Pregnancy superstitions and why we should follow them

pregnancy superstitions

When you first announce your pregnancy, you get the usual – “Congrats! Remember not to do xxxxx”. Like hey, it’s my child, don’t tell me how to raise them.

But then again, these pregnancy superstitions do have some merit. No smoke without a fire, eh?

We have compiled a list of the most common pregnancy superstitions;

Defer your pregnancy announcements till after the first trimester (3 months)

It is believed that announcing your pregnancy too early will increase the chance of a miscarriage, as most miscarriages happen in the first trimester.

No home renovations

The Chinese believe actions like sawing, drilling and hammering, (that are common during home renovations) are harmful to the baby’s spirit and could cause fetal deformities. If its an emergency, being away from the renovations are believed to help. Also calling your baby’s spirit away from the renovation site will prevent any harm from coming to him/her.

No using scissors or needles on the bed

Using scissors or needles on the bed symbolizes cutting of umbilical cord and causes birth defects. While there are many people with experience with this particular pregnancy superstition, it is still unsure whether its coincidence or the superstition has a legitimate claim.

Put a knife under the bed

This is done to ward off evil spirits with evil or malicious intent from harming your baby’s spirit.

No attending funerals

Funerals are largely considered unlucky in Chinese culture and therefore, people often warn expecting mothers to avoid attending any. However, in the case where it is necessary, it is recommended to tie a red scarf around the belly area to ward off the negative energy from the funeral.

No cursing

Cursing is far more common in today’s society, so much so a curse word is always at the tip of your tongue. Try to refrain from cursing or have anyone around you say any curse words as it is believed that cursing around the unborn child equates cursing him/her. In Western culture, this is also avoided as they don’t want the baby’s first words to be a curse word.

No rubbing belly

Its normal to want to caress your pregnant belly, but its told that excessive rubbing of the belly will result in a spoiled child.

Have you heard any of these superstitions passed down from your mum/grandmother? I know I’ll definitely be abiding by these “guidelines”. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

Ways To Show Dad Some Appreciation

Ways To Show Dad Some Appreciation 

While Fathers’ Day may be over (It fell on 19 June 2016 in case it slipped your mind), we don’t have to stop showing appreciation to good ol’ dad. Here are some ways we can continue to show our appreciation to our father!

1. Learn their lessons
While it’s tempting and even natural to wave your old man off because you are too busy to pay attention to him, or too tired to listen for 2 seconds longer, don’t.

Their rich experience can show you something you always miss thus you’d better learn from their lessons too. Like you, they used to make mistakes and made their own principles and rules they keep to in life even now. Try to avoid ignoring their life lessons and show your interest to become wiser and to show the appreciation for their important manuals.

Ways To Show Dad Some Appreciation

2. Appreciate their help
Your parents will always be there for you.

Maybe they never hovered over you and completed every page of your homework, preferring to hang back and let you discover on your own what you like and what your strengths and weaknesses are, but you know that whenever you needed a helping hand, they’d stretch theirs to yours immediately.

As you are older, the help might come in the form of dollars and cents, or some chicken soup as you fell ill, or offering to babysit your child so you get some peace and quiet. Whatever and however they offer help, be sure you say thank you and really appreciate them, because not everyone is blessed with what you have.

finding nemo ways to show dad some appreciation

3. Ask them for advice
Somewhere along the way, friends became more important to us and parents became less important. Mum’s home-cooked meals of dishes sitting warmly on a bed of rice are eaten less and less as we patronise the latest up-and-coming restaurant advertised on Ladyironchef.

Dad’s offers to take us out are heard lesser as we bury ourselves in work and other commitments. But we should take the time to ask our parents for advice once in a while, if not to hear their opinions, but to make them feel important anyway.

There are many ways to show dad some appreciation, and maybe the biggest way to show a new dad some appreciation is with giving him a Diaper Cake. 

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Don’t you think so? Not only is this prettily presentable, it also comes with things that dad (and mum!) will appreciate – with a romper, socks, shoes, diapers, and a soft toy.

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How To Incorporate Fun At Work

It’s the first Monday of June at work and chances are, you’ve got a little blues in you.
Or you woke up feeling a little stressed, thinking about the meetings you need to plan and proposals you need to submit, and other tasks to accomplish. Your colleagues are probably thinking the same thing and altogether, you collectively let out a big sigh.

