Enjoying Family Time Even When Busy At Work

According to data from a national survey, over half or 55 per cent of respondents in 2013 said their work demands ate into their family time more than they liked, up from 47 per cent in 2009.

Since there are many organisations in Singapore that allow employees to leave early from work, or carry forward their annual leave, or take additional days of well-being leave on top of their allocated annual leave, these feelings should not arise.

Long hours at work and the occasional (or frequent) business trips abroad may mean sacrificing family time and missing important family occasions, so we’ve compiled a list of tips on how we can stay connected with our children at work.

1. Schedule to have breakfast together

There’s no need for every one to head out to Macdonalds’ together to grab a Big Breakfast, simply having some toast together at home or choosing a cereal to eat together and then enjoy a conversation over it is good enough. It’s important breakfast time isn’t rushed and it’s important that this time you’re fully focused on your child and what he/she has to say.

2. If you have to travel, use the power of Facetime and/or Skype. 

When overseas, Facetime/Skype/send a photo to each other of your different sunsets of the day, or different sunrises, or just any scenery that the two places might have in common. It’s a great way to show your child around the place you’re in.

Enjoying Family Time Even When Busy At Work - Facetime

3. Don’t overschedule
When you over-schedule, you don’t allow for any free time to be spent with your family or kids. Eventually, you’ll also be stressed out and upset, and you can’t enjoy the company and time of your family or children properly.

4. Schedule Time
In line with number 3, schedule time to spend together. It could be every third Friday of the month, or the last weekend of the month…. whatever works for you. But just as you aren’t overscheduling your work commitments, use the free time to schedule family activities in as well.

Enjoying family time even when busy at work can be a challenge especially when it comes to trying to match schedules and coming up with activities to continually rotate the fun, but it will be worth it in the end, when your children grow up and remember how you took the time to try so hard to spend time with them.

Enjoying Family Time Even When Busy At Work

On the other hand, if you’re a (new!) stay at home mum, you might enjoy these tips instead.

New Stay At Home Mums: Read This

In 2011, the median monthly income in Singapore was S$3,249, according to Manpower Ministry data. So the average stay-at-home parent is giving up S$3,249 a month for the privilege of 24/7 supervision of his or her children. Over 20 years, that’s almost S$800,000 — which could buy you a brand new two-room condo unit in the suburbs.

It’s money you could have spent on yourself. Having children can reduce the number of gadgets and fast cars you can accumulate. So why on earth would anyone deprive themselves of the chance to consume more stuff by quitting their job to look after their kids?

This is an argument long rehearsed and repeated, but despite anything, we know stay-at-home moms make very big sacrifices. Stay at home mums (and stay at home dads), we salute you.

From a fellow stay-at-home mom comes pearls of wisdom as well. 

1. It’s OK to vent.

It’s actually necessary and healthy. Just because you complain sometimes doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids or wouldn’t move mountains for them. It’s just that they can make you feel so freaking stressed and tired you want to scratch your eyes out sometimes. That’s normal. Complaining about it helps.

2. It’s OK to ask for help.

This is one I’m trying to get better at myself. When the baby is sick, and so are you, it’s OK to ask your partner to take a day off to help. It’s OK to ask your neighbor to walk your big kid to school if your toddler is having a tantrum about pants. It takes a village, truly. Don’t try to be a martyr all the time. You’ll break from all the pressure.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other SAHMs.

The stay at home mums who seem to have it together really don’t. We all struggle to be organized and patient on a daily basis. We all struggle with worry and fatigue. It’s part of the job. So are yoga pants with holes, and no showers for days on end.

4. Try to get out of the house when you can. You need to talk to other adults.

Listen, I know how impossible it can feel to get out with kids. No one will get dressed, everyone is hungry at the wrong time, you have no clean underwear, and the dishes are piled up to the ceiling. But just put your jacket on over your pj’s, scoop up your kids, and take a walk around the block. Even striking up a conversation with the mailman will help break up the monotony of it all.

5. Throw the guilt in the trash, where it belongs.

I struggled for years with my identity as a stay-at-home mom. Shouldn’t I be doing something more prestigious, something using my college degree? I felt racked with guilt because I wasn’t contributing to our household salary. It’s all bullshit. Careers can be picked up later. Some of us find that motherhood bring gifts to our careers we didn’t expect. And as for the no-income thing? Think about how much you could cost if you hired yourself. See that? You’d break the bank.

