5 Great Giraffe Toy Baby Gifts

5 Great Giraffe Toy Baby Gifts

Whenever a newborn baby is born, well wishes such as the Chinese saying 快高长大 (grow tall and big quickly) are often exchanged.  Herein lies the beauty of Giraffe toy baby gifts, which carries aptly the meaning of this saying.  Because the giraffe is the tallest living animal on earth!

The giraffe is a genus of African even-toed ungulate mammals, the tallest living terrestrial animals and the largest ruminants. The genus currently consists of one species, Giraffa camelopardalis, the type species.

Giraffe Toy Baby Gifts

Here at Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have compiled a list of 5 great Giraffe toy baby gifts suitable for any baby occasions, from baby showers, full month celebrations to welcoming a newborn at the hospital.

1. Giraffe Diaper Cake Baby Gift

Giraffe Toy Baby gift diaper cake

A Diaper cake is the perfect baby gift for any newborn baby. Why? Because every baby needs diapers! And Diaper Cakes are an awesome way of packaging a boring product – diapers.

The 1 Tier Giraffe Toy Diaper Cake is both sweet and adorable, perfect for a baby shower gift.

Includes the following:

  • 18 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers in M Size (For babies 5-10kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Receiving Blanket
  • 1 Feeding Bib
  • 1 GUND Tucker Giraffe Soft Toy Cake Topper
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Gift Box Packaging (46 x 22 x 22cm)

The diaper cake comes in a beautiful packaging that can be easily carried around. Exclusive from Diaper Cakes Singapore.


2. Sophie The Giraffe Teether


The world famous Sophie The Giraffe toy baby teether is a favourite teething toy that has been in France for more than 50 years. It has a charming retro style and makes a soft squeak when squeezed. Unlike many cheap teethers, Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint and is completely safe to chew, just like a feeding bottle teat. Get yours here from Pupsik Studio.

3.  WWF Giraffe Toy Plush Keychain


From the peaks of the Himalayas to the rainforest of the Amazon and from the tundra and glaciers of the Arctic to the tropical coral seas of South East Asia, WWF works hard to preserve the places where the real-life counterparts of the WWF Plush Collection live.

For every plush toy you buy, WWF receives a contribution that helps us safeguard these magnificent creatures and their habitats. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

This 4-inch WWF Giraffe toy keychain from Nature’s Collection makes a great accessory to your bag or backpack.


4.  GUND Giraffe Toy Plushes

GUND has a wide range of baby giraffe toy plushes that will make you spoiled for choice.  Introducing Tucker – a cute and cuddly 9″ giraffe toy. Tucker is featured here as a keywind musical plush toy that will take baby on a safari of fun!

– Tucker Giraffe music toy plays Hush Little Baby
– Gender-neutral color and design are perfect for boys and girls


Check out this video of Tucker The Giraffe Musical Toy!

Don’t fancy a musical giraffe toy? Here’s Tucker in his 8 inch classic form. Available from Diaper Cakes Singapore.


How about a safari styled giraffe toy rattle? This 5 inch giraffe rattle has a gender-neutral Safari design is a perfect fit for modern, fashion forward nurseries.



Baby Gund’s Lolly and Friends collection also offers this cute yellow giraffe toy plush measuring 10 inches in height.  Baby GUND specialises in baby safe soft toys that does not contain protruding parts that might pose as choking hazards for babies.

How about this Giraffe ceramic bank to start them early on being thrifty? This blue giraffe ceramic bank measures 5.5 inches, and is available online from Nature’s Collection.


5. Bullyland Giraffe Toy Figurines

Bullyland hand-painted collection models and figurines from Germany is known for it’s exquisite and realistic details.

Bullyland offers a wide range of animal collections like farm, wildlife, woodland, arctic, marine to prehistoric dinosaurs and fantasy characters.  Here’s a few realistic looking Giraffe toy figurines to add to your collection!BL63669_Bullyland_Giraffe_Cub-1 Bullyland-giraffe-toy Bullyland-giraffe-toy-figurine

Still cracking your head on what baby shower gifts to buy?  Check out this post for more great ideas on gifts for the new mother and her home!

5 Cat Baby Gifts That Are Purrfect

Cat Baby Gifts

Looking for cat baby gifts for a feline-loving mom or baby ? We have compiled a list of 5 Cat Baby Gifts That Are Purrfect!

1.  Cat Plush Toy Baby Gifts

There is nothing more suitable as a baby gift, than a cute and chubby plush toy for a cute and chubby baby.  At Nature’s Collection, you can find a wide range of soft toys for all kinds of animals, including cats.  And they have the biggest collection of our favourite Pusheen the cat plush toys too!

