Flappy The Animated Elephant

Flappy The Animated Elephant

Wanna get your hands on this award winning Flappy Elephant who can sing and flap his ears?

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Here’s a fun video for you to gauge just how much fun your little one will have with Flappy. = )


Shortcuts To Fight Clutter

Now that the June holidays are well over and the kids are back in school, are you starting to see a lot more mess in your life? Books are hastily thrown across the study table, there’s a stray sock on the kitchen floor, and your shelves and drawers are not organised in the least. There’s a broken crayon where it’s a drawer of notebooks, and there’s a Barbie doll in a drawer for flu medicine.

Reversing the flow of clutter is going to take sustained effort, so here are some shortcuts to fight clutter.

1. Attack where it’s going to bear the most fruit
Look for the places where the shoe pinches, and focus clutter-busting efforts where they’ll count the most. If it’s a challenge to get out of the house to work each day, for example, tackle the jumbled cosmetics on the bathroom counter, attack the clothes closet and clear clutter away from the key rack.

2. Front Door Forward
This is easy – Start at the front door forward, then move to the right around your house, decluttering as you go. This way, you always know which location is next, and your clean up plan is systematic.

Also, no more wincing or cringing each time there’s a knock on your door, the public spaces open to your visitors are clean!

shortcuts to fight clutter

3. Paperwork on wheels
As the homework piles up, and tuition lessons increase, there’s going to be more paperwork around the house. Other shortcuts to fight clutter include easing the pain of paperwork by making it mobile. A rolling office lets you relocate to wherever the action is, so you can join the family, hang out by the TV, or even sit in the sunshine while you sort and file. Another plus: The limited surface space holds only essentials, preventing clutter and prompting you to recycle as you work.


4. Get Rid, Feel Good 

For the sake of your mental health, don’t add up the cost of the money you’ve wasted.

Instead, focus on how decluttering makes you feel good: offer things on Carousell (www.sg.carousell.com) or donate items in good condition to your local charity shop.

selling clothes shortcuts to fight clutter

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Thumbs Up, Single Fathers!

We are paying tribute to the single fathers as Fathers’ Day approaches! Single parenting is not easy, as it is. It’s like going tag team wrestling then having to face your opponent solo. And your opponent can come in the form of having to hold on a job, social commitments, financial burdens and keeping your world steady for your little one. Not an easy fight.

Reading the stories of single fathers’ on the Internet, we sympathise and we reach out to them. It’s not that they need pity, but even the strongest fighter could use a pat on the back and a thumbs up to keep going!

Pictures from: Facebook: Y.Dessin / Via Y. (Yannick Vicente)

Single Fathers' Illustration
What's love, daddy? Single Fathers' Post

This particular single father, Yannick Vicente has been making gorgeous illustrations of everyday life with his 4-year-old daughter, Anaé.

And even if his daughter can’t quite understand what all the fuss is about now, Vicente hopes she will someday. “I would like my daughter to be able to see these drawings when she’s old enough to understand what I wrote in them,” he said.

Why It’s Tough Being A Toddler

Adult life is hard. Most of us never want to grow up and want to remain 18 forever – with just the right amount of freedom and responsibility, yet not too much responsibility – we don’t need to pay our own bills nor are we expected to feed a family at 18. In Singapore, at 18 you can’t even drive yet, so you don’t even need to pay for petrol and all that. Your parents are still willing to shelter you, given that you’re not yet 21 and barely in university.

So when you grow up and become an adult in time, you’re rudely shocked with all the responsibilities you suddenly need to take on, the bills you need to pay, the money you need to control, the limits you need to set…..

But being a toddler is significantly tougher. Here’s why it’s tough being a toddler.
(Content adapted from Huffington Post.)