6. Take time for yourself.

Here’s another one I’m still working on. And I know it feels impossible to do, especially when your kids are little. But you must do it. If you don’t fill yourself up, you’ll have nothing left to give. Take a 15-minute bath. Take your dinner to your bedroom so you can eat in peace for 10 minutes. Do anything that reminds you of who you are outside the role of mother.

It can be enormously fatiguing and overwhelming to be the sole caretaker for young children. It can be lonely, isolating, and just downright boring. But it’s also beautiful. There are moments I have experienced with my children that are pure magic. I know that however hard it is, I will look back on the whole thing fondly and wish I could relive it all over again.

So, to the brand new stay at home mums: It’s hard. It’s supposed to be. But you are doing it. You’re making memories. And you might not see it yet, but you’re kicking some serious ass. So cut yourself a little slack and bask in the awesomeness of doing some of the most important work on earth.

Stay At Home Mums

Why It’s Tough Being A Toddler

Adult life is hard. Most of us never want to grow up and want to remain 18 forever – with just the right amount of freedom and responsibility, yet not too much responsibility – we don’t need to pay our own bills nor are we expected to feed a family at 18. In Singapore, at 18 you can’t even drive yet, so you don’t even need to pay for petrol and all that. Your parents are still willing to shelter you, given that you’re not yet 21 and barely in university.

So when you grow up and become an adult in time, you’re rudely shocked with all the responsibilities you suddenly need to take on, the bills you need to pay, the money you need to control, the limits you need to set…..

But being a toddler is significantly tougher. Here’s why it’s tough being a toddler.
(Content adapted from Huffington Post.)

1. They don’t know what and how rules work.

As infants, they can do whatever they want, however they want. But as you grow older, you’re expected to follow the rules. It’s tough being a toddler because you only find out what the rules are AFTER you break them. The severity of rules are only enforced after the action.
“So regardless of how pretty the crayon colour, I can’t take it to draw on the walls??!?!”
“So even if no one understands me and I’m really frustrated, I can’t SCREAM TO LET IT ALL OUT?”
“Don’t throw sand.” You say. “But it’s so lightweight and it’s more fun to watch sprinkles of sand all around. I DON’T GET IT. I’ve only  had 3-4 years of life experience!”

Tough Being A Toddler

2. They can’t control their own schedules.
Life is not up to them. They can’t go where they want or do what they want. There’s always a time for them to do something, a place for them to be at, something against themselves they have to do. That sounds a little bit like adults, but at least you have some form of choice at times, and you can decide what activities you want to commit to.

Really enjoying the playground and was told by your parents you’re gonna have a fun time, but you have to leave in 5 minutes??? But if it’s fun and everyone’s happy, why should I have to leave??? It’s so tough being a toddler. It’s bedtime, but this television show is on and you put me in front of the television to be quiet so you could do your work, and I’m quiet, and the cartoon characters are just starting to solve the mystery of the missing candy, but I have to take a nap? Now?? Why???

3. Where’s Mama?
It’s tough being a toddler because the only person you know can suddenly go out of your sight. Don’t leave without me!

4. When you don’t know whether you want to be picked up or put down.
Adults have tough decisions to make? So do toddlers, OKAY.

Of all the drama you think a toddler can get up to, most of it (and this is also the primary reason why it’s tough being a toddler) is because………..

5. They don’t know most things about life yet.

Adults know they can’t drown in their bathtub, and that there’s absolutely no monster under the bed. Toddlers however, do not. If you believed a Golden Retriever wanted to eat you, you would probably be scared of dogs. And if you were worried that the dinosaurs on your pillowcase might come to life while you slept, you might be terrified of linens. That’s why some toddlers are scared of baths, some toddlers are scared of dogs, and some are scared of pillows. Most toddlers have some fears. And, to them, they’re not irrational ones. It’s only life experience — and an understanding of the most basic scientific concepts — that turns the world into a place that makes some sense. Okay, that’s not true. No matter how old you get, the world doesn’t make sense.

Tough Being A Toddler With Scary Dinosaurs

If the cute cartoon dinosaur on your pillow actually looks like this to you (even if it’s in your own head) Why would you want to sleep?

This is why it’s so important to be patient with toddlers, and to give them extra love, simply because it’s very tough being a toddler. If this post tickled you, here are  7 things only parents of toddlers understand.

Parenting Skills To List On Your Résumé

Most people know that a résumé is a document used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills. Ideally, a résumé shouldn’t be more than two pages long because it should be concise as possible, and in it, you don’t have to present ALL your skills, just the best skill sets you have will do.

