12 Tips For Working Mothers

That nagging inner voice. Who’s judging you: the unsympathetic manager, competitive co-workers, the demanding spouse? Nope. Women overwhelmingly say, “I am my own worst critic.” This response, selected by 49 percent of working mothers and 47 percent of stay-at-home moms, is at least ten percentage points higher than runner-up responses.

On the work front, judgment by co-workers is a relatively minor factor, with working mothers more than three times as likely to say they judge themselves versus feeling judged by coworkers.

Stressed Mother

Working mothers are getting very common, with most families seeing both parents being breadwinners. But it comes with a lot of sacrifice and effort.

Adapted from www.urbandollar.sg, here are some tips for working mothers.

Start a separate/second savings account

Most of us have one savings account, which makes it easier to handle all our transactions. However, working mothers may differ from the general working populace in that they always have diminishing funds. What with paying for the part-time helper and the child’s sudden school field trip or club t-shirt – mothers need a reserve from which they can withdraw for emergency purposes. Having another account means making a deliberate decision to save, ensuring long-term funding. Only use the alternative account for purposes other than the routine – medical check-ups, purchasing a new ironing board, chipping in to pay for the soaring utilities bill, or for a short holiday.

Utilise your lunch breaks
If you have an hour of lunch break a day and multiply that by 5, that’s 5 hours free a week to run quick errands, have a quick chat with a friend and more! Plan out what you want to do so that your lunch break isn’t spent just eating and playing Candy Crush.

Shop groceries online

With the recent installment of the Red Mart App and website, you can buy your groceries online. Say bye to having to queue 30 minutes just to check your items out, or struggling to lug everything back to the car with Junior tugging at your clothes at the same time. Make use of Google Docs to keep track of your shopping list and remember to share the list with your spouse so he can check and edit the list as well.

Shop Diaper Cakes
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