RHOA Sigh - How To Have Fun At Work

In a series of posts we have planned throughout the week, Diaper Cakes Singapore want to talk about incorporating fun at work, connecting with children while at work, and tips for working mothers by working mothers.

When you were younger, back in primary school, you could fold a paper airplane in seconds flat and have an intense paper airplane race. Bring it back to your workplace. Fold paper airplanes with your colleagues and have a race to see whose can fly the farthest.

zootopia judy hopps nick wilde wilde hopps - how to incorporate fun at work
Maybe the winner can get a free (plane/truck/car/heck, bus or train) ride.

Write every employee’s name down on a piece of paper and slip it into a fishbowl. Every 2 weeks, draw a name to see who gets released one hour early from the fish bowl every Friday. Keep going until everyone’s had a turn to be released. It’s kind of like Hunger Games, only kinder. To give this a twist, have a fishbowl with your friends, and each name that gets pulled out can decide where to have lunch that Friday, or come up with funny forfeits for that Friday that the person whose name gets chosen has to do.

Google organises summer picnics and ski trips for their employees and while these aren’t things a company can afford to organise every week, you can still take the time off to plan for a trip. A mission trip every year or two, or field trips to museums will definitely be something to look forward to.


Work in teams to complete projects. For example, if you’re a customer service representative, ask to work on a team to figure out procedures to shorten the amount of time it takes to respond to customer telephone inquiries. Partner with one or more of your colleagues to review each other’s work before submitting it to supervisors. When you work in a team, you lessen the burden on yourself and you also get to know others better. The best plus side that gives you fun at work? You cut down the workload significantly.


 Quickly defined, gossip is talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature. And there are far better things to talk about than the sensational, intimate details of another.

Gossip almost always complicates our lives rather than simplifies. Unfortunately, gossip feels good and the short-term rewards often distract us from the fact that we know better. It makes us feel better about ourselves to know something about someone else and share that with another. Other times, speaking about the personal faults of others makes it easier to overlook our own.

Even under the best of motives, gossip almost always does damage to the relationship that we can never completely undo. Consider some of these life-complicating dangers of gossip:

  • Damaged Relationships. When we learn that a friend has passed on a rumor about us – true, but confidential information – it always does damage to the relationship. The same is true when you are the one passing on the gossip.
  • Trust is destroyed. It is virtually impossible to restore complete trust in a person who has shared your secrets with another. And it is vey difficult to trust someone who has just shared with you someone else‘s secrets.
  • Adds unnecessary complexity. If you’ve ever told a secret that you don’t want somebody else to pass along, you know exactly what unnecessary complexity is. Gossip adds the nagging worry that word will make it back to the person or spread beyond our control.
  • Devalues the relationship in front of you. Intimate, personal details about a person who is not there always removes you from your present reality and transports you somewhere else. Not only does it distract you from the relational opportunity in front of you, it puts you squarely in the middle of a personal scenario where you do not belong.

In a workplace that gossips, it’s hard to focus on your tasks at hand and second guessing relationships or conversations with colleagues becomes natural, when we should focus on building relationships instead. There’s little fun at work in a place you can’t trust.

Incorporate some fun at work today, and who knows the benefits you’ll reap? Let us know if there are other ways you have fun at work!

Parenting Skills To List On Your Résumé

Most people know that a résumé is a document used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills. Ideally, a résumé shouldn’t be more than two pages long because it should be concise as possible, and in it, you don’t have to present ALL your skills, just the best skill sets you have will do.

We realise that this will pose a great challenge for parents. Parenting has given us SO MANY skills we can put in a résumé. You think being able to watch Frozen 50 times in a day and disguising peas and carrots as nuggets and fries can’t be a highly coveted job skill? You might be wrong.

Do you volunteer often at your toddler’s daycare group? Are you involved in your child’s school family activities? So then it probably means that you are a vital part of a team, that you know how to take instructions, give instructions,  and be a good leader and/or supporter. Being great at team work is a crucial skill that any workplace would value, so you can be sure to include that in your résumé, and quantify the number of years and number of people in your team as well.

