Baby Gift Ideas For New Mums

Commonly asked questions include “What should we get for new parents or new mothers?” If you’ve already crossed off the idea of a Diaper Cake (not that you would, if you’ve seen the huge range of Diapercakes we offer) here are other gifts you can get to pamper your friend into the new world of parenting.

1. A Kindle
There’s not much to do while rocking the baby to sleep, or feeding the little one. Watching TV is probably out of the question because the loud volume might wake the baby, nor is surfing the net because how do you balance the laptop or type on the iPad with a baby on your lap? A Kindle is a perfect idea because you can upload plenty of books inside, and read at leisure, and flip a page with just a single flick or tap.

Lazada offers many types of Kindles, so you’ll find one you like for sure.

2. A custom mommy necklace
Which girl couldn’t use one more necklace in her collection? Bonus point if the necklace is made of a safe material whereby upon accidental consumption, Baby won’t die of poisoning. 2 bonus points if the necklace is actually chewable!

This necklace even allows for adding charms on to it, if the mother so desires.

3. Chocolate covered strawberries
Very random, but chocolate-covered strawberries make a surprisingly wonderful new-mom BABY gift. They are rich and decadent, yet fresh and healthy, somewhat similar to what it’s like to be a new mother, embarking on an enriching, wonderful adventure, and staying healthy and tip top as much as you can, in order to be the best mother to your child.

4. A pretty, floaty top
Trying to find clothes to match that post-baby body isn’t always the easiest and it’s common to have post-natal depression. Since the new mother can’t participate in retail therapy for a while, give her a little thought of kindness and indulge her in a pretty top as a baby gift like this:

Dress As A Baby Gift
Maternity Stripe Pocket Dress

5. Bathtub divider
If the new parent isn’t planning to buy a smaller tub just to bathe baby and have it be outgrown in a year or so, you can consider getting a bathtub divider for her.

Bathtub Divider Baby Gift Baby Dam Bathtub Divider Baby Gift

Not only will it help to save water, but it will also make it safer for babies and younger children because they will have lesser space to make mischief.

7. A delicious body scrub
After a long day and night of taking care of the baby, what could be a more enjoyable and relaxing baby gift than having a delicious smelling body scrub while in the shower to help relax?

Feel like a rock star with the rock star star (100g).

8. The gift of no pressure
Perhaps the best baby gift is the gift of no pressure. Send her daily words of encouragement and love and sign off with “Take your time to reply, I understand, no pressure!” To let her know she’s not alone, and to let her know there’s someone rooting for her when she’s feeling stressed and overwhelmed.