3 Tier Jellycat Dinosaur Diaper Cake and Customized Jellycat Bunny

We helped put together this 3 Tier Jellycat Dinosaur Diaper Cake and Customized Jellycat Bunny in Silver for Baby Axel to celebrate his arrival!

3 Tier Dinosaur Diaper Cake

As all our 3 tier Diaper Cakes go, this 42cm cake contains all the baby goodies including disposable Huggies Diapers, a receiving blanket, two rompers, a pair of socks and shoes, one soft toy, and a bib. We replaced the default onesies with two slogan onesies, “I’m Awesome like Dad” and “Mommy’s Dude” upon our customer’s request! Slogan onesies are a great way to have the babies “speak” when they’re not yet old enough. Plus, they look absolutely adorable!

We had baby Axel’s name ironed onto the swaddling blanket, and the glitter vinyl makes it stand out even more!

Customized Jellycat Bunny Silver

Our customer has requested to add on a Customized Jellycat Bunny in Silver. The black vinyl picked against the bright yellow shirt chosen makes this Bunny stand out! We have a variety of Jellycat Bunnies available, so there is something for everyone here!

Plush T-shirt Customization Services

We also provide Customized T-shirt Services! Do note that this service does not come with the plush toy! Most of our shirts should fit medium-sized plush toys and has a usable surface area of 13 by 10.5cm. For reference, our t-shirts fit the Jellycat Bunnies in the medium size (31cm) just right. Send in your custom names or text messages in 4 simple steps! Feel free to contact us for more information.

Lastly, our customer requested to add this Rainbow Bloom Flower Bouquet to make the baby gift even more special! This bouquet contains sweet baby breaths in the colours of the rainbow. Did you know that baby’s breath earned their namesake as they are widely used as special baby gifts and baby celebrations? In actual fact, its scientific name is actually Gypsophila! This bouquet indeed calls for a celebration and is fitting to go with the entire baby gift set!

Thank you to our customer, Uncle Hing Lee, for trusting us to deliver this sweet surprise for Mummy Michelle!

Free Delivery of Baby Gifts to Queenstown

Diaper Cakes Singapore sent this order to Queenstown, so if you ever need a baby gift delivered there, we have you covered! We provide free deliveries island-wide for orders above $50, straight to your doorstep, regardless of the location! Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp at +65 9766 0661 or Contact@DiaperCakes.sg.

Safety is our utmost priority

We ensure that our Diaper Cakes are handled with the strictest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. All orders are also made in a 100% non-smoking, pet-free environment.

Since our diaper cakes are held together with pins, we include pin label stickers to indicate the number of pins the diaper cake contains! For this order, we have included a sticker that states “This Diaper Cake contains 28 pins”. This ensures that our customers are aware and take extra precautions.

Diaper Cakes are the PERFECT baby gift

Our Diaper Cakes include practical baby items such as disposable Huggies diapers, swaddling blankets, onesies, etc., wrapped to form a tiered cake. The practicality of baby items included makes them the perfect baby gift! Furthermore, our diaper cakes also come with an impressive packing box, which will make your gift stand out. We also offer a wide range of designs and prices, so you will be spoiled for choice! This ensures that your budget and needs are met. Each diaper cake layer is handcrafted with love, so support local and shop with us today for the perfect baby gift!