We realise that this will pose a great challenge for parents. Parenting has given us SO MANY skills we can put in a résumé. You think being able to watch Frozen 50 times in a day and disguising peas and carrots as nuggets and fries can’t be a highly coveted job skill? You might be wrong.

Do you volunteer often at your toddler’s daycare group? Are you involved in your child’s school family activities? So then it probably means that you are a vital part of a team, that you know how to take instructions, give instructions,  and be a good leader and/or supporter. Being great at team work is a crucial skill that any workplace would value, so you can be sure to include that in your résumé, and quantify the number of years and number of people in your team as well.

Remember how your baby vomited all over the place in that swanky new restaurant and a toilet was miles away? Yet you cleverly improvised on the spot and you managed to make sunshine out of what would otherwise be a snowstorm. Despite what anyone said about you or your baby at that time, you can definitely call yourself resourceful, and which employer wouldn’t value an employee with resourcefulness? And you can say to the younger junior executives that hey, parenting taught you that!

Parenting Resourcefulness Quote


Responsible parenting definitely taught you how to budget. Budgeting includes needing to calculate, count and carefully determine what should or shouldn’t be spent on, and this means you would have cultivated the skill of being extremely prudent and precise. Good on you, you can be a valuable asset to your company’s finance or administrative departments.

The role of parenting has definitely taught you how to be highly efficient. You only have a minute to yourself in the toilet maximum before your toddler calls out for you. And while you’re rocking your baby to sleep, your five-year-old is demanding you come out and put Peppa Pig on the television for him, or unlock the iPad so he can access a game NOW. Which means you’ve become very highly efficient in handling and sorting tasks out and that your multitasking game is STRONG and UNBEATABLE.

You are your child’s first (and maybe for a while, only!) coach! They come to you get answers, tips, solutions and everything in between and you give them space to help them figure things out on their own, both of which are very important. So you know when to give and when to let go, when to take charge and when to release, both of which are important skills to have even if you’re the highest corporate official in the company or a newly joined employee.

Before returning to work, remember to make the necessary arrangements with your spouse, other family members, babysitters, and of course your child. Get enough sleep and try to start on a Thursday if you can so you have a short first work week to adjust to the new work environment, and you can start work proper on the second week.

Know friends who are getting adjusted to their new roles of parenting and need a little help? A Diaper Cake  is your answer! Delightfully different, a Diaper Cake comprises diapers, bottles, bibs, rompers and pre-walker shoes. It’s an all-in-one gift even the fussiest of mothers will appreciate, and any good friend or baby shower guest will want to give at a baby shower, hospital birth or first year birthday! 

5 Things Kids Don’t Actually Need

Kids need a lot of things, and as parents, you would want to provide as much as you can for them, because you don’t want them to feel left out or neglected. But there are things kids absolutely DON’T NEED.

1. To have you always take their side even when they’re wrong.
You are your kid’s biggest cheerleader, undoubtedly. You’ve always answered to their first call, and you would never let nobody take a hit at them. But sometimes they need to learn to stand by themselves, and if you’re  always going to be there regardless whatever, they will learn to stand on your feet, not their own, and what good is that? Kids don’t actually need to know mommy is their only voice.

Kids Don't Actually Need You To Be Their Voice - Diapercakes.sg

2. Elaborate birthday parties
Every age is a milestone, yes. And with every milestone, there are new feats and adventures to celebrate, all of which should be celebrated, but need it be at the cost of thousands and why at the cost of ornate Frozen parties or Inside Out decoration after decorations? You probably don’t recall your first birthday party as a child, and probably neither would your child. As the child grows older, he or she might want a huge party to invite all their friends and family to, and all the money you saved during your child’s first 5 years of no frills parties at home with a simple yet special cake and homely celebration would be well worth it by now.  Kids don’t actually need a super big party that blows your budget and wears you (and your child) out.


Kids Don't Actually Need Elaborate Parties - Diapercakes.sg

Let the elaborate party ideas go for a while.

So fancy are some birthday parties that two per cent of the 1,000 parents surveyed said their child has received an iPod in their party bag.

Furthermore, 16 per cent said their child had found make-up in their party bag, while four per cent had received gift vouchers.

 Goody bags with simple chops and stickers to say “thank you” don’t mean anything anymore?

3. Branded clothes
Do brands  mean or matter so much to a young child? As long as it absorbs sweat, washes dirt off well, protects their back from the intense heat or cold rain, and just basically clothe them while they run around for their fourth round of catching, does it really matter if it’s from Prada or Giordano? And if you shop online often, you will understand more than anyone what it’s like.

