Family Time With Your Child

Now that the June holidays are nearing, it means your children have more time to spend at home (provided they’re not whisked off to co-curricular activities and enrichment classes.) They could spend the time plugged into a plethora of video games, watching the latest music videos and simply worsening their eyesight while training their handheld grip on their mobile phones, or they could spend quality time with you, making for a very precious holiday. And it does not even need to include plane tickets and a packed holiday getaway.

1. Have dinner together as a family.
Not only does it help you bond together as a family, as this CNN article reports, there is mounting evidence that kids who eat regular meals with their families do better in school, are more healthy and less likely to smoke, drink or get involved in drugs. Additionally, there is evidence to show that you as the parent can ward off stress by making time for family meals, and while saving money in the process. Family time can be delicious!

2. Don’t bring work home
Yes, work is never ending. But try to complete all your work at the office so that when you’re home, you can give your undivided attention to your family. This might mean a shorter tea break at work, but what is it compared to the quality family time you’re getting at home?

3.Arrange for a flexible work schedule
Arranging for a flexible work schedule if you can means that you can arrange your activities and deadlines as best as you can to accommodate your family’s needs as well as your job’s needs. Talking to your employer about this might not be as scary since this is a topical issue nowadays. This can help to add family time with your child.

4. Have scheduled family movie nights.
Who doesn’t enjoy a cosy movie at home? A tip that’s been circulating for years, this is something most families enjoy doing together.

Here are a few good family movie lists in case you are worried about running out of options.

And a neat article about making family movie night even more fun.
family time movie night

5. Exercise together
With obesity on the rise, ensure your children aren’t turning into couch potatoes themselves!
Simply take a few hours each week to have high-energy dance parties in your living room, walk or bike around the neighbourhood.

Ambitious athletes can even work up to a goal, like training for parent/child triathlons together. It doesn’t matter how you stay active — just find something everyone is capable of doing, and enjoy it together. Doing so will improve everyone’s quality of life, establish lifelong healthy habits and bring your family closer together. The Sports Hub has a whole host of interesting and fun sports activities you can do together at their facilities as well.