Pregnancy superstitions and why we should follow them

pregnancy superstitions

When you first announce your pregnancy, you get the usual – “Congrats! Remember not to do xxxxx”. Like hey, it’s my child, don’t tell me how to raise them.

But then again, these pregnancy superstitions do have some merit. No smoke without a fire, eh?

We have compiled a list of the most common pregnancy superstitions;

Defer your pregnancy announcements till after the first trimester (3 months)

It is believed that announcing your pregnancy too early will increase the chance of a miscarriage, as most miscarriages happen in the first trimester.

No home renovations

The Chinese believe actions like sawing, drilling and hammering, (that are common during home renovations) are harmful to the baby’s spirit and could cause fetal deformities. If its an emergency, being away from the renovations are believed to help. Also calling your baby’s spirit away from the renovation site will prevent any harm from coming to him/her.

No using scissors or needles on the bed

Using scissors or needles on the bed symbolizes cutting of umbilical cord and causes birth defects. While there are many people with experience with this particular pregnancy superstition, it is still unsure whether its coincidence or the superstition has a legitimate claim.

Put a knife under the bed

This is done to ward off evil spirits with evil or malicious intent from harming your baby’s spirit.

No attending funerals

Funerals are largely considered unlucky in Chinese culture and therefore, people often warn expecting mothers to avoid attending any. However, in the case where it is necessary, it is recommended to tie a red scarf around the belly area to ward off the negative energy from the funeral.

No cursing

Cursing is far more common in today’s society, so much so a curse word is always at the tip of your tongue. Try to refrain from cursing or have anyone around you say any curse words as it is believed that cursing around the unborn child equates cursing him/her. In Western culture, this is also avoided as they don’t want the baby’s first words to be a curse word.

No rubbing belly

Its normal to want to caress your pregnant belly, but its told that excessive rubbing of the belly will result in a spoiled child.

Have you heard any of these superstitions passed down from your mum/grandmother? I know I’ll definitely be abiding by these “guidelines”. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

Grandparents Baby Shower

As Singaporeans, the cost of living is so high, it is rare that new parent will be able to comfortably afford to quit their job once pregnant. Therefore, in most cases, the responsibility of taking care of your newborn either falls to your parents or in-laws after the 16 week paid maternity period has passed. (Read also: Maternity leave around the world)

If a soon to be mom gets a baby shower, why shouldn’t grandparents get their baby shower too for their precious grandchild?

So what’s a Grandparents Baby Shower?

It’s a relatively new concept. Grandparents welcome the chance to pamper their grand kids. Plus, they’re already well equipped with the skills necessary to take care of your baby. (They might even have some tricks up their sleeve passed down from their parents!) And with this grandparents baby shower, it will also equip them with any items necessary, like diapers and onesies.

Given the steadily decreasing sizes of BTO flats, its highly impossible to make room for the soon to be grandparents. Assuming they have a place of their own, they will need the duplicates for their own baby room/corner so they are able to take care of your baby to the best of their abilities.

So if you’re a grandparent, go ahead and throw a baby shower for your grandchild.  If you are a gift giver who’s been invited to a grandparent baby shower, the baby shower gifts are similar to what you would give the new parents too.

(Read also: How to get the baby shower gifts you actually want)

And here are clickable links to unique baby shower gifts you didn’t know you needed.

How often should I change my newborn’s diapers?

It’s a repetitive chore, and you will start dreading the same foul smell coming from your baby, as that would mean it’s time to change your newborn’s diaper.

newborn's diaper

But here’s a general guide on how often you should be changing your baby’s diaper as leaving the nasty stuff there increases the risk of a diaper rash or worse still, an infection.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends changing wet diapers every two to three hours, but as soon as you notice poop either visually or through your heightened sense of smell once you become a new mommy.

Diapers are expensive, especially when you’re going through 16-20 pieces a day. You don’t have to change the diaper every time your newborn pees, as they pee about 20 times a day, only when they poop so you lower the chance of irritation or worse, infection.

Luckily for parents, the amount of diapers used will decrease as their diet will tend to contain more solids, but that also means more poops.

Remember to always leave a two finger spacing on the top of the diaper.  This is to prevent it from being too tight or loose!

newborn's diaper

How much Angbao to give this Chinese New Year

Be it that you’re newly married, or you have a newborn, how much angbao to give differs from year to year. Here’s an updated angbao rate list for you to not seem like the “scroogy” aunt/uncle this Chinese New Year.