Remember how your baby vomited all over the place in that swanky new restaurant and a toilet was miles away? Yet you cleverly improvised on the spot and you managed to make sunshine out of what would otherwise be a snowstorm. Despite what anyone said about you or your baby at that time, you can definitely call yourself resourceful, and which employer wouldn’t value an employee with resourcefulness? And you can say to the younger junior executives that hey, parenting taught you that!

Parenting Resourcefulness Quote


Responsible parenting definitely taught you how to budget. Budgeting includes needing to calculate, count and carefully determine what should or shouldn’t be spent on, and this means you would have cultivated the skill of being extremely prudent and precise. Good on you, you can be a valuable asset to your company’s finance or administrative departments.

The role of parenting has definitely taught you how to be highly efficient. You only have a minute to yourself in the toilet maximum before your toddler calls out for you. And while you’re rocking your baby to sleep, your five-year-old is demanding you come out and put Peppa Pig on the television for him, or unlock the iPad so he can access a game NOW. Which means you’ve become very highly efficient in handling and sorting tasks out and that your multitasking game is STRONG and UNBEATABLE.

You are your child’s first (and maybe for a while, only!) coach! They come to you get answers, tips, solutions and everything in between and you give them space to help them figure things out on their own, both of which are very important. So you know when to give and when to let go, when to take charge and when to release, both of which are important skills to have even if you’re the highest corporate official in the company or a newly joined employee.

Before returning to work, remember to make the necessary arrangements with your spouse, other family members, babysitters, and of course your child. Get enough sleep and try to start on a Thursday if you can so you have a short first work week to adjust to the new work environment, and you can start work proper on the second week.

Know friends who are getting adjusted to their new roles of parenting and need a little help? A Diaper Cake  is your answer! Delightfully different, a Diaper Cake comprises diapers, bottles, bibs, rompers and pre-walker shoes. It’s an all-in-one gift even the fussiest of mothers will appreciate, and any good friend or baby shower guest will want to give at a baby shower, hospital birth or first year birthday! 

5 Things Kids Don’t Actually Need

Kids need a lot of things, and as parents, you would want to provide as much as you can for them, because you don’t want them to feel left out or neglected. But there are things kids absolutely DON’T NEED.

1. To have you always take their side even when they’re wrong.
You are your kid’s biggest cheerleader, undoubtedly. You’ve always answered to their first call, and you would never let nobody take a hit at them. But sometimes they need to learn to stand by themselves, and if you’re  always going to be there regardless whatever, they will learn to stand on your feet, not their own, and what good is that? Kids don’t actually need to know mommy is their only voice.

Kids Don't Actually Need You To Be Their Voice -

2. Elaborate birthday parties
Every age is a milestone, yes. And with every milestone, there are new feats and adventures to celebrate, all of which should be celebrated, but need it be at the cost of thousands and why at the cost of ornate Frozen parties or Inside Out decoration after decorations? You probably don’t recall your first birthday party as a child, and probably neither would your child. As the child grows older, he or she might want a huge party to invite all their friends and family to, and all the money you saved during your child’s first 5 years of no frills parties at home with a simple yet special cake and homely celebration would be well worth it by now.  Kids don’t actually need a super big party that blows your budget and wears you (and your child) out.


Kids Don't Actually Need Elaborate Parties -

Let the elaborate party ideas go for a while.

So fancy are some birthday parties that two per cent of the 1,000 parents surveyed said their child has received an iPod in their party bag.

Furthermore, 16 per cent said their child had found make-up in their party bag, while four per cent had received gift vouchers.

 Goody bags with simple chops and stickers to say “thank you” don’t mean anything anymore?

3. Branded clothes
Do brands  mean or matter so much to a young child? As long as it absorbs sweat, washes dirt off well, protects their back from the intense heat or cold rain, and just basically clothe them while they run around for their fourth round of catching, does it really matter if it’s from Prada or Giordano? And if you shop online often, you will understand more than anyone what it’s like.

