5 Things Kids Don’t Actually Need

Kids need a lot of things, and as parents, you would want to provide as much as you can for them, because you don’t want them to feel left out or neglected. But there are things kids absolutely DON’T NEED.

1. To have you always take their side even when they’re wrong.
You are your kid’s biggest cheerleader, undoubtedly. You’ve always answered to their first call, and you would never let nobody take a hit at them. But sometimes they need to learn to stand by themselves, and if you’re  always going to be there regardless whatever, they will learn to stand on your feet, not their own, and what good is that? Kids don’t actually need to know mommy is their only voice.

Kids Don't Actually Need You To Be Their Voice - Diapercakes.sg

2. Elaborate birthday parties
Every age is a milestone, yes. And with every milestone, there are new feats and adventures to celebrate, all of which should be celebrated, but need it be at the cost of thousands and why at the cost of ornate Frozen parties or Inside Out decoration after decorations? You probably don’t recall your first birthday party as a child, and probably neither would your child. As the child grows older, he or she might want a huge party to invite all their friends and family to, and all the money you saved during your child’s first 5 years of no frills parties at home with a simple yet special cake and homely celebration would be well worth it by now.  Kids don’t actually need a super big party that blows your budget and wears you (and your child) out.


Kids Don't Actually Need Elaborate Parties - Diapercakes.sg

Let the elaborate party ideas go for a while.

So fancy are some birthday parties that two per cent of the 1,000 parents surveyed said their child has received an iPod in their party bag.

Furthermore, 16 per cent said their child had found make-up in their party bag, while four per cent had received gift vouchers.

 Goody bags with simple chops and stickers to say “thank you” don’t mean anything anymore?

3. Branded clothes
Do brands  mean or matter so much to a young child? As long as it absorbs sweat, washes dirt off well, protects their back from the intense heat or cold rain, and just basically clothe them while they run around for their fourth round of catching, does it really matter if it’s from Prada or Giordano? And if you shop online often, you will understand more than anyone what it’s like.

4. Our guilt
If you tend to worry too much, or feel guilty easily, step back and ask yourself if you’ve tried your best despite circumstances. Chances are, you have, and so, there’s no reason to feel guilty……………. This is of course terribly overarching because how can guilt as a feeling be so easily dissipated at times? Give yourselves and your kids a break!
5. The ~latest~ cell phone.
Kids don’t actually NEED the latest iPhone? Or the latest tablet? Or the latest wifi enabled device? What happened to running outdoors, connecting with people, forming relationships offline? Will the days of asking people questions disappear because kids would rather ask Siri or Google instead?
Kids Don't Actually Need Siri
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