Top Baby Items

Congratulations on your life being richer and fuller with the addition of a little one! Taking care of a baby is hard enough (hello days that never seem to end and sleeps that are never enough!) Here are some baby items you definitely need on hand but you might not yet know about!

1. Bassinet
To be used for sleeping, ensure your bassinet complies with safety standards before making that purchase.

baby bassinet

2. Baby Monitor
It’s like having an extra pair of ears in the house, except this one won’t eavesdrop on your personal conversations (if you’re careful enough). Check the range and frequency before you add your baby monitor to your list of baby items. Choose one that has a large enough range to be useful in your home and a frequency different from your electrical goods.


3. Baby bodysuits
Onesie, onesies, onesies! Go for thin yet comfortable, or warm and cosy. One of the must have baby items.


The cute thing about baby onesies is that they always come in cheeky, punny designs that can be used to make fun of your baby (in a good way!)

4. Baby wipes.
Disposable or reusable, ensure you have plenty on hand because these wipes will come in handy from wiping spills, messes and hands to changing diapers.

baby wipes

Your other best friend next to Kleenex!

5. Changing pad
Consider bringing your own changing pad although many malls and public toilets have changing tables. But you don’t know how often that changing table is cleaned or not, so best to bring your own changing pad to reduce the chances of Baby catching something nasty.

6.  Diaper bag
Apart from diapers and wipes, you have to tote around toys, a change of clothes, bottles, blankets and other miscellaneous items around. So get a roomy bag with a thick strap that won’t kill your shoulders when you carry it. There are plenty of eye catching designs nowadays so you don’t look like a frumpy mum!

7. A stroller
You don’t want dead arms carrying your baby around when he hasn’t even reached 1. Invest in a stroller that can fit your needs and can fit into your home and car comfortably.

8. Nipple cream
Breastfeeding? You need nipple cream to soothe sore, cracked or chapped nipples. In addition, nipple creams can be used as a lip balm for your lips! Just think about it, if it’s safe for your baby lips then it is definitely safe for your lips. You can also apply it to any dry areas of your skin such as cracked heels or blistered toes, so fret not if you’re worried about the possibility of a half-used tube.


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