Mickey Diaper Cake Baby Gift for Baby Boy Elliot

By Adeline Woo

Here’s a Mickey Mouse Baby Boy Diaper Cake for Baby Boy Elliot.

Love the new bib design!

Thank you Carol for your support!

Mickey Baby Boy Elliot Diaper Cake

                                               Mickey Baby Boy Elliot Diaper Cake 1      Mickey Baby Boy Elliot Diaper Cake 2

This Diaper Cake consists of:

-25 Pieces M Size Huggies Dry Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Carters Short Sleeved Romper

– 1 Pair Pre Walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Mickey Mouse Soft Toy

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