1. They don’t know what and how rules work.

As infants, they can do whatever they want, however they want. But as you grow older, you’re expected to follow the rules. It’s tough being a toddler because you only find out what the rules are AFTER you break them. The severity of rules are only enforced after the action.
“So regardless of how pretty the crayon colour, I can’t take it to draw on the walls??!?!”
“So even if no one understands me and I’m really frustrated, I can’t SCREAM TO LET IT ALL OUT?”
“Don’t throw sand.” You say. “But it’s so lightweight and it’s more fun to watch sprinkles of sand all around. I DON’T GET IT. I’ve only  had 3-4 years of life experience!”

Tough Being A Toddler

2. They can’t control their own schedules.
Life is not up to them. They can’t go where they want or do what they want. There’s always a time for them to do something, a place for them to be at, something against themselves they have to do. That sounds a little bit like adults, but at least you have some form of choice at times, and you can decide what activities you want to commit to.

Really enjoying the playground and was told by your parents you’re gonna have a fun time, but you have to leave in 5 minutes??? But if it’s fun and everyone’s happy, why should I have to leave??? It’s so tough being a toddler. It’s bedtime, but this television show is on and you put me in front of the television to be quiet so you could do your work, and I’m quiet, and the cartoon characters are just starting to solve the mystery of the missing candy, but I have to take a nap? Now?? Why???

3. Where’s Mama?
It’s tough being a toddler because the only person you know can suddenly go out of your sight. Don’t leave without me!

4. When you don’t know whether you want to be picked up or put down.
Adults have tough decisions to make? So do toddlers, OKAY.

Of all the drama you think a toddler can get up to, most of it (and this is also the primary reason why it’s tough being a toddler) is because………..

5. They don’t know most things about life yet.

Adults know they can’t drown in their bathtub, and that there’s absolutely no monster under the bed. Toddlers however, do not. If you believed a Golden Retriever wanted to eat you, you would probably be scared of dogs. And if you were worried that the dinosaurs on your pillowcase might come to life while you slept, you might be terrified of linens. That’s why some toddlers are scared of baths, some toddlers are scared of dogs, and some are scared of pillows. Most toddlers have some fears. And, to them, they’re not irrational ones. It’s only life experience — and an understanding of the most basic scientific concepts — that turns the world into a place that makes some sense. Okay, that’s not true. No matter how old you get, the world doesn’t make sense.

Tough Being A Toddler With Scary Dinosaurs

If the cute cartoon dinosaur on your pillow actually looks like this to you (even if it’s in your own head) Why would you want to sleep?

This is why it’s so important to be patient with toddlers, and to give them extra love, simply because it’s very tough being a toddler. If this post tickled you, here are  7 things only parents of toddlers understand.

7 Things Only Parents Of Toddlers Understand

Parenting toddlers is one of the biggest challenges anyone can undertake. It’s a chase and a battle to get your toddlers dressed, to feed them, teach them, spend time with them, clean up after them, cook for them, all the while managing work and other commitments. But we know it’s all worth it.

Every Lego on the floor cleverly missed and every tantrum skilfully placated deserves a round of applause, as with every hug given out and every other time you know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are some things only parents of toddlers understand.

1.  There is no manual for raising kids.

With the thousands of books on raising kids out there, you’d think that one of them would tell you exactly how to be a good parent. The truth is, no two kids are the same and no amount of books are going to tell you how to do it right. Your two-year-old could be a screaming banshee and can only utter broken sentences while your neighbour who’s got it all has a two year old who’s half on her way on finding a cure for cancer, and she can put herself to bed promptly at 9pm every night. No two kids are the same, and there is hardly any point comparing.

2. 6am is no longer the time you get in, it’s the time you get up.
Toddlers / www.diapercakes.com.sg
You used to be able to stay up and sleep in, now that option is totally out.

3. Instead of running away from vomit, you run towards it.
OH NO, what could it be that’s causing your child to be sick! Better get him to the doctor immediately!
Toddler Vomiting

4. Silence is not always golden
When Toddlers Are Quiet
Has this ever happened to you? You think you lucked out because your whole house is quiet. You think it’s the result of good behaviour, but you are scarily wrong. Not all the time, thankfully, but there have been some times.

