This Folks Ordered Our Diaper Cake. What Did They Say?

Diaper Cakes Customer Reviews


We love it when our customers love and rave about our products.  Here’s what they have to say.


“Great gift options! Had purchase few times already. Fast and easy. Quick delivery. ” – Li San Sim


“A big THANK YOU to Adeline and team! My lecturer and classmates love the gift box! ” – Sarah Leong


“First time buying a diaper cake and I’m glad I bought it from Diaper Cakes SG. It was a wonderful and fuss-free experience.
I pm-ed through FB to make a last minute request to amend the spelling of the baby’s name. The reply from Diaper Cakes SG was very prompt and they kindly acceded to the last minute request. Thank you for being so accommodating. Really appreciated that.
Overall, great service and a very lovely product! The new parents loved the diaper cake! Will not hesitate to recommend Diaper Cakes SG to my family and friends.” – Nor Azean Abdullah


“It was just as it stated in the picture.. cute and nicely packed. Prompt delivery as well.” – Sharizan Osman


“It was the perfect baby shower gift! Thank you diaper cake! ” – Yun Hua Gan


“I loveee it! The diaper cake is super cute and more importantly Adeline was super prompt in solving the mini hiccup with the online payment! Prompt delivery and great service, would gladly return for the next purchase! :)” – Samantha Tan

4 Ways To Help You Learn A New Language Quicker

In Singapore, most of us are bilingual. We can speak English and speak our mother tongue fluently thanks to lessons in school.

But as we grow older, we’d want to learn a third, or fourth language.

Comment vous appelez-vous?
わたしのなまえは かおりです。

When wanting to learn new languages as adults, most of us turn to language schools, podcasts and Youtube tutorials for assistance.

But there are other fun ways to acquire a new language:

1. Watch movies and drama serials.

This may be the first time in your life when watching television is your homework. Take advantage of the opportunity. Different genres of shows give you different learning opportunities.

In romance shows, between lovers and couples, only the simplest of words are necessary to express your emotions and thoughts, which really fall under the scope of questions like “what’s happening in life”, “how’re you feeling”, “what would you like to do”. The result? Simple, easy to understand language.

On top of that, variety talk shows / game shows are also pretty good to start with. Apart from the occasional joke where the humour might be hard to understand, conversations between the hosts and the guests are usually light, entertaining and simple enough to understand.

2. Watch cartoons

Children’s shows are… meant for children, which means they’d revolve around the basic syntax, grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure, as well as simple storylines. They’d also spend episodes on seasonal festivities and holidays, meaning you get to learn about the country’s culture and all about it in a minimum of 30 mins or more.

3. Listen to music!

Find a few songs (or many!) that you love in your target language, and listen to them frequently. It will help you get accustomed to the tongue’s accent and grammatical structure. It also gives you the opportunity to hear vocabulary words over and over again. And once you know the lyrics, you can…

4. Sing

When you belt out songs in the language you are learning, it gives you a chance to let you use your tongue muscles to practice those accents and new sounds. You can sing in the shower, karaoke, or with new friends, and all these opportunities will do wonders for your pronunciation.

Billboard Music Awards singing fifth harmony bbmas 2016 billboard music awards 2016

So there you go, try one of these methods and learn a new language today!


5 Great Giraffe Toy Baby Gifts

5 Great Giraffe Toy Baby Gifts

Whenever a newborn baby is born, well wishes such as the Chinese saying 快高长大 (grow tall and big quickly) are often exchanged.  Herein lies the beauty of Giraffe toy baby gifts, which carries aptly the meaning of this saying.  Because the giraffe is the tallest living animal on earth!

The giraffe is a genus of African even-toed ungulate mammals, the tallest living terrestrial animals and the largest ruminants. The genus currently consists of one species, Giraffa camelopardalis, the type species.

Giraffe Toy Baby Gifts

Here at Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have compiled a list of 5 great Giraffe toy baby gifts suitable for any baby occasions, from baby showers, full month celebrations to welcoming a newborn at the hospital.

