Great Baby Shower Gifts To Get Despite Lack Of Time

Pressed for time on finding the perfect gift for that newborn or special little one in your life? A lack of time doesn’t mean you have to give trashy baby shower gifts.

1. Gift certificate is a perfect place to find a variety of gift tags for that new mother who needs some lovely pampering. You can get vouchers from Aramsa Spa Singapore or Crabtree & Evelyn as a way to bless the new mother, and you will get a ton of gratitude for it in return.

2. Chime Ball 
Be the one to give the baby a ball of a time with this beautiful chime ball as one of your baby shower gifts. When the baby starts crawling, this ball will be a delight for him to chase after!

3. Non contact thermometers
Not the most traditional gift out of all baby shower gifts, but a non contact thermometer can be very welcome. It is a portable non-contact thermometers that detect the surface temperature of objects safely from a distance via infrared energy.
Non Contact Thermometer For Baby Shower Gifts

4. Baby blankets
Super soft and snuggly, baby blankets and quilts keep the little one warm and secure, though he will be swaddled with love through his entire baby shower, for sure.
Comfortable Blanket For Baby Shower Gifts
Isn’t this one blanket you’d love to get your paws on?

5. Moisturising cream

Moisturising cream can reduce stretch marks and can kiss the tired new mum look goodbye. Before you purchase anything, make sure the mother doesn’t have any existing allergy or skin condition

6. Baby lotions
Be extra kind and loving and spoil both mum and baby with thoughtful lotions, creams and gels all in a set! Some stores already have it pre-packed for you, so you can save the time of shopping.

A great baby bath gift set can be found right here. Other stores that you could consider include Kiehls’, Bath and Body Works, and Dr Hauschka. Feel your skin needing a little rub and gentle swash? We too.

7. Flowers
In the midst of diapers and breast pumps, one forgets that the simple act of sending flowers can make a person feel all warm and loved and keep the house or office smelling sweetly. A simple, cheerful bouquet of sunflowers, or a pretty, put-together bunch of daisies and baby’s breath, the difference you make will be appreciated. You even have flowers on your face. You have tulips. (two lips)

8. DiaperCake
The most thoughtful of the lot, a Diapercake is so delightfully different. You get to assemble a romper, a pair of shoes, a bib, a soft toy, and most importantly, diapers, all in one cake that is too good to eat. You can’t say “It’s too good to be true”, because it is true. Placing an order will only take a matter of minutes, and with a long range of designs available, we won’t be surprised if you cart out more than 1 DiaperCake for that special baby.