4. Our guilt
If you tend to worry too much, or feel guilty easily, step back and ask yourself if you’ve tried your best despite circumstances. Chances are, you have, and so, there’s no reason to feel guilty……………. This is of course terribly overarching because how can guilt as a feeling be so easily dissipated at times? Give yourselves and your kids a break!
5. The ~latest~ cell phone.
Kids don’t actually NEED the latest iPhone? Or the latest tablet? Or the latest wifi enabled device? What happened to running outdoors, connecting with people, forming relationships offline? Will the days of asking people questions disappear because kids would rather ask Siri or Google instead?
Kids Don't Actually Need Siri
But if there’s one things babies and new parents need – it’s a DiaperCake, a delightfully different, extremely unique gift that’s pretty and practical all in one.

Check www.diapercakes.sg for more information.

7 Things Only Parents Of Toddlers Understand

Parenting toddlers is one of the biggest challenges anyone can undertake. It’s a chase and a battle to get your toddlers dressed, to feed them, teach them, spend time with them, clean up after them, cook for them, all the while managing work and other commitments. But we know it’s all worth it.

Every Lego on the floor cleverly missed and every tantrum skilfully placated deserves a round of applause, as with every hug given out and every other time you know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are some things only parents of toddlers understand.

1.  There is no manual for raising kids.

With the thousands of books on raising kids out there, you’d think that one of them would tell you exactly how to be a good parent. The truth is, no two kids are the same and no amount of books are going to tell you how to do it right. Your two-year-old could be a screaming banshee and can only utter broken sentences while your neighbour who’s got it all has a two year old who’s half on her way on finding a cure for cancer, and she can put herself to bed promptly at 9pm every night. No two kids are the same, and there is hardly any point comparing.

2. 6am is no longer the time you get in, it’s the time you get up.
Toddlers / www.diapercakes.com.sg
You used to be able to stay up and sleep in, now that option is totally out.

3. Instead of running away from vomit, you run towards it.
OH NO, what could it be that’s causing your child to be sick! Better get him to the doctor immediately!
Toddler Vomiting

4. Silence is not always golden
When Toddlers Are Quiet
Has this ever happened to you? You think you lucked out because your whole house is quiet. You think it’s the result of good behaviour, but you are scarily wrong. Not all the time, thankfully, but there have been some times.

5. The last time you looked at the mirror was with half-closed eyes while brushing your teeth.
There’s no proper time to stand in front of the mirror to preen, pose and groom. Bathroom time alone gets interrupted very easily because there’s always someone around the house or something to tend to.

6. Parents have extra visionary powers
Having Many Eyes To Spy On Your Toddlers
Parents have been trained to keep one eye on their running toddler, and another eye on the display rack, and another eye on the surroundings for any potential danger, and the clock to figure out if it’s time to eat or sleep or leave, and anything else. Being a parent of a toddler means you immediately acquire super-vision.

7. You don’t know any adult TV shows. The only TV shows you know are the cartoons your toddler watches.
If it’s a battle of Arrow versus Peppa Pig, somehow Peppa Pig wins.

Peppa Pig And Toddlers


Parenting toddlers isn’t an easy thing to do, and neither is parenting new borns as well. Know a parent who’s adding on a little fellow to their family for their first time? A Diaper Cake is the perfect gift to them – it’s made of rompers, shoes, bibs and a soft toy, everything a new baby could need or want in their first few months of life.

A gift of love and consideration, what else is better?

Meditation For Parents

You recognise this frenzy: A screaming meltdown from your toddler because something (doesn’t matter if it’s a hairclip or a shoe or the President of the USA) is missing, someone needs to be fed, there’s a pile of homework and forms left untouched and due TODAY, there are errands that need to be run and your shirt is stained and needs a wash, pronto. Not to mention, dinner tonight hasn’t been sorted out and you have a dinner appointment with your husband and some company tonight and the baby sitter has just cancelled on you.

Only one word to describe the reigning emotion in your head now: Stress.

Of course meditation has been suggested time and time again to combat stress. And when the word “meditation” comes to mind, many people think “Ohmmmmmm”, monks, and calming, quiet pastures.

Here are some tips and tricks regarding meditation!

MEDITATION (Defined as a way of life where the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns)

The word meditation, is derived from two Latin words : meditari(to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal). Its Sanskrit derivation ‘medha’ means wisdom.

1. Choose a good time of the day. 

I initially thought that I would meditate before bed because I figured it would help me sleep. Turns out, that actually defeats the purpose.