1. Giraffe Diaper Cake Baby Gift

Giraffe Toy Baby gift diaper cake

A Diaper cake is the perfect baby gift for any newborn baby. Why? Because every baby needs diapers! And Diaper Cakes are an awesome way of packaging a boring product – diapers.

The 1 Tier Giraffe Toy Diaper Cake is both sweet and adorable, perfect for a baby shower gift.

Includes the following:

  • 18 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers in M Size (For babies 5-10kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Receiving Blanket
  • 1 Feeding Bib
  • 1 GUND Tucker Giraffe Soft Toy Cake Topper
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Gift Box Packaging (46 x 22 x 22cm)

The diaper cake comes in a beautiful packaging that can be easily carried around. Exclusive from Diaper Cakes Singapore.


2. Sophie The Giraffe Teether


The world famous Sophie The Giraffe toy baby teether is a favourite teething toy that has been in France for more than 50 years. It has a charming retro style and makes a soft squeak when squeezed. Unlike many cheap teethers, Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint and is completely safe to chew, just like a feeding bottle teat. Get yours here from Pupsik Studio.

3.  WWF Giraffe Toy Plush Keychain


From the peaks of the Himalayas to the rainforest of the Amazon and from the tundra and glaciers of the Arctic to the tropical coral seas of South East Asia, WWF works hard to preserve the places where the real-life counterparts of the WWF Plush Collection live.

For every plush toy you buy, WWF receives a contribution that helps us safeguard these magnificent creatures and their habitats. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

This 4-inch WWF Giraffe toy keychain from Nature’s Collection makes a great accessory to your bag or backpack.


4.  GUND Giraffe Toy Plushes

GUND has a wide range of baby giraffe toy plushes that will make you spoiled for choice.  Introducing Tucker – a cute and cuddly 9″ giraffe toy. Tucker is featured here as a keywind musical plush toy that will take baby on a safari of fun!

– Tucker Giraffe music toy plays Hush Little Baby
– Gender-neutral color and design are perfect for boys and girls


Check out this video of Tucker The Giraffe Musical Toy!

Don’t fancy a musical giraffe toy? Here’s Tucker in his 8 inch classic form. Available from Diaper Cakes Singapore.


How about a safari styled giraffe toy rattle? This 5 inch giraffe rattle has a gender-neutral Safari design is a perfect fit for modern, fashion forward nurseries.



Baby Gund’s Lolly and Friends collection also offers this cute yellow giraffe toy plush measuring 10 inches in height.  Baby GUND specialises in baby safe soft toys that does not contain protruding parts that might pose as choking hazards for babies.

How about this Giraffe ceramic bank to start them early on being thrifty? This blue giraffe ceramic bank measures 5.5 inches, and is available online from Nature’s Collection.


5. Bullyland Giraffe Toy Figurines

Bullyland hand-painted collection models and figurines from Germany is known for it’s exquisite and realistic details.

Bullyland offers a wide range of animal collections like farm, wildlife, woodland, arctic, marine to prehistoric dinosaurs and fantasy characters.  Here’s a few realistic looking Giraffe toy figurines to add to your collection!BL63669_Bullyland_Giraffe_Cub-1 Bullyland-giraffe-toy Bullyland-giraffe-toy-figurine

Still cracking your head on what baby shower gifts to buy?  Check out this post for more great ideas on gifts for the new mother and her home!

5 Baby Gifts Never To Buy For New Parents

Wrecking your brains about what baby gifts to buy for an upcoming baby shower?

Most times, our intentions as gift givers are pure and well meaning.  But the hardest part about buying gifts is that we never know what our recipient REALLY wants, and if someone else might give the same thing.   Worst still, god forbid, we be the one who gave something the new parents hate.

Here at Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have compiled a list of 5 baby gifts that you should never, ever get for new parents.  And why.

