How to get baby shower gifts that you ACTUALLY want

All soon to be parents face the same dilemma; either request for practical baby shower gifts, or end up with tons of size 3-6 month onesies, diapers and socks. On the other hand, gifters aren’t to be faulted for gifting what they feel is the most sensible. Multiply that by however many people you have invited to your baby shower, and your baby ends up with a new outfit everyday for the next 3 months, followed by a sudden shortage in the following months.

So as a new mother or parent, how should you reply when asked what you want for your baby shower?

Here’s how to ask for baby shower gifts that you actually want and need.

Create an amazon baby registry.

baby registry

A similar concept to the amazon wishlist, everything can be done online and the expecting mum will receive her gift in as soon as 2 days with Amazon prime’s two day shipping. On the registry, you can view and compare prices from different sellers and see whether an item has been purchased, enabling the gifter an easy time. This also helps if you have certain colour or brand preferences.

Include the link in your baby shower invite.

baby shower

Adding a link to your baby registry is a subtle way of saying, “hey, we would really appreciate your help with these for my baby”. Chances are, your friends will be more than willing to help, its a weight off their minds,  instead having to shop for a baby shower gift, they just have to find an item on the registry within their budget.

OR have a friend spread the word about the gifts you prefer

If you’re hesitant about “asking for handouts”, have a close friend spread the word about your preferred gifts. This way, your friend can also advise gifters on what’s practical and what you already have been gifted. Said friend could also help broker a joint gift for more pricey items like strollers, cribs and breast pumps. So the next time someone asks you what you want for your baby shower, say something like: “Oh, i have a friend who has some good ideas, let me introduce you to her.”  Let your best friend be the “evil person”.  Problem solved! = )

Let’s reverse the roles and put you in the shoes of a baby shower gift sender.  How do you ensure that what you give is a practical yet memorable baby gift?  Try Diaper cakes!

All in one Diaper Cake

dog diaper cake baby showerpony diaper cake baby shower

Diaper cakes are the up and coming thing, they include all the basics a new mum will need; diapers, onesies, shoes and a soft toy. A tip we have would be to buy a size up (6-12months) so the baby can grow into it, or if you have an exceptionally chubby baby (haha), it would fit.

Shop diaper cakes from Diaper Cakes SG.

A baby shower shouldn’t be stressful, its about helping a new mom embrace motherhood and helping her through the transition. Having trusty ol’ Amazon or a friend do the “dirty work” for you takes a load off your mind.

2-Tier Diaper Cake Baby Shower Decoration for Baby Charlotte

By Diaper Cakes Singapore

Our Diaper Cakes will look great as a centerpiece at your baby shower or baby’s full month party.

That’s exactly what mummy Karen did!

This Minnie “Pretty Princess” 2-tier Diaper Cake was made specially for Karen’s newborn baby girl Charlotte, as a centerpiece at Charlotte’s full month party!

2-Tier-Minnie-Mouse-Diaper Cake-Baby Gifts Singapore- Girl-Charlotte-3

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Baby Charlotte’s 2-Tier Diaper Cake Gift Hamper consists of:

– 25 pcs M-Size Huggies disposable diapers

– 1 Receiving Blanket

– 1 Short Sleeved Osh Kosh BGosh Romper

– 1 Pair Pre-walker Shoes

– 1 Pair Socks

– 1 Carters Baby Bib

– 1 Disney Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

Customized with baby Charlotte’s name, and wrapped in our 46cm tall gift box.

Thank you Karen once again for your support!

2-Tier-Minnie-Mouse-Diaper Cake-Baby Gifts Singapore- Girl-Charlotte-1 2-Tier-Minnie-Mouse-Diaper Cake-Baby Gifts Singapore- Girl-Charlotte-2

Are you a new mummy looking for interesting decorations for your baby’s full month party or baby shower?

Get a Diaper Cake!  Practical and creative gift hampers made of disposable diapers and other useful items, our diaper cakes make attractive centerpieces too.  Best of all, you can use all the contents of the cake once the party is over!

The Art Of Baby Shower Decorating

By Adeline Woo


If you are looking for baby shower decorations, you need to choose from a wide variety items available online. You need to buy lots of balloons, tablecloth, streamers, cutlery and napkins and baby shower favors.

The decorations should be colorful, so as to make the event a lively one. At ABC Favors, you get many unique baby shower decorations ideas, personalized baby shower favors and various decoration items for the occasion.

Steps for Baby Shower Decorations
By following these steps you can ensure that your baby shower decorations look perfect on the day of baby shower.

•    Choose a theme: There are tons of themes to choose from. Pick a theme and buy all the decorations according to the color scheme you have chosen for the theme. For example if you are going for a safari theme, then you can buy stuffed animal toys and use them as centerpieces. The color scheme should be matching. This will enhance the beauty of the occasion.

•    Buy lots of baby shower favors: They are many ways to thank the guests for coming to your party. Depending upon your budget, you can choose to give them personalized baby shower favors. We provide a plethora of favors to choose from at affordable rates.

•    Put together all the decoration one day in advance: Decorate the tables with all the decorations you have purchased a day before the baby shower. Hang all the banners and streamers. Balloons need to be blown and put across on the day of the shower.

These steps will help you organize the party decorations properly and in timely fashion. Buying unique baby shower decoration ideas and items from us can make the occasion a memorable one.




If you are looking for a unique and practical baby gift for baby showers, full month or first month parties, get a Diaper Cake!

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