10 Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas Every Mother will Appreciate

By Adeline Woo

Having a trouble finding a great baby shower gift without wanting to be cliche and giving the same gift as the person beside you? We know how you feel, so we have compiled 10 great baby shower gift ideas that every mum will definitely appreciate it and you don’t have to worry about getting the same gift!


1) Baby Shoes


Until you’re a parents, you have no idea how tough it is to find affordable yet pretty looking baby/toddler shoes! By giving a new mother really pretty shoes would be a huge relief for her in the months to come, considering how fast baby grows it’s no worries at all if you were to buy a size bigger.

2) Cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes

Did we mention that even though baby showers are usually a great opportunity for fellow children to go running around, getting their iron top rumpled and pretty dresses smeared with chocolate despite not seeing any chocolate on the food table, cupcakes are a big YES whether is it for the mother or for the food table? Some pretty things are a perfect gift for all occasions.

3) Baby Bibs

Messy food isn’t fun for parents who are trying to feed and put some food in their own stomach. Getting really adorable bibs for the child will put a smile on the parents face and a slightly less messy dinner.

4) Puffy Diaper Wear



How can anyone resist a baby wearing that!

5) Baby Hat


Keeping your baby warm and away from the harsh air conditioning or cold weather will help better your baby’s immune system in the long run!

6) Soft Toy


Every child needs this! The last thing you would want Parents to do as last resort is to feed their child with the Ipad or Iphone that will keep their kids eyes glued to it.  And how cute is it to make it look like the little one you’re giving it to.

7) Pretty kids clothings


Buying more clothes will help save the mum’s money in the long run and she’ll definitely appreciate it!

8) Diaper Cakes! (Why not get our very own one?)

It covers everything a new mom needs. Diapers, Baby shoes, Baby Socks, Short sleeve romper as well as a cute soft toy! What more can a mom ask?

If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

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