1. Baby Onesies with Offensive Wording

Baby onesies and rompers can be so cute. Such itsy bitty pieces! And then there are the baby clothes that will destroy you. Or, rather, that you must destroy.  Most often than not, these are the ones with offensive wordings that belittle the parents, or just plain distasteful. No mother should ever let their little ones wear these.  So if you’re looking for baby gifts that does NOT push the boundaries of good taste, avoid these at all costs.

worst baby gifts 2 worst baby gifts

2. Personalised Baby Gifts with Misspelt Names

Personalised baby gifts are great, but only if you get the baby’s name right.  So make sure you double and triple check the name before you click “confirm” for your next baby gift.


Worst baby gifts 3

3. Expensive Outfits in Newborn Size

You may want to splurge on a baby gift to impress someone, or just for someone dear.  Be sure to buy them a size bigger, and not in newborn size!  Many gift givers make the mistake of buying something that is the “perfect size” or “right size” for the newborn baby.  More often than not, newborn size outfits would have been covered by mommy and daddy already.   So get something that’s a little bit bigger so your gift doesn’t get outgrown before the baby’s even home from the hospital.

Burberry Clothes Baby Gifts

4. Clothes That Are Oversized

And then there are those baby clothes that are oversized. Way past the one year milestone.  As if the new moms don’t have enough to think about already.  Not she has to think about where to store those oversized clothes for the next few years.  So be a little bit more careful when you pick your next baby gift.  Don’t let it be a classic case of right gift, wrong age.

Worst baby gift clothes

5. Unwanted Parenting Advice

This is the worst kind of gift you can give to any new parents.  Especially if you are not even a parent yourself.  It can be 100% out of kind intentions, but please save it for yourself. = )

worst baby gift

5 Cat Baby Gifts That Are Purrfect

Cat Baby Gifts

Looking for cat baby gifts for a feline-loving mom or baby ? We have compiled a list of 5 Cat Baby Gifts That Are Purrfect!

1.  Cat Plush Toy Baby Gifts

There is nothing more suitable as a baby gift, than a cute and chubby plush toy for a cute and chubby baby.  At Nature’s Collection, you can find a wide range of soft toys for all kinds of animals, including cats.  And they have the biggest collection of our favourite Pusheen the cat plush toys too!

Pusheen Plush Toy Cat Baby Gift Pusheen-with-Ice-cream-cone-Cat-Soft-Toys-G4048872

Teacups Cat Baby Gift Plush Toy Gund Mimi the Cat Baby Gift Plush Toy


2. Cat Diaper Cake Baby Gifts

Diaper Cakes are all the rage these days.  These cute and practical hampers make excellent baby gifts for any new mother.  Why? Because new mothers will never have too many diapers! Plus, Diaper Cakes are an awesome way of packaging boring old diapers in a creative and much more presentable way.

Here at Diaper Cakes Singapore, we have a good selection of cat-themed diaper cake baby gifts for you to choose from.  Not forgetting the famous Kitty!

1 tier Hello Kitty Diaper Cake Baby Gifts Hello Kitty Diaper Cake Baby GiftsGUND-Brown-miles-Cat-Girl-Baby-Shower-Gift-450x6031-Tier-Yellow-Cat-Baby-Shower-Gift-Hamper-450x603

3. Cat Baby Shoes

If  you wish to buy the materials used in making our Diaper Cake baby gifts, you can!  We have some pretty endearing cat baby shoes.  And onesies, bibs and blankets too.

Cat Baby Shoes Baby Shower Gift   

4. Cat Baby Hats

We love these cat baby hats from Bambino Headbands.  Comes in a variety of colours, these gender neutral cat baby hates has little details on the front folds like the cat’s face and even two cat ears sticking out at the sides!  Too cute!

Cat baby hat baby gifts

5.  Cat Baby Feeding Accessories

We love these Skip Hop feeding accessories with their iconic orange cat designs.    Using these cat baby feeding accessories just makes feeding the little one a tad more enjoyable and less messy!

Skip Hop Water Bottle Baby GiftsSkip Hop Cat Baby Bib Baby Gifts


Mini Tigger Diaper Cake

Looking for a Tigger diaper cake or gift hamper to celebrate a new addition to the family? You would never go wrong with our mini Tigger diaper cake!