5. The last time you looked at the mirror was with half-closed eyes while brushing your teeth.
There’s no proper time to stand in front of the mirror to preen, pose and groom. Bathroom time alone gets interrupted very easily because there’s always someone around the house or something to tend to.

6. Parents have extra visionary powers
Having Many Eyes To Spy On Your Toddlers
Parents have been trained to keep one eye on their running toddler, and another eye on the display rack, and another eye on the surroundings for any potential danger, and the clock to figure out if it’s time to eat or sleep or leave, and anything else. Being a parent of a toddler means you immediately acquire super-vision.

7. You don’t know any adult TV shows. The only TV shows you know are the cartoons your toddler watches.
If it’s a battle of Arrow versus Peppa Pig, somehow Peppa Pig wins.

Peppa Pig And Toddlers


Parenting toddlers isn’t an easy thing to do, and neither is parenting new borns as well. Know a parent who’s adding on a little fellow to their family for their first time? A Diaper Cake is the perfect gift to them – it’s made of rompers, shoes, bibs and a soft toy, everything a new baby could need or want in their first few months of life.

A gift of love and consideration, what else is better?

Sweet Lovely 3-Tier Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake for Baby Disa

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Babies are wonders, babies are fun, congratulations Divya on your new little one! Welcome to the world Baby Disa!

3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-5


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This 3-tier Diaper Cake Baby Girl Gift Hamper consists of:

– 30 pcs M-Size Huggies Total Protection Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Short Sleeved Carters Romper

– 1 Short Sleeved Osh Kosh BGosh Romper

– 1 Pair NEX pre-walker shoes

– 1 Pair socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

Decorated with pretty ribbons, and packed in our premium gift box for the perfect package as a wonderful gift for Baby Disa!

Thank you Jamie for your support!

3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-13 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-23 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-33 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-4

Celebrating the special day with Diaper Cakes. Delightful, unique, and creative baby gifts are possible with us.

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Three-Tier First Birthday Baby Boy Diaper Cake

By Adeline Woo

Here’s our second customized birthday Diaper Cake for this year!

This time, it’s for baby boy Xavier, who turns one year old this weekend.



This 3 Tier Birthday Diaper Cake consists of:

– 42 pcs M Size Pampers Disposable Diapers

– 1 Cotton On Short Sleeved Tee Shirt

– 1 Cotton On Bermudas

– 1 Pair Cotton On Socks

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Pair Cotton On Sneakers




Customized with baby’s name and wrapped up in our premium packaging box.

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Diaper Cakes For 2 Year Olds and Toddlers!

By Adeline Woo

We tried our hand at baking our first Diaper Cake for a toddler!

One of our customers Kayson bought a baby boy Diaper Cake from us last week.  His friend loved our Diaper Cake so much that K decided to get one for his friend’s son’s 2nd birthday.

So we accepted the challenge, and this is what we came up with:

Diaper Cake Toddler Birthday Josh

Customized Diaper Cake for 2 Year old toddler


Customized Diaper Cake for 2 Year Old Toddler       

This customized 2 Tier Diaper Cake contains:

– 20 pieces XL Huggies Total Protection Diapers

– 1 Cotton-On Kids Long Sleeved Dark Blue Button Shirt

– 1 Cotton-On Kids Checked Bermudas

– 1 Pair Toddler Checked Socks

– 1 Pair Mothercare Toddle Sandals

Customized with the boy’s name, and all wrapped beautifully in our premium packaging box.

Happy 2nd Birthday Josh!

And Thank You Kayson for your support!

If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

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Diaper Cakes – Delightfully Different.

When do you definitely need to see a doctor for Chicken Pox?