Remember to NEVER give angbaos in denominations of $4, as it is inauspicious.

(Of course, the amount will vary based on income levels but this will provide a good gauge of how much to give)

how much angbao


> $80, higher, especially if you stayed with your grandparents when you were younger.


$50-$150, you should give your grandchildren more or less the same amount you would give your children.


> $80, to show gratitude for your upbringing.

Children, and their spouses

$20-$100, this amount may vary with different families. I’ve always gotten $20 from my parents, while my peers get between $30-$80. As your child gets older, how much angbao they get may increase.

As for your child’s spouse, it’s safe to give $50 as that is what your in-laws are also likely to give.

Siblings, and their spouses

$10-$50, depending on how close you are. It is also not necessary to give to an older sibling, as it is assumed they are already adults, capable or supporting themselves.


$10-$28, and only to cousins younger than you, as similar to the sibling rule, older cousins are able to support themselves.

Nieces and Nephews

$8-$18, depending on how close you are.

Friends’ children

$8, as a small token to wish them a Happy New Year. A good rule of thumb would be to give them the amount they gave your children.

Children’s friends

$8-$10, just for face sake.

Office help staff

(eg: cleaners or receptionist)

$2-$38, how much angbao would depend on how reliant you are on their services.


And finally, Happy Chinese New Year from the Diaper Cakes SG team!

Simplest Hack To Stop Baby Fights

Getting in the car with any kid can easily become an experiment in patience, but hopping in the car with triplets can be a nightmare. Especially if they’re all two years old. So baby fights will occur and you’d scratch your head wondering how to stop baby fights.

Stop Baby Fights

Dad-of-triplets Jake White reached his breaking point when it came to backseat car fights with his kids, so he devised and simple solution to stop the violence.

Using two pieces of large foam core, White was able to put a barrier between his three kids so that they could all enjoy their car ride in peace.

Many people on Facebook approved of White’s simple solution. Would you?

See These Celebrity Baby Showers Now!

Celebrity baby showers are just like baby showers held by us regular human beings – except they’re in a more expensive place, with decor, food and activities planned for and attended by more expensive, glamourous people. (Not necessarily needed though)

We check out these few celebrity baby showers that wow us with their cuteness, creativity or just over-the-top glam factor.

1. Candice Swanepoel

This year, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel announced she was pregnant. Expecting in November this year, Candice posed in an off-the-shoulder white HATCH dress with flounced neckline cradling her bump in front of a table laden with goodies and plush animal toys.

Matching her safari-themed baby shower, she revealed her son’s name, Anaca in light blue capital letters on the wall and dotted the wall with tiny animal motifs of lions, zebras and giraffes.

 Pregnant Candice Swanepoel, Celebrity Baby Showers
Candice Swanepoel 2 Tier Animal Cake Celebrity Baby Showers
The light blue 2 tier cake cutely matched her safari theme.

2. Sheryl Crow

Sheryl’s colour scheme for her baby shower was earthly colours like red, blue and brown. But aside from the warm and earthy colours, the party was actually very eco-friendly, which sets it apart from other baby showers that center on creativity and fun.

Each table setting at Sheryl Crow’s baby shower consisted of a display of wheat grass with a cute planter paper decoration for the guests to take home. The planter paper is a fun and earth friendly way to give your guests a poem to take home and plant. Once planted in the ground, flowers bloom.

Sheryl Crow Celebrity Baby Showers


3. Blake Lively

Blake Lively attends Target's Cat & Jack kids and baby apparel launch event at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Thursday, July 21, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)


Before we talk about anything else, can we take a moment to gush over pregnant Blake Lively and how stunning she looks?

While Blake Lively keeps her personal life very privately, and more than four months after news broke that Blake Lively was expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, a source confirms that the celebration was held at the Bedford Post Inn Saturday afternoon in New York. Guests started arriving around 11 a.m. local time and enjoyed the 90-minute gathering in the heart of Westchester County.


Warm and friendship-filled, cosy and comfortable, congratulations Blake! That’s all a baby shower needs – good food, homely company and happy chatter!

4. Christina Aguilera

To set Christina apart from all the fun and sweet baby showers, her baby shower featured a cake that was an edible sculpture of a naked Christina laying on her back with legs splayed, and a baby’s head poking out of her lady bits. The inscription read, “Push Xtina Push!”

5. Drew Barrymore

Rounding up  the celebrity baby showers, for her baby shower, Drew enjoyed an afternoon out in the sun with her close friends. Among the A-list mix were famous friends Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and, of course, husband Will Kopelman.