This simple yet classy mini tigger diaper cake is filled with all the necessities a loving mother would ever need through their parenthood journey. The cake looks elegant as a centerpiece for baby showers, or  full month celebrations, and is a practical and thoughtful gift for the newborn and parents.

What are diaper cakes?

They are made with usable items that mom’s can use to care for their babies once they are taken apart. Thinking out side the gift box. Basically a diaper cake is a very awesome and different way to wrap a gift for baby or a baby shower decoration.

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, our diaper cakes are created to equip parents with essentials products to help them in their parenthood journey. The cake looks elegant as a centerpiece for baby showers, or  full month celebrations, and is a practical and thoughtful gift for the newborn and parents.

These baby gift hampers are very practical and unexpected. The newborn’s parents will surely love your creativity and make them feel that you have personally handpicked the items as a special touch.💓

Diaper Cakes Singapore welcomes our precious newborn and congratulate his parents for bringing joy and laughter to the family.

tigger mini diaper cake 1 tigger mini diaper cake 2 tigger mini diaper cake 3

This Disney 🐯 Tigger baby gift hamper consists of :

🐯 7 “Huggies Platinum” Disposable Diapers in M Size (Fits babies 7-11 kg)

🐯 1 Orange “Keep Calm and Change Me” Short Sleeved Baby Romper

🐯 1 Pair of Socks

🐯 1 Disney Tigger Soft Toy Cake Topper

This mini Tigger diaper cake is wrapped in a 15 x 15 x 30cm tall exclusive gift box packaging.

All baby diapers used in making our Diaper Cakes are handled with the strictest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, in a 100% non-smoking, pet-free environment.

Hungry for more information? Check out diaper cakes’s website for more!

Diaper Cakes Singapore also delivers diaper cakes islandwide for free! If you’re looking for these beautiful hampers around Clementi and Dover , you know where to find us!

Care Bear Diaper Cake Baby Gift Hamper

We baked this seriously adorable care bear diaper cake baby gift for a newborn princess Beth.

Baby Beth is super cute (and mommy too!), so as the romper suggests, Daddy’s really lucky!

Consisting of 3 layers of goodies, this 3 tier care bear diaper cake has the following inside:

  • 32 pieces of Huggies disposable diapers (Size M fits babies 5-10kg)
  • 2 pairs baby socks
  • 2 Slogan Baby Onesies (1 long sleeved, 1 short sleeved)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton receiving blanket (76 x 76cm)
  • 1 pair soft sole pre-walker shoe
  • 1 Baby Bib
  • 1 Original 7 inch Care Bear Plush Toy

Wrapped in our exclusive 46cm tall gift box packaging, and customised with baby Beth’s name.

The name is customized using scrapbooking letter stickers.  These stickers can be peeled off and reused to paste on Baby Beth’s cot, cupboard or bedroom door.

If you prefer something that’s more permanent, we can do heat transfer / iron-on names as well!

3 Tier Care Bear Diaper Cake

Congratulations to Kenneth and Miao on the arrival of their newborn princess Beth!

This magnificent 3 layer Diaper Cake was delivered free to Jurong East Avenue 1.  We can deliver the most unique and practical baby gift within the shortest time to neighborhood areas like Jurong, Yuan Ching and Bukit Batok.

So if you are looking for fast delivery for an urgent baby gift, look for Diaper Cakes Singapore. Baby hampers “baked” fresh and delivered free to your doorstep the next day.

Thank you Johnson, our regular supporter of Diaper Cakes from Great Eastern Life Insurance! Life is Great!!

About Diaper Cakes:

Diaper Cakes are not cakes you can eat for desserts!  They are also not the disgusting kind that some folks like to joke about.  Rather, these cakes are suer adorable baby gift hampers made with disposable diapers and other useful baby wear, and shaped like a tiered cake.  Our Diaper Cakes come in different shaped and sizes, and are all packed in our impressive 46cm tall gift box that’s exclusive only to us.  For a unique, cute and practical baby gift, try Diaper Cakes!