By Adeline Woo

Chicken Pox is most commonly known as a disease for children under the age of 12 years old. However, this does not mean that Chicken Pox in toddlers is not a rare occurrence. For toddlers under a year old, it can be somewhat dangerous as babies aren’t allowed to get the vaccine until they are at least 12 months of age. This means that your toddler is definitely vulnerable to getting the disease and may have some difficulties fighting it off.

Contrary to popular belief, Chicken Pox is not an illness to just leave alone. Babies may not have a strong enough immune system to fight off the disease, thus Chicken Pox in toddlers can result in some complications.

So for the million dollar question, when do you definitely need to see a doctor for Chicken Pox? 

1) When a toddler of 2 months and below catches it.

2)  A mother of newborn baby and the mother breaks out in a rash a few days after birth.

3) You are pregnant and exposed to the Chicken Pox.

4) Your toddler has a weakened immune system or immune disorder


In most cases, there are specific things you can do yourself to help cure this disease naturally with the use of home remedies and natural treatments.  If you just leave it and expect for this to go away on it’s own, you may be doing more harm than good.  It’s of your best interest to get rid of this as quickly as possible.

Play Ground Safety For First Timers!

By Adeline Woo

Bringing your child to the play ground for the first time sounds a lot easier than it actually is. For all first time parents out there, here are some tips and advice that are extremely useful, we promise!


1) First things first, learn to let go. Let your child explore the play ground on their own. The first time is always the most terrifying experience for the parents. Worried about your child falling down or hurting themselves but giving kids their own space allows them a chance to learn on their own. Letting them run free gives them the confidence and independence they will carry with them as adults.

2) Don’t take your eyes off your child. Put away the iphone, and watch your kid. Many parents just take their kids to the park, plop themselves on the bench and just glue their eyes to their phone. It’s pretty irresponsible and annoying in my opinion to do that. Don’t get me wrong, checking your phone occasionally is fine but focusing more on your phone rather than your child is pure negligence. If your child puts themselves in a dangerous situation you should be there to prevent it. If your child is behaving aggressively to other kids you should be there to intervene. Your child is your responsibility even from a distance.

3) If another kid needs help, help him. Once a toddler was first in line for the slide. Behind him were a set of brothers. The toddler for some reason didn’t want to go down the slide and was holding up the line. The kids behind him seemed to be getting impatient but didn’t do anything. The father of the brothers behind him then said to his sons “Help the baby go down the slide. He might want to ride with you.” The brothers then grabbed on to the toddler and all three of them happily went down the slide together. Now that is something that one parent to another can appreciate.

4) Don’t be overly defensive. Kids can be aggressive by nature. If your child gets pushed by another kid, first make sure he is okay and try to move their attention to a different area of the playground. And as much as you’d like to reprimand the child who pushed your child, it’s not your place. If your child is at fault, admit it to yourself. Check to see if the other child is okay, have your child apologize to the other child, and calmly apologize to the parent. If it was the other way around wouldn’t you appreciate an apology? Kids make mistakes, move on.

5) Remind your child to wait their turn.  There’s nothing worse than being bullied and pushed around after you’ve patiently been waiting your turn. If your child gets too antsy to wait, move their attention to another area of the park and go back when the line has cleared up.

6) Introduce your kids to other kids. When your child is in the same vicinity of another it’s always good to help them break the ice. Encourage your child to say hi, this breaks the ice for the kids so that they can play together. Kids learn by mimicking (it’s a good thing and a bad thing, I know). By introducing your kid to others, he’ll see how they played and learned how to do it himself.

7) Don’t share snacks. The little monster needs fuel to play so make sure to bring a few snacks and some water. As much as sharing is a good lesson, it wouldn’t be the lesson here. Random kids may come to you when they see the snacks in your hands but bear in mind that you have absolutely no idea what the other kids may be allergic to and the last thing you would want is for them to get a bad reaction to the food and have to explain yourself to the other mums or dads.