How often should I change my newborn’s diapers?

Its a repetitive chore, and you will start dreading the same foul smell coming from your baby, as that would mean its time to change your newborn’s diaper.

But here’s a general guide on how often you should be changing your baby’s diaper as leaving the nasty stuff there increases the risk of an infection.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends changing wet diapers every two to three hours, but as soon as you notice for poop.

Diapers are expensive, especially when you’re going through 16-20 a day. You don’t have to change their diaper every time your newborn pees, as they pee about 20 times a day, only when they poop so you lower the chance of irritation or worse, infection.

Luckily for parents, the amount of diapers used will decrease as their diet will tend to contain more solids, but that also means more poops.

Remember to always leave a two finger space on the top of the diaper to prevent it from being too tight or loose!