About Great Eastern Life:

Great Eastern Life  is one of the leading insurance companies in Asia.

1 Tier Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake Gift Hamper

Is it that time of the month when we crack our brains to think of an ideal gift for that precious little child during baby shower parties? No fear! We’ve got you covered with this gorgeous Winnie The Pooh diaper cakes!😉

Check out this super cute Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake and I’m sure with this you’ll never go wrong impressing your loved ones!👍

This stunning cake was made specially for the precious newborn Alonzo and his devoted dad, William! 💓

Alonzo’s Winnie The Pooh diaper cake baby gift was delivered FREE to Chai Chee.  If you are looking for a unique baby gift in Bedok Mall or Bedok Point, go to Diaper Cakes! Free next day delivery as well.

The impressive 1-tier diaper cake consists of:

  • 18 “Huggies” Disposable Diapers (M Size – Fits babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Winnie The Pooh Pre-Walker Shoes (6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76 x 76 cm)
  • 1 Feeding Bib
  • 1 Disney Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy Cake Topper

Wrapped in an impressive 46cm tall gift box that’s exclusive only to Diaper Cakes Singapore.

Not sure how big 46cm is?  Here’s a photo of our cake beside a standard 500ml mineral water bottle.


winnie the pooh baby diaper cake1winnie the pooh baby diaper cake 2

Well, though you cannot eat them, they are yummy enough to surprise anyone!

Thank you Karen and the Plans Team from NUHS for your support!

Hungry for more such adorable diaper cakes?

Check out for more!

What are diaper cakes?

Diaper cakes are not real cakes that you find at the bakery! These ‘cakes’ are the perfect baby gift for new and expecting parents. They are cute, memorable, and perhaps most importantly, practical for both the mom and baby.

Diaper cakes are also great gifts, not just for the birth of a baby, but also for baby showers and other birthdays as well!🎂

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we provide next day Free Delivery within Singapore.  So if you order today, you can expect to receive your Diaper Cake the next day.  Need to send baby some love but you’re overseas? No worries! We ship our Diaper Cakes overseas too.  Overseas shipping fees apply.

Fun facts about Winnie The Pooh:

Here are some fun facts about our adored childhood character!  Did you know: Winnie the Pooh first appeared in print the London Evening News  in a story called “The Wrong Sort of Bees” published on December 24, 1925.

Bedtime Bear Diaper Cake Baby Gift Hamper

Hello Sunshine!  Welcome a new baby girl and mommy’s new BFF with this magnificent diaper cake baby gift hamper.

What is it made of?

Made of 3 layers of goodness for baby, this diaper cake consists of the following:

  • 30 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers in M Size (Fits babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Pink Bedtime Bear Soft Toy Cake Topper
  • 2 Baby Rompers / Bodysuits (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76 x 76cm)
  • 1 Pair of Baby Socks
  • 1 Baby Feeding Bib
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Gift Box Packaging (46 x 22 x 22cm)

Wrapped in a towering 46cm exclusive gift box, and customized with baby Cassia’s name.

Congratulations to Tammy and Qihan on the arrival with Baby Cassia. We hope she likes the items in our Diaper Cake!

3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift for Girl    3 Tier Diaper Cake Baby Gift Girl

This 3 tier bedtime bear diaper cake baby gift was delivered FREE to Pine Close.  We deliver anywhere in Singapore for FREE within a 1 day turnaround time.  So if you are looking for a quick baby gift in Pine close, Geylang, Guillemard or Mountbatten area, go to Diaper Cakes Singapore!

About Diaper Cakes: 

Diaper Cakes are unique and practical baby gift hampers made with disposable diapers and baby wear, and shaped to look like a tiered cake.

All items used are useful for the new baby and looks really presentable so you, the sender, looks good too!

At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we provide next day Free Delivery within Singapore.  So if you order today, you can expect to receive your Diaper Cake the next day.  Need to send baby some love but you’re overseas? No worries! We ship our Diaper Cakes overseas too.  Shipping fees apply.

