2 Tier Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake for Welcoming Baby Noel’s

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

This very special 2-tier Diaper Cake has our lovely Mickey Mouse soft toy!  Welcome baby Noel! Mickey Diaper Cakes Buy Now Button Baby Noel’s 2-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Hamper consists of:

– 25 pcs S Size Drypers Dry Diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Long Sleeved Osh Kosh Romper

– 1 Pair Mothercare pre-walker shoes

– 1 Pair socks – 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Mickey Mouse soft toy

Decorated with pretty ribbons, customized with Noel’s name, and packed in our premium gift box for that extra touch of class.

Thank you Phil for your support!

2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy-Noel-1 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy-Noel-2 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy-Noel-3 2Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy-Noel-4

Baby Showers are full of happiness and joy.

What could make a baby full month party any better than amazing your guests with a creative diaper cake?

Call us at 97660661 to order. Same day delivery available!

New! 2-Tier Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Hampers Singapore at Far East Flora

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

New designs for our 2-Tier Diaper Cakes at Far East Flora Singapore!

These adorable baby boy and baby girl designs are available at Far East Flora Thomson outlet (within Goodman Florist) and City Square outlet (basement 1).

2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-CareBear-Boy 5 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-CareBear-Boy 6 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-CareBear-Boy 7 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-CareBear-Boy 8 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy 1 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy 2 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy 3 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MickeyMouse-Boy 42 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl 1 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl 2 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl 3 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-MinnieMouse-Girl 42 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl 1 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl 2 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl 3 2 Tier -DiaperCakesSingapore-BabyGifts-Piglet-Girl 4     

Need a creative and practical baby gift for someone in Singapore?

Get our Diaper Cakes!  Made of disposable diapers and other useful and practical baby items like blanket, socks, shoes, rompers and bibs, our cakes are bound to wow your receipients!

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