Three thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for first-time Moms

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By: Adeline Woo

Almost all new moms would yearn for the following basic but highly deprived things: sleep, a hot shower and a decent meal.

For Mother’s Day, gifts like chocolateswine, or flowers would probably make it to the top 3 list of most people.

However, if you have a new mom in the family, you might want to consider gifts that can make the baby safe and comfortable, and the mom sane and happy!

Here’s a list of 3 such sanity-saving gifts that would improve the quality of life for the new mom:

Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Baby Rocker

Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Baby Rocker

A glider or rocker. The rhythmic motion of a rocker or glider calms some babies and helps them nod off.   Most importantly, it frees up the new mommy’s tired hands!

Tip: Always look for durable, solid materials (such as wood); supportive back cushions and padded arm cushions that hide stains. A mechanism to lock when needed is ideal.  Always test the rocker / glider in the store first and when choosing a fabric, consider the look of the nursery to make sure there’s not too much of a mismatch.

Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Soft Baby Carrier

Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Soft Baby Carrier

Soft baby carrier. Baby carriers are great for keeping mom’s hands free while keeping body contact with their little ones.  We recommend against sling carriers because babies can end up in positions that interfere with their breathing.  Backpack carriers are also not appropriate for newborns.

When you’re selecting a carrier, check the fasteners to make sure they are easy to adjust.  Do also take note of the minimum and maximum weight limit of the carriers to ensure you baby fits.

Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Play Yard

Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore Play Yard

Play yard. During those first few sleepless months it’s difficult for Mom to catch a break. Play pens serve as a safe place to put a child down for a few moments.

A basic playpen is lightweight and folds compactly.  As such, a playpen can be taken along on a family vacation and used as a portable bed. A word of caution: For overnight use, the playpen should be used with a tight-fitting sheet and not a regular crib sheet

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Think you’ve got a great Baby Gift idea for the new mother on Mother’s Day, lets us know in the comments section below.

Have a great Mother’s Day everyone!

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Quick and Easy Mother’s Day Personalized Gift Idea

This Mother’s Day article first appeared on Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore.

By Adeline Woo

Mother’s Day is one of the most recognized and celebrated occasion by countries all over the world but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a good, sincere, from-the-bottom-of-your-heart gift.

Here, on behalf of Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts Singapore, we bring you 2 fantastic gift ideas that are easily found and hassle free to make!

1) Personalized Cupcake

Mom Cupcake

(Calm down, we are not getting you to bake a cupcake from scratch. Unless you want to!)

Things you need to buy:

  • Cupcakes
  • Lace licorice or any other candy that can be easily broken apart with no hassle.


  • Cut/Break the licorice into equal pieces and spell your mum’s name on top of the cupcake frosting.
  • You can buy 3 cupcakes and spell “Mum” or you could buy as many cupcakes as the letters in your mother’s name and you are all set to present your beautiful personalized gift to your mum!


2) Personalized Notebook / Photobook


Things you need to prepare:


  • Place photo over the colour paper and create a 1-2 cm border over the picture on all sides, mark it out and cut it along your markings. Use different colour paper for pictures that are going to be on the same page.
  • To save paper, you could cut the inside of the colour paper that will be blocked by the photo and get your paper stamp cutter and start stamping!
  • Gather all the stamped pieces and glue it on the side of the pages. (Note: Do it sparingly so it won’t look too messy)
  • Glue the colour border to your photo and glue it to the notebook.
  • Write a small note at the bottom of the pictures or next to it to personalized the notebook.
  • Leave a few pages in between the photographs so your mum can use it as a notebook in future.
  • You could consider arranging the pictures according to theme (crazy times, birthday celebrations, family gathering, fun times) or you could start from when you were a kid all the way up!

Stay tune, we have more Mother’s Day Personalized Gift Ideas that are quick and easy to achieve!

P.S Let us know how the gift goes, feel free to leave a comment with a picture of how your Mother’s Day gift turned out!


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