With lots of food and friends, Drew Barrymore had herself a wonderful baby shower indeed.

Drew Barrymore Celebrity Baby Showers


Thinking about planning  a baby shower? Maybe you want a party as loud and adorable as Candice Swanepoel’s, maybe you want something eco-friendly like Sheryl Crow’s, maybe you want something personal and close like Blake Lively’s, or a wild party like Christina’s, or a simple one like Drew’s, if this post gave you inspiration for your baby shower, leave a comment below!

5 natural ways to deal with your baby’s eczema

Like all many types of eczema, we don’t know the exact cause. What we do know is that infants and toddlers who develop eczema do so because a combination of their genes and environmental factors. When something outside the body triggers the immune system, cells go into overdrive and cause the skin to flare up in the form of rashes, redness and intense itching. Lathering your baby with creams or chemicals or 5 natural ways to deal with your baby’s eczema? You choose.

1. Keep baby bath times to a minimum

Bath Time / Battle baby's eczema

Keep bath times to a minimum

Babies don’t need bathing every day and this is especially true for small children who suffer from eczema. Avoid the soap and bubble bath, keep the water temperature lukewarm and ensure it’s only a short dip so your baby’s tender skin doesn’t dry out.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

As a preventative measure, a few times every day – and especially after a bath – slather a good quality hypoallergenic baby lotion onto your child’s skin to lock in the moisture. To cope with your baby’s eczema, you may need to do this several times a day.

3. Give your child a daily probiotic

Probiotics contain friendly, live bacteria and may assist in reducing the prevalence of eczema.  Faulding Probiotics Eczema Support.
It contains six billion of the Howaru Rhamnosus strain, which will assist with supporting the child’s immune system and may also assist in reducing the prevalence of atopic eczema in infants and young children.

4. Watch the added sugars in your child’s diet.

This is a super hard one, I know. But I can’t stress the importance enough. Sugar is a very inflammatory substance and will exacerbate any inflammatory condition going on in the body—and eczema is one of them. Personally, if I have too much sugar (more than 10-15 grams of added sugar per day) my eczema on my hands will flare right up and itch like crazy.

5. Use A Humidifier

Dry air only makes dry skin (eczema) all the more dry. Moisten up your child’s bedroom air with a humidifier when they go to sleep at night.

Humidifier / baby's eczema

Shortcuts To Fight Clutter

Now that the June holidays are well over and the kids are back in school, are you starting to see a lot more mess in your life? Books are hastily thrown across the study table, there’s a stray sock on the kitchen floor, and your shelves and drawers are not organised in the least. There’s a broken crayon where it’s a drawer of notebooks, and there’s a Barbie doll in a drawer for flu medicine.

Reversing the flow of clutter is going to take sustained effort, so here are some shortcuts to fight clutter.

1. Attack where it’s going to bear the most fruit
Look for the places where the shoe pinches, and focus clutter-busting efforts where they’ll count the most. If it’s a challenge to get out of the house to work each day, for example, tackle the jumbled cosmetics on the bathroom counter, attack the clothes closet and clear clutter away from the key rack.

2. Front Door Forward
This is easy – Start at the front door forward, then move to the right around your house, decluttering as you go. This way, you always know which location is next, and your clean up plan is systematic.

Also, no more wincing or cringing each time there’s a knock on your door, the public spaces open to your visitors are clean!

shortcuts to fight clutter

3. Paperwork on wheels
As the homework piles up, and tuition lessons increase, there’s going to be more paperwork around the house. Other shortcuts to fight clutter include easing the pain of paperwork by making it mobile. A rolling office lets you relocate to wherever the action is, so you can join the family, hang out by the TV, or even sit in the sunshine while you sort and file. Another plus: The limited surface space holds only essentials, preventing clutter and prompting you to recycle as you work.


4. Get Rid, Feel Good 

For the sake of your mental health, don’t add up the cost of the money you’ve wasted.

Instead, focus on how decluttering makes you feel good: offer things on Carousell ( or donate items in good condition to your local charity shop.

selling clothes shortcuts to fight clutter

This article first appeared on Diaper Cakes.

What’s Wrong With ”Because I Say So” And How To Replace It

”But, why?”
“Because I say so!”

This is a simple four word phrase that seems to get all things done and settled except it really doesn’t.

tv the office michael BECAUSE I SAY SO

Here’s a picture that demonstrates parenting styles:

Parenting_Styles_Because I Say So

Even when it may be uttered out of frustration or exasperation, the “Because I Say So!” response pushes us into the authoritarian parenting style – not only does this fray our relationship with our kids, but could result in our kids ending up being fearful and anxious, less self-confident, and poor communicators.

