Baby Shower Myths

Want to throw a baby shower but then again……. You wonder WHY you have to do it, or how baby showers all came about? We give you a complete lowdown on the entire baby shower showdown. Unclear baby shower myths, be gone!

Myth: Baby Showers are for women only.
Fact: It’s 2016!!! Coed baby showers are becoming more common. Many husbands would really enjoy going to a baby shower with their wife. A baby shower is an exciting event with friends and family.  The father to be would love to be part of celebrating the arrival of a new baby, and unless a baby shower is stated girls-only, why be exclusive? If you decide on a couples’ party, just be sure the boys have something (food/beer/guitar hero) to bond over.

Myth: Baby showers are all about giving gifts.
Fact: Nope. Ever heard that it’s the presence and not the presents that count more? Baby showers are not all about gift giving. It’s a great time for sharing experiences by experienced moms with the new mom to be as well as to bond and spend quality time with family and friends. Of course receiving gifts is a sure way to make a new mother smile or feel loved, but it’s not always about the gift boxes wrapped in ribbons. You can’t wrap advice with a ribbon

Myth: Baby shower gifts should be for the newborn age only.
Fact: Why restrict the suitability of your gifts to just a newborn age? Think forward and think a few years down! Most new parents get so many baby gifts for the newborn stage that they never get used and get passed down or donated instead. This is because newborn babies grow so fast!  Get a baby gift a child can grow into or be used at an infant stage or even toddler.

Myth: A baby shower must have a theme.
Fact: Having a baby shower theme is always nice, but it’s not a requirement.  There are many things you can do to make the venue feel special, whether you are hosting a baby shower at home or in a fancy restaurant.  We’ve got some tips for a budget baby shower you might appreciate.

Hamster Who Understands Baby Shower Myths

Because now you know better about baby shower myths and you know they aren’t so crazily hard to deal with!