Pusheen Plush Toy Cat Baby Gift Pusheen-with-Ice-cream-cone-Cat-Soft-Toys-G4048872

Teacups Cat Baby Gift Plush Toy Gund Mimi the Cat Baby Gift Plush Toy


2. Cat Diaper Cake Baby Gifts

Diaper Cakes are all the rage these days.  These cute and practical hampers make excellent baby gifts for any new mother.  Why? Because new mothers will never have too many diapers! Plus, Diaper Cakes are an awesome way of packaging boring old diapers in a creative and much more presentable way.

Here at Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have a good selection of cat-themed diaper cake baby gifts for you to choose from.  Not forgetting the famous Kitty!

1 tier Hello Kitty Diaper Cake Baby Gifts Hello Kitty Diaper Cake Baby GiftsGUND-Brown-miles-Cat-Girl-Baby-Shower-Gift-450x6031-Tier-Yellow-Cat-Baby-Shower-Gift-Hamper-450x603

3. Cat Baby Shoes

If  you wish to buy the materials used in making our Diaper Cake baby gifts, you can!  We have some pretty endearing cat baby shoes.  And onesies, bibs and blankets too.

Cat Baby Shoes Baby Shower Gift   

4. Cat Baby Hats

We love these cat baby hats from Bambino Headbands.  Comes in a variety of colours, these gender neutral cat baby hates has little details on the front folds like the cat’s face and even two cat ears sticking out at the sides!  Too cute!

Cat baby hat baby gifts

5.  Cat Baby Feeding Accessories

We love these Skip Hop feeding accessories with their iconic orange cat designs.    Using these cat baby feeding accessories just makes feeding the little one a tad more enjoyable and less messy!

Skip Hop Water Bottle Baby GiftsSkip Hop Cat Baby Bib Baby Gifts


2 Tier Unicorn Baby Diaper Cake Gift Hamper

In search of a unicorn baby hamper or gifts? Try out our this unique 2-tier unicorn diaper cake! Diaper cakes are probably one of the best and most creative gift ideas that you should consider!😉 We at Diaper Cakes Singapore have everything you’re looking for!👍

This simple yet classy unicorn diaper cakes are also filled with all the necessities a loving mother would ever need through their parenthood journey. The cake looks elegant as a centerpiece for baby showers, or  full month celebrations, and is a practical and thoughtful gift for the newborn and parents.

What are diaper cakes?

They are made with usable items that mom’s can use to care for their babies once they are taken apart. Thinking out side the gift box. Basically a diaper cake is a very awesome and different way to wrap a gift for baby or a baby shower decoration.

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, our diaper cakes are created to equip parents with essentials products to help them in their parenthood journey. The cake looks elegant as a centerpiece for baby showers, or  full month celebrations, and is a practical and thoughtful gift for the newborn and parents.

These baby gift hampers are very practical and unexpected. The newborn’s parents will surely love your creativity and make them feel that you have personally handpicked the items as a special touch.💓

Diaper Caunicorn baby diaper cake 3kes Singapore welcomes our precious newborn Faye and congratulate the parents Mark and Yun Wen! We also like to thank Agnes for her support

This dazzling unicorn diaper cake consists of unicorn baby diaper cake 1

  • 25 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers M Size (Suitable for babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Pink GUND Unicorn Chatters Musical Plush Toy
  • 1 Red “Brilliant Like Mommy” Long sleeved Romper / Bodysuit (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76 x 76cm)
  • 1 Pair of Socks and bib

This amazing diaper cakes comes with a premium diaper cake gift box packaging as well! These boxes are easy to hold and are hygienic as well!

Hungry for more information? Check out diaper cakes’s website for more!

Diaper Cakes Singapore also delivers diaper cakes islandwide for free! If you’re looking for these beautiful hampers around Clementi and Dover , you know where to find us!

Fun Factsunicorn baby diaper cake 2

Now some fun facts about this mystical creature!

The unicorn is thought to hold the power to divine truth and will pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.

To think that this mystical creature has such a great sense of justice! How respectable and noble!


Care Bear Diaper Cake Baby Gift Hamper

We baked this seriously adorable care bear diaper cake baby gift for a newborn princess Beth.

Baby Beth is super cute (and mommy too!), so as the romper suggests, Daddy’s really lucky!

Consisting of 3 layers of goodies, this 3 tier care bear diaper cake has the following inside:

  • 32 pieces of Huggies disposable diapers (Size M fits babies 5-10kg)
  • 2 pairs baby socks
  • 2 Slogan Baby Onesies (1 long sleeved, 1 short sleeved)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton receiving blanket (76 x 76cm)
  • 1 pair soft sole pre-walker shoe
  • 1 Baby Bib
  • 1 Original 7 inch Care Bear Plush Toy

Wrapped in our exclusive 46cm tall gift box packaging, and customised with baby Beth’s name.