About EY:

EY refers to the global organization of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity.

Baby Gift Guide: 5 Unique Baby Boy Gifts

5 Unique Baby Boy Gifts

“Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That’s what little boys are made of.”  Doesn’t mean baby boy gifts must be made of these too!

A little baby boy has arrived, once the congratulatory messages and tears of joy are shed, it’s time for us well wishers to show our love by showering the newborn and the new parents with gifts.

Read on for our list of 5 unique and super adorable baby boy gifts for a bubbly baby boy.

Hopefully this list will help some of you who are cracking your heads over what to buy for your best friend’s upcoming baby shower! Best of all, they will not break your wallet!

1. Diaper Cakes Baby Boy Gifts

Our first choice is of course our cute and practical Diaper Cakes!  Yes, please let us blow our own horn for a bit here. Cause Diaper Cakes are THE coolest baby gift to give these days for new parents.  There are many different type of Diaper Cakes in the market, but ours is the only one in Singapore that comes with a fully enclosed gift box.  And we offer FREE next day delivery!

Check out these super cute gift hampers that are made entirely of disposable diapers and other useful baby wear.  These cuties are definitely gonna turn heads and induce “Oohs” and “Aahs” when you bring them along as a gift to the next baby boy shower or baby boy full month celebration.

Here’s the world famous Pomeranian perched atop our 1 Tier diaper cake.  Perfect for the dog-loving parents.  And a simple teddy bear donning a tee shirt with the words “It’s A Boy!” will never go wrong.


 1 Tier Boo Diaper Cake Baby Gift

2. Dinosaur – Rrrrr!

Boys love their dinosaurs!  Okay, this may sound a little stereotypical, but at least we know it’s a safe bet.  Especially if you know the baby shower (or nursery) is gonna be Dinosaur-themed.  Here are some cute Dinosaur themed baby gift sets, plush toys and accessories.  We especially love this set of 3 Dinosaur plushies from GUND!  Named Baby Crom, Baby Ugg and Baby Orgh respectively. Available from Diaper Cakes Singapore.

crom-dino-plush-orange-450x603 Gund Baby Orgh Blue Dinosaur Baby Stuffed Animal

How about some dinosaur themed furniture?  We have these great dinosaur themed ones from Teamson Furniture.  Toy boxes, clothes hang stand and more.

Dinosaur-Toy-Box-TD0074A-450x447 Dinosaur-Clothes-Stand-TD0067A-1-450x450

3. Baby Safe Toys

Simply because all parts of the toys are sewn on, so there are no removable or detachable parts that might fall off and pose as a hazard for your growing (and all-time chewer) baby.

We love these baby safe play sets from Baby GUND.  Not only are they colourful and soft, each play set also contains several activity toys that are both educational and stimulates sensory play for the baby.

Watch the video here!

Watch the video here!

Watch the video here!

We won’t forget the classic balls that all babies love!  This baby gund colour fun ball features bright, eye-catching panels in different colours that are embroidered with the colour name to help children learn. What’s more, it rattles too!


4. Cute Baby Onesies


The new parents will definitely be overwhelmed with tonnes of baby onesies.  But while basic options are essential for the first few months, you should consider spicing things up with a few baby rompers that are cute, have clever slogans and make dressing the baby fun for the new parents.  Plus, they will look great in photos too!

Check out some of these cute baby onesies that are sure to please the new Daddy, whether they are a Star Wars fan or a petrolhead!


5. Super Cool Baby Boy Shoes

Who says shoes are only for walking?  Not when they look so cute on a baby boy’s little feet! Baby shoes are the ideal addition to any baby’s growing wardrobe. If chosen and packaged thoughtfully,  they can be a functional yet stylish baby shower gift.

Here are some cool shoes and boots to boot!


Lagoon Fringe Soft Soled Leather Moccasins

Need a gift for a baby girl instead?  Check out our guide on 5 Best Baby Girl Gift Ideas!