1-Tier Special Pooh Diaper Cake for Baby Girl

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

This very special 1-tier Diaper Cake has given for the very special one.  Welcome Baby Girl!


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 This 1-tier Diaper Cake consists of the following:

– 18 pcs M Size Diapers Huggies Total Protection Diapers 

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Pair NEX Pre-walker shoes

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 x 8″ Pooh Soft Toy

Personalized with pretty ribbons and wrapped in our 46cm tall purple & white gift box.

Thank you Cleo for your support!

1Tier-DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Pooh-Girl-1 1Tier-DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Pooh-Girl-2 1Tier-DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Pooh-Girl-3 1Tier-DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Pooh-Girl-4

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2-Tier Lovely Piglet “Daddy Loves Me” Diaper Cake for Lovely Baby Viviana

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Welcome Baby Viviana, and congratulations to Chee Yeong and Angelina! Wishing you all a lifetime of love, health, laughter and happiness together.

2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Eeyore-Boy-Jaden-5

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Baby Viviana’s 2-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Hamper consists of:

– 25 pcs S Size Drypers Dry Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Long sleeved Carters “Daddy Loves Me” Romper

– 1 Pair Mothercare Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Piglet Soft Toy

Decorated with pretty ribbons, customized with Baby Viviana’s name, and packed in our premium gift box.

Thank you Cindy for your support!

2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl-Viviana-1 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl-Viviana-2 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl-Viviana-3 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl-Viviana-4

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Sweet Lovely 3-Tier Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake for Baby Disa

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Babies are wonders, babies are fun, congratulations Divya on your new little one! Welcome to the world Baby Disa!

3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-5


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This 3-tier Diaper Cake Baby Girl Gift Hamper consists of:

– 30 pcs M-Size Huggies Total Protection Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Short Sleeved Carters Romper

– 1 Short Sleeved Osh Kosh BGosh Romper

– 1 Pair NEX pre-walker shoes

– 1 Pair socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

Decorated with pretty ribbons, and packed in our premium gift box for the perfect package as a wonderful gift for Baby Disa!

Thank you Jamie for your support!

3 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-13 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-23 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-33 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Disa-Girl-4

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Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake Baby Gift for Baby Boy Ismail

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Happiness is welcoming a newborn baby boy!

This Mickey 2-Tier Diaper Cake was made specially for baby Ismail.

This 2-Tier Baby Boy Diaper Cake Newborn Gift Hamper consists of:

– 25 pieces M -Size Huggies Dry Disposable Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Short Sleeved Carters Romper

– 1 Pair Disney Mickey Mouse Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Mickey Mouse Soft Toy

Customized with baby Ismail’s name, and wrapped in our 46cm tall premium purple and white gift box for that presentable and beautiful look.

Thank you Sherlyn for your support!


Made entirely of disposable diapers and other useful baby items, Diaper Cakes are perfect for baby showers and full month celebrations.

Requests for special brand of diapers can be accommodated as well.

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Adorable Minnie Mouse Baby Gift Diaper Cake for Karis

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

A super adorable Minnie Mouse 1-tier Diaper Cake for baby Karis.

This 1-Tier Baby Girl Diaper Cake Baby Gift Hamper consists of:

– 15 pieces S Size Drypers Dry Disposable Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Pair Nex Pre-walker shoes

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1  Disney 8″ Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

Customized with baby Karis’  name, and wrapped in our premium purple and white gift box for that presentable look.

Thank You Julia for your support again!


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Get Crafty with Baby Shower Homemade Gifts

By Adeline Woo

Many a times when I head to the departmental store to get some pretty accessories for my child or for my friend’s kid, it’s either way too expensive or there’s always that extra piece of cloth or design that makes it look really tacky. Instead, I gave up shopping and decided to make it from scratch. That way I get to decorate it the way I want.

Here is one of my personal favourite kid’s accessories inspired from some images I saw online and/or from magazines. It’s really easy to achieve so no sweat!

1) Felt Flower Headband

DIY Box felt flower

Things you need:

  • felt or felted wool (2 colors…one for flower, one for leaf)
  • needle and thread (matching colours with the flower)
  • highlighter or marker
  • button or pearl for center
  • scissors
  • stretchy elastic (for the headband)
  • glue gun or really strong glue
How to do:
1) Find a flower template that you would like to use. Cut the template out and trace the template over the felt 5 times with your highlighter or marker.
2) It’s best to cut inside of your tracing so that your end product will not have weird markings.
tutorial 1
3) After you’ve got all 5 flowers cut out, lay the first flower flat. The remaining 4 flowers will be fold into halves. Place the 4 halved flowers on top of the first flower one by one in a anti clockwise direction. Take a look at the images below for a better idea!
tutorial 2 tutorial 3 tutorial 4
4) After you’ve finished laying the folded halves on top of each other, it’s time to sew it together so the petals will stay in that shape.
tutorial 5
5) Get you bead or pearl and sew it in the middle of the petals.
tutorial 6
6) Viola! The hardest part is over.
tutorial 7
7) Measure your toddler or child’s head, give allowance of about 1.5 cm as you’re gonna sew the ends together.
8) Place a small felt on the other side so it’ll be comfortable for your child’s forehead.
tutorial 8
9) A leave is optional. Cut out the shape of a leave from your felt, you can choose to use a template, and sew it where the circle felt on the other side it.
tutorial 9
10) Sew on the flower on top of the leave and you now have a handmade Felt flower headband!
tuturial 10
You’ll get a hang of it after doing it a few times. It’s a great accessories for those of you who’ve got daughters or you can make it as a gift for your friends! Try it and let me know how it goes!
Credit for pictures: tickle pink and icandy handmade

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