4. Our guilt
If you tend to worry too much, or feel guilty easily, step back and ask yourself if you’ve tried your best despite circumstances. Chances are, you have, and so, there’s no reason to feel guilty……………. This is of course terribly overarching because how can guilt as a feeling be so easily dissipated at times? Give yourselves and your kids a break!
5. The ~latest~ cell phone.
Kids don’t actually NEED the latest iPhone? Or the latest tablet? Or the latest wifi enabled device? What happened to running outdoors, connecting with people, forming relationships offline? Will the days of asking people questions disappear because kids would rather ask Siri or Google instead?
Kids Don't Actually Need Siri
But if there’s one things babies and new parents need – it’s a DiaperCake, a delightfully different, extremely unique gift that’s pretty and practical all in one.

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Meditation For Parents

You recognise this frenzy: A screaming meltdown from your toddler because something (doesn’t matter if it’s a hairclip or a shoe or the President of the USA) is missing, someone needs to be fed, there’s a pile of homework and forms left untouched and due TODAY, there are errands that need to be run and your shirt is stained and needs a wash, pronto. Not to mention, dinner tonight hasn’t been sorted out and you have a dinner appointment with your husband and some company tonight and the baby sitter has just cancelled on you.

Only one word to describe the reigning emotion in your head now: Stress.

Of course meditation has been suggested time and time again to combat stress. And when the word “meditation” comes to mind, many people think “Ohmmmmmm”, monks, and calming, quiet pastures.

Here are some tips and tricks regarding meditation!

MEDITATION (Defined as a way of life where the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns)

The word meditation, is derived from two Latin words : meditari(to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal). Its Sanskrit derivation ‘medha’ means wisdom.

1. Choose a good time of the day. 

I initially thought that I would meditate before bed because I figured it would help me sleep. Turns out, that actually defeats the purpose.

It’s much better to start the day with meditation, if only just a few minutes, because it’s all about achieving awareness and focus, not sleep.

Suggestion: Play around with time before settling in on a routine. It might take a few tries before you realize that you actually get a bigger benefit from meditation when you do it at a certain time over another.

2. Find a quiet place. 

Since I have time during my day when there are no children in the house — and I know plenty of you aren’t at that stage yet —  it’s admittedly not that hard for me to find a quiet place. But even when my entire house is a quiet place with no kids around, I can still be easily distracted. So, I’ve chosen a comfortable little spot just outside my bedroom that’s fairly secluded, which has forced me to truly focus on my breathing and nothing else.

Suggestion: Pick a spot that isn’t conducive to sleep. I made the mistake of trying to meditate in bed and I ended up just wanting to lay down and take a nap.

3. Prepare yourself. 

I created a short routine before my meditation started, and it really only involves doing a few neck rolls and arm stretches and then thinking one positive thought about myself. I found that loosening up my muscles helps me slow my breath down, and it even makes the meditation process much more comfortable.

Suggestion: Remember that you’re stretching to relax and breathe, not work out, so don’t overdo it. If it helps you to do yoga-type stretches, then go for it, but your goal is to feel energized, not sore — and not to squeeze in a workout while you’re here. Keep your goals single-minded!


4. Breathe. 

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to completely and solely focus on nothing but your breath. Have you ever done that before? There is so much power in breathing, and particularly in slow breathing. It can feel a little awkward at first, but wow, trust me when I say you will feel the difference immediately.

Suggestion: Nose breathing can be the most calming (as opposed to mouth breathing), so if you need help slowing it down, think “in through your nose, out through your nose” and repeat that to yourself.
A few moments of meditation won’t magically make your life stress-free, but it will help relieve your stress a little bit, and clear your head too. Feel the stress of life melt away as you keep living the best you can!

Meditation / Credits:


How To Encourage Entrepreneurship In Your Kids

“The world belongs to those who think and act with it, those who keep a finger on its pulse.”

Creativity, empowerment and individuality are traits that are very highly valued. We are imbuing these traits to our young ones more and more because in a world where everything changes so quickly, having a one track mind and expecting answers to fall from the sky won’t be a way to ensure survivability or success. Encouraging entrepreneurship in your kids will not only develop a more acute sense for critical thinking but also a deeper understanding of a subject which many parents are struggling to explain – boundaries. The sooner your children learn about some basic economic models – like the concept of money – the sooner they will come to terms with all those limits you will eventually have to place upon them.

