How To Incorporate Fun At Work

It’s the first Monday of June at work and chances are, you’ve got a little blues in you.
Or you woke up feeling a little stressed, thinking about the meetings you need to plan and proposals you need to submit, and other tasks to accomplish. Your colleagues are probably thinking the same thing and altogether, you collectively let out a big sigh.

RHOA Sigh - How To Have Fun At Work

In a series of posts we have planned throughout the week, Diaper Cakes Singapore want to talk about incorporating fun at work, connecting with children while at work, and tips for working mothers by working mothers.

When you were younger, back in primary school, you could fold a paper airplane in seconds flat and have an intense paper airplane race. Bring it back to your workplace. Fold paper airplanes with your colleagues and have a race to see whose can fly the farthest.

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Maybe the winner can get a free (plane/truck/car/heck, bus or train) ride.

Write every employee’s name down on a piece of paper and slip it into a fishbowl. Every 2 weeks, draw a name to see who gets released one hour early from the fish bowl every Friday. Keep going until everyone’s had a turn to be released. It’s kind of like Hunger Games, only kinder. To give this a twist, have a fishbowl with your friends, and each name that gets pulled out can decide where to have lunch that Friday, or come up with funny forfeits for that Friday that the person whose name gets chosen has to do.

Google organises summer picnics and ski trips for their employees and while these aren’t things a company can afford to organise every week, you can still take the time off to plan for a trip. A mission trip every year or two, or field trips to museums will definitely be something to look forward to.


Work in teams to complete projects. For example, if you’re a customer service representative, ask to work on a team to figure out procedures to shorten the amount of time it takes to respond to customer telephone inquiries. Partner with one or more of your colleagues to review each other’s work before submitting it to supervisors. When you work in a team, you lessen the burden on yourself and you also get to know others better. The best plus side that gives you fun at work? You cut down the workload significantly.


 Quickly defined, gossip is talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature. And there are far better things to talk about than the sensational, intimate details of another.

Gossip almost always complicates our lives rather than simplifies. Unfortunately, gossip feels good and the short-term rewards often distract us from the fact that we know better. It makes us feel better about ourselves to know something about someone else and share that with another. Other times, speaking about the personal faults of others makes it easier to overlook our own.

Even under the best of motives, gossip almost always does damage to the relationship that we can never completely undo. Consider some of these life-complicating dangers of gossip:

  • Damaged Relationships. When we learn that a friend has passed on a rumor about us – true, but confidential information – it always does damage to the relationship. The same is true when you are the one passing on the gossip.
  • Trust is destroyed. It is virtually impossible to restore complete trust in a person who has shared your secrets with another. And it is vey difficult to trust someone who has just shared with you someone else‘s secrets.
  • Adds unnecessary complexity. If you’ve ever told a secret that you don’t want somebody else to pass along, you know exactly what unnecessary complexity is. Gossip adds the nagging worry that word will make it back to the person or spread beyond our control.
  • Devalues the relationship in front of you. Intimate, personal details about a person who is not there always removes you from your present reality and transports you somewhere else. Not only does it distract you from the relational opportunity in front of you, it puts you squarely in the middle of a personal scenario where you do not belong.

In a workplace that gossips, it’s hard to focus on your tasks at hand and second guessing relationships or conversations with colleagues becomes natural, when we should focus on building relationships instead. There’s little fun at work in a place you can’t trust.

Incorporate some fun at work today, and who knows the benefits you’ll reap? Let us know if there are other ways you have fun at work!