Best Fathers’ Day Blogs To Read

Most parenting blogs we know are written by experienced mothers and sometimes a handful of fathers. With Fathers’ Day in 5 days, we thought we’d take a look at amazing daddy bloggers in Singapore and across the world. We mean blogs written entirely by fathers (with the occasional post from their wives.) The best Fathers’ Day blogs appear here!

Written by a father who holds a job as a counsellor, this dad celebrated the birth of his child just 10 days after his anniversary, his blog posts are insightful, such as when his son was having lots of trouble falling asleep at night and some really interesting too.

2. Incy Wincy Spider

An online store that sells quality clothing and lifestyle products for children, daddy Darren also runs the blog and speaks of his every day life and activities with his family. This is one of the best Fathers’ Day blogs that showcase no matter what you work as or how successful you are, when it comes to taking your kid to a soccer game, you’ve still got to do it. (Heh!) As with any other parent, daddy Darren is very in love with his child, and his blog is a refreshing read.

3. Life’s Tiny Miracles

Fathers' Day Blog

This father of 2 – a girl who inspired the start of this, and a son they adopted, AJ, this blog is more introspective than most as it does not just talk about family outings or family craft days, it talks about the journey of adoption, how and what it’s like to be an adoptive parent, and things deeper than the average parenting blog.

When An Adopted Child Is Not A Normal Child.

4. Dad or Alive

Adrian Kulp‘s blog — with the same name as his 2013 book — Dad or Alive focuses on the “unexpected confessions of a stay-at-home dad.” Kulp’s writings take on quite a personal voice; spend half an hour on the blog, and you’ll feel as if you know his family. Kulp does a phenomenal job of blending his personal experiences with utility advice, as evidenced by posts such as “Decorating a Nursery using ETSY: These Entrepreneurs Are On Fire.

Kulp also conducts interviews with big names — the likes of Drew Brees and Jay Larson — about how they handle parenthood. Check it out for a new and refreshingly honest perspective on being a dad in today’s world.

Parenthood isn’t an easy journey, and sometimes we forget that fathers, though they are men, have feelings and opinions to share too. Give a hug to a dad you know, and cherish the moments and sacrifices they’ve made.