5 Worst Baby Gifts To Give (or Receive)!

By Adeline Woo

It’s the gift-giving time again!  This time, it’s to welcome a new baby in the family, or for a baby shower / baby full month celebration.

As you, the gift-giver, ponder over the perfect baby gift, here’s a guide on what NOT to buy for your pregnant friend, colleague or relative!

5 Worst Baby Gifts

#1 Life-like baby dolls

Take a look at the picture below. That isn’t a real baby. Nope, it’s a really life-like baby doll that is “anatomically correct” and includes “lifelike RealTouch skin.” To me, that is just too creepy.   And  those plastic dolls that open and shut their eyes when you lift them up and put them down? I used to hate those when I was a little girl too!  As a mom, I would say I already have a real and super adorable baby, I don’t need a plastic substitute!

Life Like Baby Dolls

#2 Gifts that smell like cigarette smoke

Us pregnant women have an extremely acute sense of smell.  So wrapping your baby gift while chain smoking a packet of Marlboros is a definitely no-no.

Baby gift with cigarette smoke

#3 A bag of “vintage” baby clothes

Vintage may be a hot trend in design and fashion—but vintage (read: very old) baby clothes are not welcome.  Hand-me-downs are different, like when my elder sister would give me some baby clothes from her now teenage girls.  But those shouldn’t be the only baby gift, definitely not appropriate as a gift for a baby shower or full month party!


#4 Personalized gifts that are misspelled

Sure, getting a personalized or customized baby gift is nice, but always make sure you double and triple check the spelling!  We don’t want any embarrassment at the baby shower when the presents are unwrapped, and your gift has the baby’s name spelt wrongly!

Misspelled Baby Gifts

#5 Gifts for the wrong age

Buy baby gifts that are suitable for a baby, not those that are to be kept a few years down the road so baby can grow into it! A good example would be socks for 4-6 year olds.

Avoid buying bulky gifts like a bicycle for a newborn baby. Not only is it not appropriate for the baby, it takes up too much space!

Baby Gifts that are appropriate

Have you received a baby gift so bizarre you were slapping your forehead and saying “what were they thinking?” Add a comment below with your story!