1. “My answer is No. Here’s why……”

You may feel as a parent you shouldn’t have to explain yourself but there are many good reasons for us to. Our words are important to our kids in more ways than one.

The fact that you are making an effort to explain is a sign of high responsiveness and nurturing and conveys unconditional love to your kids. It implicitly shows them that you aren’t too busy to have a conversation with them and that they are worthy.

If you make it a point even in their whiniest moments to explain your answers in a calm tone then your kids understand, “Hey, Mom and Dad are always willing to talk to me no matter what.”

If you make time and show patience over the small stuff, then kids know you’ll be there even for the bigger stuff. It opens the doors to communication at the youngest of ages and helps lay the ground work as kids become older.

Parents Hugging Because I Say So


2. “Nothing has changed in the last 5 minutes. My answer is still No. The reason is still […]”.

One of the key tenets of positive parenting is to stay consistent. So, keep your voice calm and let it sink in that unless something else changes, your answer will not.

Sometimes, just this much is enough.

So if your kids wail ”Can we go to the playground??????”

If there is no other reason for you to object, say “Yes, if you’ve finished your school work and [explicitly list all the other things that need to be done and any time constraints], then you can go”

If there is no time for them to complete their school work, the chores, go to the playground and be back before dinnertime, take the time to explain that.

What if things don’t stop at that though? What if they wait for a few more minutes and repeat the question again.

It is time now to respond with…

3. “I’ve already answered that question. Do I seem like the kind of parent that would change my mind that quickly?” — [aka, the ‘Asked and Answered’ Method]

This seems blunt but another important aspect of this idea is that it conveys to your kids that you aren’t the type of parent that will change their mind in response to nagging and whining. This strips these negative methods of persuasion of their power forcing your kids to either learn to tackle the emotions brought on by the disappointing outcome (thereby improving their emotional intelligence) or think of more positive methods of persuasion (thereby improving their communication and negotiation skills).

Ask yourself regularly, are you hearing your child’s suggestions? Are you both gaining understanding from the decisions you are making? Be sure to ask those around you too so you can gain some outside perspective.

12 Tips For Working Mothers

That nagging inner voice. Who’s judging you: the unsympathetic manager, competitive co-workers, the demanding spouse? Nope. Women overwhelmingly say, “I am my own worst critic.” This response, selected by 49 percent of working mothers and 47 percent of stay-at-home moms, is at least ten percentage points higher than runner-up responses.

On the work front, judgment by co-workers is a relatively minor factor, with working mothers more than three times as likely to say they judge themselves versus feeling judged by coworkers.

Stressed Mother

Working mothers are getting very common, with most families seeing both parents being breadwinners. But it comes with a lot of sacrifice and effort.

Adapted from, here are some tips for working mothers.

Start a separate/second savings account

Most of us have one savings account, which makes it easier to handle all our transactions. However, working mothers may differ from the general working populace in that they always have diminishing funds. What with paying for the part-time helper and the child’s sudden school field trip or club t-shirt – mothers need a reserve from which they can withdraw for emergency purposes. Having another account means making a deliberate decision to save, ensuring long-term funding. Only use the alternative account for purposes other than the routine – medical check-ups, purchasing a new ironing board, chipping in to pay for the soaring utilities bill, or for a short holiday.

Utilise your lunch breaks
If you have an hour of lunch break a day and multiply that by 5, that’s 5 hours free a week to run quick errands, have a quick chat with a friend and more! Plan out what you want to do so that your lunch break isn’t spent just eating and playing Candy Crush.

Shop groceries online

With the recent installment of the Red Mart App and website, you can buy your groceries online. Say bye to having to queue 30 minutes just to check your items out, or struggling to lug everything back to the car with Junior tugging at your clothes at the same time. Make use of Google Docs to keep track of your shopping list and remember to share the list with your spouse so he can check and edit the list as well.

Shop Diaper Cakes
If you’re a working mother, chances are you’d know other mothers too. And maybe you’d know a new mother. To welcome her newborn child, you can shop online at for a 1 tier Diaper Cake, 2 tier Diaper or 3 tier Diaper Cake for their full month celebration. Forget the boring red packets now that you have Diaper Cakes. We are also offering corporate discounts, so your colleagues and yourself can join in the fun! Just drop us an email at

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