It’s much better to start the day with meditation, if only just a few minutes, because it’s all about achieving awareness and focus, not sleep.

Suggestion: Play around with time before settling in on a routine. It might take a few tries before you realize that you actually get a bigger benefit from meditation when you do it at a certain time over another.

2. Find a quiet place. 

Since I have time during my day when there are no children in the house — and I know plenty of you aren’t at that stage yet —  it’s admittedly not that hard for me to find a quiet place. But even when my entire house is a quiet place with no kids around, I can still be easily distracted. So, I’ve chosen a comfortable little spot just outside my bedroom that’s fairly secluded, which has forced me to truly focus on my breathing and nothing else.

Suggestion: Pick a spot that isn’t conducive to sleep. I made the mistake of trying to meditate in bed and I ended up just wanting to lay down and take a nap.

3. Prepare yourself. 

I created a short routine before my meditation started, and it really only involves doing a few neck rolls and arm stretches and then thinking one positive thought about myself. I found that loosening up my muscles helps me slow my breath down, and it even makes the meditation process much more comfortable.

Suggestion: Remember that you’re stretching to relax and breathe, not work out, so don’t overdo it. If it helps you to do yoga-type stretches, then go for it, but your goal is to feel energized, not sore — and not to squeeze in a workout while you’re here. Keep your goals single-minded!


4. Breathe. 

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to completely and solely focus on nothing but your breath. Have you ever done that before? There is so much power in breathing, and particularly in slow breathing. It can feel a little awkward at first, but wow, trust me when I say you will feel the difference immediately.

Suggestion: Nose breathing can be the most calming (as opposed to mouth breathing), so if you need help slowing it down, think “in through your nose, out through your nose” and repeat that to yourself.
A few moments of meditation won’t magically make your life stress-free, but it will help relieve your stress a little bit, and clear your head too. Feel the stress of life melt away as you keep living the best you can!

Meditation / Credits: summerismyeverything.tumblr.com


How To Encourage Entrepreneurship In Your Kids

“The world belongs to those who think and act with it, those who keep a finger on its pulse.”

Creativity, empowerment and individuality are traits that are very highly valued. We are imbuing these traits to our young ones more and more because in a world where everything changes so quickly, having a one track mind and expecting answers to fall from the sky won’t be a way to ensure survivability or success. Encouraging entrepreneurship in your kids will not only develop a more acute sense for critical thinking but also a deeper understanding of a subject which many parents are struggling to explain – boundaries. The sooner your children learn about some basic economic models – like the concept of money – the sooner they will come to terms with all those limits you will eventually have to place upon them.

  1. Goal Setting
    Setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation. To build entrepreneurship in your kids, ask your children to write down their top 10 goals and which one is the easiest to achieve or most important to them right now. Next, break down that goal into achievable steps and encourage them to start on those steps immediately.Encourage Entrepreneurship In Your Kids
  2. Recognise opportunities
    Encourage entrepreneurship in your kids by teaching them to recognise opportunity. As a famous saying goes, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Go through common problems faced in life with your child like a long queue in the school canteen or a rainy day dampening a family day out, then brainstorm creative solutions for these problems instead. This will cause your children to look at the solutions, not the problems.
  3. Financial literacy
    Teaching your kids the importance of saving, how to save, and the difference between needs and wants. Educate them about investing and how their money could be used to create more money in the future.  It can be made easier with an app OCBC created for financial literacy.
  4. Effective communication
    Nowadays, children’s communication skills aren’t as fluent what with the rise of social media, emojis, Successful businesses require that people actually speak to one another. Teaching your children to communicate effectively will provide them with the winning edge in business and in their personal relationships. Practice maintaining eye contact when speaking in person. When using the telephone, teach your children to speak slowly and clearly. A bonus activity would be to practice communicating to your children with e-mails. Do not allow them to abbreviate words and phrases, but instead, write grammatically correct sentences that flow together and convey a complete message.
  5. Encourage adventure and observational skills
    Some of the best entrepreneurs found success simply by filling a need that no one else even knew existed. The world is full of business opportunities, if only we could notice them. Parents can help their children learn to recognize these types of opportunities by developing observation and creativity. Walk around your neighborhood with your kids and consider which needs are not being met. Do you have neighbors that need some service? Businesses that need a website? Teach kids to recognize and anticipate the needs of others.

    Encouraging entrepreneurship in your kids might not be the easiest or most natural thing to do, and even if your kids don’t make it to the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, these are traits and skills you want developed in them.

