Dealing with your Toddler’s Tantrum

By Adeline Woo


As a mother, I know how painful it is to deal with a toddler’s tantrum and how many a times I desperately wanted a miracle remote control to appear where I could just shut all the loud whines, screams and cries coming from a tiny body. Unfortunately, no matter how much I wished for it, there isn’t such a thing.

So fellow mothers, rest assure for you’re definitely not alone in this. As much as I wish, I dare not say that I have the perfect solution on how to deal with a toddler’s tantrum. However, I do have some tips and advice to share with you that might prevent your toddler from having a 10 minutes long tantrum or to quickly end their tantrum.

  1. Ignorance is bliss. Ignoring your toddler when they are screaming and shouting might seem like the least motherly thing to do but trust me, it works. Tantrums usually occur when the child is frustrated, upset or unsatisfied with the situation and expresses it through a a tantrum – a negative way of demanding your attention. You could entertain the toddler and give in however in the long run the toddler will know that by getting what he/she wants, all the toddler has to do is cry or throw a tantrum. Of course, that being said, if the toddler is doing a positive thing and would like your attention, you should give the toddler your attention and commend the actions at times even though they probably don’t understand what you’re saying.
  2. Understanding is key. Understand why your toddler is throwing a tantrum may sometimes be the fastest solution to ending the tantrum. Is your toddler hungry? Is your toddler tired? Perhaps it was in an extremely position or the sun was glaring in the toddler’s face while he/she was in the stroller and you weren’t aware. Bottom line is, finding the solution and understanding why the toddler was throwing a tantrum would aid you in better dealing the next tantrum. Yes, there will be a next tantrum.
  3. Keep Calm and Carry On. Just like what the Brit’s say. Being a mum is not an easy feat but it’s a very endearing and heartwarming journey. Everyone makes mistakes and falters in between – no mum is perfect. So don’t beat yourself up and/or question your mothering abilities just because you’re unable to deal with your toddler’s first few tantrums. Just keep calm and carry on because once your toddler passes the tantrum phase, things will be better and when you look back, you can pat yourself on the back for doing a great job enduring that insane time of your life especially.
  4. Golden Rewards. Remember to reward your child when he/she is on a good behavior. It helps reduce the tantrums as your child is aware of what makes mummy and daddy happy and at the same time what makes him/her happy. For example, stickers for his/her sticker book collection.

I hope this helps all the (new) mothers out there and do feel free to share your problems, issues or advice that you face with your new born, toddler or child.


Much love,

Adeline Woo




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