The name is customized using scrapbooking letter stickers.  These stickers can be peeled off and reused to paste on Baby Beth’s cot, cupboard or bedroom door.

If you prefer something that’s more permanent, we can do heat transfer / iron-on names as well!

3 Tier Care Bear Diaper Cake

Congratulations to Kenneth and Miao on the arrival of their newborn princess Beth!

This magnificent 3 layer Diaper Cake was delivered free to Jurong East Avenue 1.  We can deliver the most unique and practical baby gift within the shortest time to neighborhood areas like Jurong, Yuan Ching and Bukit Batok.

So if you are looking for fast delivery for an urgent baby gift, look for Diaper Cakes Singapore. Baby hampers “baked” fresh and delivered free to your doorstep the next day.

Thank you Johnson, our regular supporter of Diaper Cakes from Great Eastern Life Insurance! Life is Great!!

About Diaper Cakes:

Diaper Cakes are not cakes you can eat for desserts!  They are also not the disgusting kind that some folks like to joke about.  Rather, these cakes are suer adorable baby gift hampers made with disposable diapers and other useful baby wear, and shaped like a tiered cake.  Our Diaper Cakes come in different shaped and sizes, and are all packed in our impressive 46cm tall gift box that’s exclusive only to us.  For a unique, cute and practical baby gift, try Diaper Cakes!

About Great Eastern Life:

Great Eastern Life  is one of the leading insurance companies in Asia.

1 Tier Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake Gift Hamper

Is it that time of the month when we crack our brains to think of an ideal gift for that precious little child during baby shower parties? No fear! We’ve got you covered with this gorgeous Winnie The Pooh diaper cakes!😉

Check out this super cute Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake and I’m sure with this you’ll never go wrong impressing your loved ones!👍

This stunning cake was made specially for the precious newborn Alonzo and his devoted dad, William! 💓

Alonzo’s Winnie The Pooh diaper cake baby gift was delivered FREE to Chai Chee.  If you are looking for a unique baby gift in Bedok Mall or Bedok Point, go to Diaper Cakes! Free next day delivery as well.

The impressive 1-tier diaper cake consists of:

  • 18 “Huggies” Disposable Diapers (M Size – Fits babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Winnie The Pooh Pre-Walker Shoes (6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76 x 76 cm)
  • 1 Feeding Bib
  • 1 Disney Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy Cake Topper

Wrapped in an impressive 46cm tall gift box that’s exclusive only to Diaper Cakes Singapore.

Not sure how big 46cm is?  Here’s a photo of our cake beside a standard 500ml mineral water bottle.


winnie the pooh baby diaper cake1winnie the pooh baby diaper cake 2

Well, though you cannot eat them, they are yummy enough to surprise anyone!

Thank you Karen and the Plans Team from NUHS for your support!

Hungry for more such adorable diaper cakes?

Check out www.diapercakes.com.sg for more!

What are diaper cakes?

Diaper cakes are not real cakes that you find at the bakery! These ‘cakes’ are the perfect baby gift for new and expecting parents. They are cute, memorable, and perhaps most importantly, practical for both the mom and baby.

Diaper cakes are also great gifts, not just for the birth of a baby, but also for baby showers and other birthdays as well!🎂

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we provide next day Free Delivery within Singapore.  So if you order today, you can expect to receive your Diaper Cake the next day.  Need to send baby some love but you’re overseas? No worries! We ship our Diaper Cakes overseas too.  Overseas shipping fees apply.

Fun facts about Winnie The Pooh:

Here are some fun facts about our adored childhood character!  Did you know: Winnie the Pooh first appeared in print the London Evening News  in a story called “The Wrong Sort of Bees” published on December 24, 1925.

Bedtime Bear Diaper Cake Baby Gift Hamper

Hello Sunshine!  Welcome a new baby girl and mommy’s new BFF with this magnificent diaper cake baby gift hamper.

What is it made of?

Made of 3 layers of goodness for baby, this diaper cake consists of the following:

  • 30 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers in M Size (Fits babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Pink Bedtime Bear Soft Toy Cake Topper
  • 2 Baby Rompers / Bodysuits (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76 x 76cm)
  • 1 Pair of Baby Socks
  • 1 Baby Feeding Bib
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Gift Box Packaging (46 x 22 x 22cm)

Wrapped in a towering 46cm exclusive gift box, and customized with baby Cassia’s name.