Photos Of Your Children Not To Post

Everyone can be a photographer nowadays. Armed with an iPhone, it’s so easy to point, shoot and upload all in a matter of seconds. We take photos of what matter to us most and for us parents, our children matter the most to us. So we capture every growing milestone and we are eager to share it with our friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (inserts anywhere you can think of) However………. there are photos of your children not to post.

Because the photos you are posting might indirectly be bringing harm.
Photos Of Your Children Not To Post

  1. Photos Of Others’ Kids
    You are all right posting pictures of your little John and Jane squealing around on the playground, fighting over swings, but other parents might not be all right having pictures of their children floating around on your Facebook profile open to everyone. Be sure you respect the stances of the rest of the parents and blur out any kids’ faces or simply not tag them.
  2. Where They Go To School
    Photos Of Your Children Not To Post

    This is something you should post. Neither the school name nor the children’s faces can be seen.

    You never truly know who has access to your posts and could be stalking your child/family. These are photos of your children not to post, ever.

  3. Nude photos
    Photos Of Your Children Not To Post
    The reasons are obvious. Yes, splashing around the water with arm rolls as floats is very cute, but 10 years down the road, your child might not be comfortable with the fact that your Facebook friends have all seen him naked. Innocent family photos can also be taken from blogs, social media accounts, or other photo-sharing sites and photoshopped to give pedophiles a thrill. Other times the photos themselves aren’t doctored, but are posted with other inappropriate content, captions or comments that lead to links of child pornography. One mother in Utah recently found pictures of her two young daughters together with captions implying extremely disturbing situations. Especially enticing are photos where a user can make eye-contact with their victims or where there is partial nudity, like a bath or diaper photo.
  4. Unsafe activities
    So for a brief five minutes, you let your child sit in the passenger seat of your car without a seatbelt, or for fun, you let your child palm a beer bottle (but he didn’t drink the liquor actually!) Photos of these moments were all captured in the name of fun, but everyone has an opinion and a platform to voice that opinion nowadays and your choices will have consequences – in the form of criticism and more. Simply take those photos down so that no one can criticise you nor your child.
  5. Anything else your kids might not want public
    Think for your child. There’s “It’s so cute, everyone will laugh along!” and just…. pictures that act as fodder for bullies or anyone else to make fun of your kids in future. Such photos are photos of your children you should not post, simply because embarrassment and humiliation can smack them up front in the face a few years down the road, even if you didn’t intend for it. Be nice, these are such photos of your children not to post.

Useful Housework Hacks

Allowances, nagging and yelling can all work to a certain extent in getting your children to do the chores they were supposed to complete days ago. But to save your sanity and to reduce the disagreements between your children and you, here’s a few housework hacks.

1. Watch what you say
Tone down your complaining. Kids are listening, and they are very mouldable! If all you talk about is how much you hate folding the laundry or mopping the floors, they will sub consciously adopt that same attitude, and produce that same complaining, moping tone you’re using as well.

2. Be a team, not a dictatorship
Screaming and ordering don’t help much if you want someone to listen to you. Be a part of a team with your child, so they see themselves as part of a team, not just some junior around the house to be ordered around.

Practical tips:

1. Use fabric conditioner as an air freshener
This is a more cost-effective way to fill your house with the scent of fresh laundry than buying premium candles. Simply place your favorite fabric conditioner, along with some water, in an empty spray bottle and use just like your favorite air freshener. – See more at:


  1. Clean up broken glass with white bread.

    The bread absorbs all those tiny shards that you might miss with a broom alone.

    3. Clean stainless steel pans with vinegar.
    Cooked an amazing meal, but left with stains at the bottom of your pan? Rather than using elbow grease to clean them, make the job easier with vinegar. Simply pour some vinegar into the pan along with some water, and slowly bring the mixture to a boil. Your house will smell of vinegar for a bit, but your joints will thank you.

    4. Cleaning your blender
    Save valuable time by filling a blender with warm water and dish soap, then turning it on and blending for a few seconds. Rinse with clean water and dry.

5. Clean wooden furniture with beer

If you find yourself with leftover beer or find some beer that is no longer drinkable, use it to clean around the house. Flat beer works best, but a regular beer will work as well. Simply, pour a bit of beer onto a soft cloth and start wiping down your wood furniture. Once you have gone over it once, take a dry cloth and go over it again to shine it up. This not only will leave your furniture looking new and shiny it will also help preserve the woods coloring.

With all that time saved, what do you want to do now?