How To Pick Baby Shoes

You know how to buy shoes for yourself, you know that pointed toes don’t fit your feet well, and you know the arches of your feet are a little too low and need some extra support. Buying baby shoes might not be so straightforward though.

When buying baby shoes:

  • There’s actually no need to give your baby “ankle support”. For someone so newly mobile, those baby shoes don’t actually need to come in the form of high tops because while they are fashionable, they might be too tight for his/her growing muscles, and their muscles need room to develop and strengthen all on its own. So we can save those “cool kicks for babies” later.
  • Flexibility: The first shoes your little one wears should have soles that are super-soft. Make sure you can bend and twist them every which way, and even feel your baby’s toes right through the leather. An option you could consider is the Pre Walker Leather Baby Shoes.

  • While indoors, her shoes should keep her feet warm and prevent slipping on wooden or tiled floors.
    You don’t want a cow trampling your home grounds, but a cute cow pottering around would definitely work.
  • While walking outdoors,baby shoes should protect your toddler’s feet from sharp objects, and wet, dirty or hot ground.
  • Try to pick shoes that are easy and fast to get on and off. Velcro, buckles and elastic straps are popular choices. While shoelaces are fine, they can sometimes present a challenge with a non-cooperative toddler.

    Velcro Baby Shoes

    Just strap on and go!

  • A good fit is very important. Have shoes fitted properly by an experienced fitter to ensure that there is enough room for growth and the width is correct. A well fitted shoe should allow your child to act as though she has no shoes on at all. At this age, she shouldn’t have to ‘break’ her shoes in.
  • Don’t be cheap. It’s much better to have one good-quality pair of leather shoes than two pairs of cute shoes she can’t walk in properly.