6 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

Mummies and Daddies! Have you always wondered how your lives would be made much easier if certain products actually exist?

Well, you might just find your answer here in our compilation of baby shower gifts that are absolute genius! Like why didn’t anyone think of these earlier??!

Put them on your wish list for your upcoming baby shower or baby full month celebration now! Before you get 2 sets of identical clothes and activity mats.. = )

1. An Ultrasound Machine That Connects To Your Smart Phone

Always wondering what your little one is doing inside?  Now you can skip the long queue at the gynae’s and see for yourself with this cool little gadget!

Available from http://www.mobisante.com/

Ultrasound On Phone


2. The Why-Cry Baby Analyzer

This baby cry analyzer is  a life-saver! Especially during the endless nights of baby crying, when us first time parents are trying to figure out how in the world we can stop the fussing.  With the analyzer, we can know instantly if the baby is crying because he is hungry, needs a diaper change or is just plain tired. Available on Amazon.

Why cry baby analyzer

3. A Pacifier That Closes When Dropped

How cool is that?? Especially for mummies who are clean freaks like me.  So on top of getting this pacifier, I’ll still get a pacifier holder to prevent the pacifier from dropping in the first place.  This self closing one would be a good back up plan, JUST in case the pacifier still somehow manages to drop on the floor! = P

Available from www.Diapers.com

Close Pacifier


4.  Onesie Extenders

Babies grow so fast!  When I had my first baby girl, I bought so many pretty dresses for her, with the intention of dressing her up when we go shopping in the malls. Eventually, I was too tired to do both the dressing up and the shopping mall trolling. Fast forward few months later, she had already outgrown them.. = (

These adorable handmade extenders will increase your baby’s onesies by one size, so Ta-Dah! More time to plan for the dressing up and mall shopping!

Available from www.Etsy.com

onesie extenders


5. Bicycle Stroller

Having a baby does not mean you gotta give up your exercise regime or healthy lifestyle!  Check out this cool foldable bicycle with an adapter fit for a baby stroller.  Now you can work out with baby in tow!


Bicycle Stroller


6. Super Cute AND Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Perfect for feeding your little one during the fun weaning stages, these Squooshi reusable food pouches are easy to fill, easier to clean and comes in adorable designs that are sure to attract your mini-me! Time to whip out some mashed greens for my fussy eaters!

Available from www.squooshi.sg

Squooshi 4 Pouch Assortment


We think Diaper Cakes are sheer genius too! = )

Diaper Cakes are cute & memorable baby gifts suitable for baby showers and full month celebrations.