4 Ways To Help You Learn A New Language Quicker

In Singapore, most of us are bilingual. We can speak English and speak our mother tongue fluently thanks to lessons in school.

But as we grow older, we’d want to learn a third, or fourth language.

Comment vous appelez-vous?
わたしのなまえは かおりです。

When wanting to learn new languages as adults, most of us turn to language schools, podcasts and Youtube tutorials for assistance.

But there are other fun ways to acquire a new language:

1. Watch movies and drama serials.

This may be the first time in your life when watching television is your homework. Take advantage of the opportunity. Different genres of shows give you different learning opportunities.

In romance shows, between lovers and couples, only the simplest of words are necessary to express your emotions and thoughts, which really fall under the scope of questions like “what’s happening in life”, “how’re you feeling”, “what would you like to do”. The result? Simple, easy to understand language.

On top of that, variety talk shows / game shows are also pretty good to start with. Apart from the occasional joke where the humour might be hard to understand, conversations between the hosts and the guests are usually light, entertaining and simple enough to understand.

2. Watch cartoons

Children’s shows are… meant for children, which means they’d revolve around the basic syntax, grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure, as well as simple storylines. They’d also spend episodes on seasonal festivities and holidays, meaning you get to learn about the country’s culture and all about it in a minimum of 30 mins or more.

3. Listen to music!

Find a few songs (or many!) that you love in your target language, and listen to them frequently. It will help you get accustomed to the tongue’s accent and grammatical structure. It also gives you the opportunity to hear vocabulary words over and over again. And once you know the lyrics, you can…

4. Sing

When you belt out songs in the language you are learning, it gives you a chance to let you use your tongue muscles to practice those accents and new sounds. You can sing in the shower, karaoke, or with new friends, and all these opportunities will do wonders for your pronunciation.

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So there you go, try one of these methods and learn a new language today!