  1. Goal Setting
    Setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation. To build entrepreneurship in your kids, ask your children to write down their top 10 goals and which one is the easiest to achieve or most important to them right now. Next, break down that goal into achievable steps and encourage them to start on those steps immediately.Encourage Entrepreneurship In Your Kids
  2. Recognise opportunities
    Encourage entrepreneurship in your kids by teaching them to recognise opportunity. As a famous saying goes, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Go through common problems faced in life with your child like a long queue in the school canteen or a rainy day dampening a family day out, then brainstorm creative solutions for these problems instead. This will cause your children to look at the solutions, not the problems.
  3. Financial literacy
    Teaching your kids the importance of saving, how to save, and the difference between needs and wants. Educate them about investing and how their money could be used to create more money in the future.  It can be made easier with an app OCBC created for financial literacy.
  4. Effective communication
    Nowadays, children’s communication skills aren’t as fluent what with the rise of social media, emojis, Successful businesses require that people actually speak to one another. Teaching your children to communicate effectively will provide them with the winning edge in business and in their personal relationships. Practice maintaining eye contact when speaking in person. When using the telephone, teach your children to speak slowly and clearly. A bonus activity would be to practice communicating to your children with e-mails. Do not allow them to abbreviate words and phrases, but instead, write grammatically correct sentences that flow together and convey a complete message.
  5. Encourage adventure and observational skills
    Some of the best entrepreneurs found success simply by filling a need that no one else even knew existed. The world is full of business opportunities, if only we could notice them. Parents can help their children learn to recognize these types of opportunities by developing observation and creativity. Walk around your neighborhood with your kids and consider which needs are not being met. Do you have neighbors that need some service? Businesses that need a website? Teach kids to recognize and anticipate the needs of others.

    Encouraging entrepreneurship in your kids might not be the easiest or most natural thing to do, and even if your kids don’t make it to the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, these are traits and skills you want developed in them.

How To Make Kids Like You

As an early 30-something male in Singapore, I am now in the age group where all my friends/family are starting have kids.

As a somewhat awkward techie, being around kids can be a slightly stressful event. My very first “proper exposure” to kids was when I visited my cousin during my spring break. He has 2  boys. One aged around 3, the other was still in the crawling stage.

It was pretty standoffish at first but I slowly warmed to them (and they to me!). Since then, I’ve had quite a few years to figure this little conundrum out: How do you get kids to like you? While it’s not paramount that every kid I meet must like me, it does help to know how to behave around them. And I think I’ve figured it out.

Be silly.


Admittedly, it doesn’t always work.

It takes a while to read their moods and know when silly works. But the more times you do it, and come in contact with said baby/child, the easier it is to get along with them.

And that’s all there is to it! In fact, the sillier you are, the better. The best thing about kids is that they are totally un-bias and non-judgemental. So, there is no need to feel embarrassed or shameful or as we like to say in Singapore, paiseh when interacting with kids.

Here are some things that I do that breaks the ice and establishes rapport:

  • Fist bump/high-5
  • Ask to borrow their toys and talk about their toys
  • Balance stuff on your head
  • Make funny voices when talking to your friend (the parent of the child) and go back to a serious “normal” voice when talking to them (or vice versa)
  • Destroy things around you. They love this one!

As someone who is generally very laid back, I wonder if being around kids, brings out my own inner child too.

1-Tier Diaper Cake Newborn Baby Hamper for Nathan

By Diaper cakes Singapore

Baby Blue Winnie The Pooh sits on top this cute 1-Tier Diaper Cake for baby boy Nathan.

This blue single Tier Diaper Cake baby hamper consists of:

– 15 pcs S Size Drypers Dry Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Carters BabyBib

– 1 Pair Mothercare Pre-Walker Shoes

– 1 Disney Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy

Customized with Baby Nathan’s name and wrapped in our premium 46cm tall purple and white gift box.

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Our Diaper Cakes are great as gifts for newborn babies, or to the happy new parents at baby’s full month parties.

Made of disposable diapers and useful practical baby items like receiving blankets, rompers, bibs, shoes and socks, all our cakes are handmade with love in a non-pet, non-smoking environment.

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New! 2-Tier Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Hampers Singapore at Far East Flora

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