milestone and we are eager to share it with our friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (inserts anywhere you can think of) However………. there are photos of your children not to post.

Because the photos you are posting might indirectly be bringing harm.
Photos Of Your Children Not To Post

  1. Photos Of Others’ Kids
    You are all right posting pictures of your little John and Jane squealing around on the playground, fighting over swings, but other parents might not be all right having pictures of their children floating around on your Facebook profile open to everyone. Be sure you respect the stances of the rest of the parents and blur out any kids’ faces or simply not tag them.
  2. Where They Go To School
    Photos Of Your Children Not To Post

    This is something you should post. Neither the school name nor the children’s faces can be seen.

    You never truly know who has access to your posts and could be stalking your child/family. These are photos of your children not to post, ever.

  3. Nude photos
    Photos Of Your Children Not To Post
    The reasons are obvious. Yes, splashing around the water with arm rolls as floats is very cute, but 10 years down the road, your child might not be comfortable with the fact that your Facebook friends have all seen him naked. Innocent family photos can also be taken from blogs, social media accounts, or other photo-sharing sites and photoshopped to give pedophiles a thrill. Other times the photos themselves aren’t doctored, but are posted with other inappropriate content, captions or comments that lead to links of child pornography. One mother in Utah¬†recently found pictures of her two young daughters together with captions implying extremely disturbing situations. Especially enticing are photos where a user can make eye-contact with their victims or where there is partial nudity, like a bath or diaper photo.
  4. Unsafe activities
    So for a brief five minutes, you let your child sit in the passenger seat of your car without a seatbelt, or for fun, you let your child palm a beer bottle (but he didn’t drink the liquor actually!) Photos of these moments were all captured in the name of fun, but everyone has an opinion and a platform to voice that opinion nowadays and your choices will have consequences – in the form of criticism and more. Simply take those photos down so that no one can criticise you nor your child.
  5. Anything else your kids might not want public
    Think for your child. There’s “It’s so cute, everyone will laugh along!” and just…. pictures that act as fodder for bullies or anyone else to make fun of your kids in future. Such photos are photos of your children you should not post, simply because embarrassment and humiliation can smack them up front in the face a few years down the road, even if you didn’t intend for it. Be nice, these are such photos of your children not to post.