Congratulations to Tammy and Qihan on the arrival with Baby Cassia. We hope she likes the items in our Diaper Cake!

3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift for Girl    3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift Girl

This 3 tier bedtime bear diaper cake baby gift was delivered FREE to Pine Close.  We deliver anywhere in Singapore for FREE within a 1 day turnaround time.  So if you are looking for a quick baby gift in Pine close, Geylang, Guillemard or Mountbatten area, go to Diaper Cakes Singapore!

About Diaper Cakes: 

Diaper Cakes are unique and practical baby gift hampers made with disposable diapers and baby wear, and shaped to look like a tiered cake.

All items used are useful for the new baby and looks really presentable so you, the sender, looks good too!

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we provide next day Free Delivery within Singapore.  So if you order today, you can expect to receive your Diaper Cake the next day.  Need to send baby some love but you’re overseas? No worries! We ship our Diaper Cakes overseas too.  Shipping fees apply.

About EY:

EY refers to the global organization of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity.

1 Year Old Birthday Gifts

First birthdays are special. And since from here on out, the child is going to be more mobile and active, 1 year old birthday gifts include trikes, brightly coloured shape sorters, activity tables and even trampolines are popular gift ideas.

christmas presents
Here’s a wonderful other gift idea.

Diaper Cakes!

There are plenty of tutorials on how to make a Diaper Cake – you’ll find it on Wikihow, Pinterest and many other websites on Google – with each style warranting different techniques and creating different designs.

But we know you are strapped for time. And you might not always feel the need to create something from scratch.

Diaper Cakes Singapore offers (non-edible, but very practical!) birthday cakes to give as 1 year old birthday gifts.

Mommy's Little Princess Diaper Cake / 1 Year Old Birthday Gifts

A friendly, adorable soft toy seated atop 1 layer of a receiving blanket tied prettily with a ribbon and given together with a pair of shoes as an entire gift, this Diaper Cake receives 2 reactions mainly:
1. Awwwwww!
2. Where did you get it?

For the boys, a Diaper Cake for a 1 year old could be:

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake 1 / 1 Year Old Birthday Gifts

2 Tier Pooh Bear Diaper Cake

This popular 2 Tier Pooh Bear Diaper Cake has the bright yellow of Pooh sweetly matching a light blue for a baby boy.

Our Diaper Cakes come in an attractive gift box making it an ideal present for a child’s 1 year old birthday gift.

Shop away: https://diapercakes.sg/product-category/birthday-cakes/

A Baby Hamper Can Solve Such Problems.

A baby hamper can solve all or most of the common problems faced in life.

1. Nothing to talk about.
We’ve all had days where even the simplest topic like the weather is too boring to talk about. Not that clouds and sun are the most interesting elements of the world to begin with, but generally, the weather does provide for something to talk about.

A baby hamper can give them something to talk about.

Holding a baby hamper elaborately stuffed with all things cute yet practical (Like a Diapercake!) means your conversation can become something like this:

Friend: What’s that you’re holding? It’s so soft and cute! I almost want to put it to my face.
Me: You’re not the lucky recipient, it’s for……… (inserts name here)

A conversation about the lucky baby recipient ensues and everybody knows a conversation about babies can go on non stop (like a baby’s babble!)

2. Nothing to wear

This probably wouldn’t solve your cries of “There’s nothing to wear!” (when you just shopped 2 weeks ago) but it would solve your baby’s cries for nothing to wear (literally) A baby hamper can be customised to your needs, so fill it up with onesies (read our recent post on Top Baby Items) and other adorable, yet practical clothing items for the little one to wear and re-wear.

3. Nothing suitable to use
New mothers mostly end up with many things they don’t really need – like a bunch of soft toys, for example. Soft toys are great for decorating up a baby’s nursery and add plenty of colour and make a kid’s room look very cheerful and pleasant, but they’re not really useful.
A baby hamper would make a welcome addition among the soft toys.

Fill up your baby hamper with products that the new mother will actually use – nipple cream, creams gentle on the baby’s skin, a small tin of milk powder possibly, and most importantly, diapers!

4. Nothing suitable to give

Ever received an invitation for a baby shower and not known what to give? Don’t turn up empty handed nor turn up with yet another red packet, but give a Diapercake instead.

It’s a gift everyone would love to receive – blankets of your choice cutely stacked on top of each other to make a 2 tier cake surrounded with other practical items of your choice. So be the different one from your group of friends, and let your useful gift be remembered in months to come as the new mother uses item after item from the Diapercake. All Diapercakes can be customised to meet each person’s different need and budget, so don’t worry about not finding something.

