8 Tips For A Budget Baby Shower

Thinking of throwing a baby shower but don’t want to break the bank? We hope these tips prove helpful as you organise your first (or second, or third!) baby shower. With some creative juices and a pair of hands and flair for DIY art, your baby shower will look like a million bucks.

1. Location

Of course the venue is an important aspect. You don’t want to have a baby shower in an overcrowded restaurant that will drown out otherwise intimate, comfortable conversations, but you don’t want it too drab and squeezy either. The best and most cost-saving option would be to have it at home, where everyone can be most comfortable, but if that is not possible, having it at a friend’s home, or outdoors like the Singapore Botanic Gardens under the cerulean blue sky is an option too. If you plan to hold it outdoors, there could be limitations to decorations and having a back up plan in the case of thundery showers is a must.

Botanic Gardens Budget Baby Shower

Perfect for a small, cosy gathering.

2. Bib garland
This decor idea is pretty, yet functional. Creating a garland out of bibs or onesies is simple, and the new mom will love that the decor becomes part of her baby stash immediately.

Just hang a piece of twine or ribbon across a window or mantle, or above a table. Then, use clothespins to hang onesies or bibs – in any color – across the twine. You can get onesies and bibs for cheap by buying them in bulk

3. Recruit stuffed animals for decor

Having it at home? To add on to the theme of welcoming a baby, furry animal friends make great decorations as well! Bring out the beanie babies and other cute soft toys. A soft stuffed bear can guard the punch, while an adorable giraffe presides over the cheese and crackers platter.

Our Diapercakes can serve as adorable decoration props.

Diaper Cake For A Baby Shower

Soft toy, adorable onesie and matching shoes, check!

4. Always check the clearance section, or Daiso.
Don’t rush to Spotlight first or Paper Market. Check clearance aisles, Carousell or Daiso to see if these cheaper alternatives have what you need.

5.Serve food in scrapbook paper cones!


(Pic credits to pennywisecook.com)

Wow, these pretty cones are made from scrapbook paper! Not only is this a creative way to serve food, it saves costs too. If you’ve got extra scrapbook paper lying around,  simply roll it up and tape into place. Pour some nuts or popcorn inside, and you’ve got yourself a kacang puteh bar. To make a box for your cones, find a flat, simple box, turn it over, poke some holes at the base, and voila!

6. Always buy food in bulk

While on the topic of preparing food, consider buying food in bulk. As you’d already know, more for less is always worth it, and buying food in bulk is a great way to ensure you have more than enough food for everyone without breaking the bank. Or you could always organise a potluck party where everyone brings their own favourite dish, and you get a variety as well.

7. Avoid lunch or dinner time.
Set a time of day that doesn’t require an entire meal to be served. Having a snack bar, dessert bar, etc. will cost much less than a full meal. Skip the caterers and set the food out/make it yourself.

8. Invitations

Instead of a paper-and-pen invitation, consider using online invitation portals like Evite, or having a Facebook event page altogether. This way, after the baby shower is over, guests can post their pictures straight to the Facebook event page, without you having to ask your Whatsapp groups for them.

Here you go, some helpful tips to throw a baby shower that won’t leave you with an empty pocket. The happiest part of a celebration is to be surrounded with your closest friends and family, is there any need to spend a thousand dollars to make that happen?