10 REALLY, REALLY Weird Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Showers – a warm, close gathering of family and friends as they celebrate the arrival of the newborn, each taking turns to congratulate, cradle and care for the baby.
As your eyes glance over the baby’s head, it lands upon the pile of presents guests have lovingly brought to the party.
There’s one that catches your eye and freezes your gaze, for all the wrong reasons!
Here’s a few Really Weird Baby Shower Gifts that could do just that.


  1. Pole Dance Doll – Weird Baby Shower Gift

Pole Dancing Doll - Weird Baby Shower Gift

Pole Dancing Doll – Weird Baby Shower Gift

Barbie dolls, rag dolls, Disney Princess dolls all have their rightful throne on a daughter’s shelf. They are main characters of each girl’s make-believe stories in her head, and they all have adventures and regal jobs worthy of telling stories of over and over again. So does this Pole Dance doll! It deserves its own story, character and adventure. Don’t you think? Or not.

Fortunately, it’s no longer available at retail, so there’s no chance your daughter might receive this.
See: Tesco Condemned For Selling Pole Dancing Toy

  1. Molly, the baby you can shave

Molly - The Doll You Can Shave - Weird Baby Shower Gift

Molly – The Doll You Can Shave – Weird Baby Shower Gift


Remember Britney Spears and her meltdown where she shaved all her hair? Maybe this is a baby prelude to that.


  1. Potty Ride On Toy

Baby Potty On Wheels

Baby Potty On Wheels


You get to ride and pee at the same time….! Sounds fun and convenient… but we all know that’s a recipe for disaster.

For something safer, Amazon has a range of Riding Pottys without wheels here.

  1. Burberry Baby Touch Perfume

Burberry Baby Touch Purfume

Burberry Baby Touch Purfume


Your baby will grow up tackling thousands of advertisers’ messages and products yelling “BUY ME!” in time to come. And never have you heard of anyone choosing Burberry over an innocent baby’s natural smell, so don’t you be the first.

If you still insist though, it is available at Burberry’s Online Store.

  1. Birthing Doll – Weird Baby Shower Gift

Birthing Doll - Yes! That Doll Is Giving Birth

Birthing Doll – Yes! That Doll Is Giving Birth


Perfect way to teach children about the birds and the bees. Or scare them into not talking about said topic for a long time.
How’s that for a really weird baby shower gift?


  1. Baby Toupée

Baby Toupees

Baby Toupees


Parents all want their children to stand out and there’s nothing more outstanding than a baby with…. toupees.
If this isn’t a really weird baby shower gift, I don’t know what is.


  1.  Sperm Earrings

Sperm Earrings

Sperm Earrings

It’s one way to stand out from the crowd, and another to start…. and stop conversations.
They are available on Etsy if you still want them.


  1. Fisher Price Apptivity Seat.

Fisher Price Apptivity Seat for Babies

Fisher Price Apptivity Seat for Babies

Now the newborn can just be as technology-dependent as the rest of us!

Available on Amazon: Fisher Price Apptivity Seat

  1. Baby’s Poop Alarm

Baby's Poop Alarm

Baby’s Poop Alarm


Wouldn’t the smell be alarming enough?


  1. Chill Baby Lil Lager Baby Bottle

Baby Beer Bottle for Milk

Baby Beer Bottle for Milk

A baby bottle that looks like a bottle of alcohol but actually contains milk.
Start’em young baby!
Available @ Fred & Friends!


Like our list?
Share them with your friends.
Received an inappropriate baby gift?
We’d love it if you’d share your experience with us in the comments!

2 Tier Pink Care Bear “Daddy Loves Me” Diaper Cake For Baby Arion

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

When you have a baby, love is automatic.

Here’s a beautiful baby gift, 2-tier Pink Sakura Care Bear Diaper Cake for Baby Arion!


Buy Now Button Pink (1)

This 2-tier Diaper Cake consists of the following:

– 25 pcs Huggies M size Disposable Diapers

– 1 Long Sleeved Carters “Daddy Loves Me” Romper

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Pair Leather Tiara Prewalker Shoes

– 1 Baby Bib

– 1 Pink Sakura Care Bear Soft Toy Cake Topper

Personalized with pretty ribbon and baby Arion’s name and wrapped in 46cm white and purple premium gift box.

Thank you Cherrie for your support!

2Tier-BabyGift-DiaperCakesSingapore-PinkCareBear-Arion-1 2Tier-BabyGift-DiaperCakesSingapore-PinkCareBear-Arion-2

A cute and memorable baby gift is possible with Diaper Cakes. Have a practically perfect baby gift for your special one now!

Same day delivery available as well. Contact +65 9766 0661.