How To Be “Most Hated Person” At A Baby Shower

So baby showers aren’t your thing. You aren’t exactly excited for the arrival of a new one, and innocent shrieks or loud cries to you are all the same – distractions from an otherwise peaceful life. You don’t see the point in gathering at someone’s house with not enough food to go around, having to wonder over onesies you can’t fit into and having to play game after game to celebrate the fact your friend got pregnant.

Yes, there’s a joy that there’s going to be an addition to their family, but need there be such a big deal, you think to yourself. You who are reading this already know your face is going to be one of the most sullen at the party…….. So if you want to take it up a notch and be one of the most hated person at a baby shower, you’ve got it here.

1. Wear something that shows HOW NOT PREGNANT you are
Forget being age appropriate or dressing for the occasion. Wear your tank tops or crop tops and emphasise just how nice it is to be able to move around freely with no restriction or no belly in the way. Throw in a pair of pretty shoes that no pair of swollen, pregnant feet can fit into.


How To Be The Most Hated Person At A Baby Shower

Yes, Hailey Baldwin!

2. Talk loudly about your engaging, childless life

You’d be killing the mood as fast as a bullet train once you launch into a monologue of how your life is without children. If people are paying attention to you, that is.
“I’m going to Bali for a holiday next week, then it’s Paris for a photoshoot after that, then it’s a long list of creative projects! Everything is so fulfilling and there’s nothing in my way!” You say proudly and loudly, to the disgust of many around you because it’s a baby shower celebrating the gift of children, after all.

3. Show up late and without a present.
Be Kesha and insist that “The party don’t start till I walk in”

Breeze into the room, reeking of champagne and Chanel No. 5 an hour late, making a grand entrance in stilettos with a large, fashionable tote bag.

“Oh darlings, I’m so sorry I’m late, traffic was a NIGHTMARE,” you will dramatically lament as if it’s YOU who is under stress. And in that tote bag, there’s no present at all, because you “totally forgot” and you cheesily say “Presence matters more than presents”. Your absence will be appreciated more than your presence this time round.

4. Don’t participate in games.

When it’s time to play games, or open presents for that matter, simply don’t participate. I mean, no one can FORCE you. In fact, gather a group of other salacious girls to gossip in the kitchen with you. Party pooper.

Most Hated Person At Baby Shower

Mission accomplished, you are the most hated person at the baby shower. One wonders why you even went to the party only to put in so much effort to make it suck.

How Long Would Women Stay At The Hospital After Birth?

How long would women stay at the hospital after birth? When it comes to giving birth, it has been reported in the CDC that in 1981, American women were averaging nearly 4 days in hospital recovery after birth. But an increase in health care costs has forced this number down. (It’s always money, isn’t it?)

To prevent that number from dipping too far down in the US, Congress passed the Newborns’ and Mothers’ Health Protection Act in 1996, requiring insurers to cover at least 48 hours of hospital stay for complication-free vaginal deliveries and 96 hours for c-sections. On a global scale, the World Health Organization recommends women remain hospitalized for 24 hours after a vaginal birth.

In Singapore, we have plenty of options as to how one wants to give birth – in a private or a public hospital, and the hospital stay normally varies from a night to two nights.

There has been a study conducted to talk more about how long do women stay at the hospital after birth. Might not be the most interesting to read, but definitely something fun to know!

  1. Cesarean-section mode of delivery was independently and consistently associated with longer lengths of stay, and had the largest effect size.
  2. Deliveries with other need-related factors (twins or triplets, lower birthweight, or an index child who died before or on the discharge day) were independently and consistently associated with longer lengths of stay.
  3. Deliveries where infants died after discharge were associated with shorter average stays and more stays that were too short in the crude means and proportions, but the pattern reversed, such that death after discharge was associated with longer stays (although not always statistically significantly), once country was adjusted for. This reversal of the direction of association was because, on average, countries with higher infant mortality—and hence higher post-discharge mortality—had shorter lengths of stay.How Long Would Women Stay At The Hospital After Birth Map

    There’s a picture of the world map with regions documenting the length of hospital stays.

  4. Additionally, women whose newborns were wanted stayed longer (and were less likely to stay too short) than those whose pregnancies were mistimed or unwanted.How Long Would Women Stay At The Hospital After Birth?

    So as new mothers, women don’t typically spend a lot of time in the hospital after birth. But they do spend a lot of time learning a lot of things while they’re newly hospitalised, like how to breastfeed, how to manage their baby and how to take care of their baby in the first few months.

    And as a good friend/fellow parent, you’re all about making his/her life better, right? So we’ll tell you the perfect gift – A Diapercake!

    So… “How long would women stay at the hospital after birth….?” It wouldn’t matter so much because they’re made extra comfortable with your loving thoughts and gifts.

    A tight, warm swaddling blanket, comfortable romper and a matching pair of shoes…. they’re light, presentable, beautiful and welcome for any baby shower, and of course, the birth of a new loved one.

Baby Shower Myths

Want to throw a baby shower but then again……. You wonder WHY you have to do it, or how baby showers all came about? We give you a complete lowdown on the entire baby shower showdown. Unclear baby shower myths, be gone!

Myth: Baby Showers are for women only.
Fact: It’s 2016!!! Coed baby showers are becoming more common. Many husbands would really enjoy going to a baby shower with their wife. A baby shower is an exciting event with friends and family.  The father to be would love to be part of celebrating the arrival of a new baby, and unless a baby shower is stated girls-only, why be exclusive? If you decide on a couples’ party, just be sure the boys have something (food/beer/guitar hero) to bond over.

Myth: Baby showers are all about giving gifts.
Fact: Nope. Ever heard that it’s the presence and not the presents that count more? Baby showers are not all about gift giving. It’s a great time for sharing experiences by experienced moms with the new mom to be as well as to bond and spend quality time with family and friends. Of course receiving gifts is a sure way to make a new mother smile or feel loved, but it’s not always about the gift boxes wrapped in ribbons. You can’t wrap advice with a ribbon

Myth: Baby shower gifts should be for the newborn age only.
Fact: Why restrict the suitability of your gifts to just a newborn age? Think forward and think a few years down! Most new parents get so many baby gifts for the newborn stage that they never get used and get passed down or donated instead. This is because newborn babies grow so fast!  Get a baby gift a child can grow into or be used at an infant stage or even toddler.

Myth: A baby shower must have a theme.
Fact: Having a baby shower theme is always nice, but it’s not a requirement.  There are many things you can do to make the venue feel special, whether you are hosting a baby shower at home or in a fancy restaurant.  We’ve got some tips for a budget baby shower you might appreciate.

Hamster Who Understands Baby Shower Myths

Because now you know better about baby shower myths and you know they aren’t so crazily hard to deal with!

Great Baby Shower Gifts To Get Despite Lack Of Time

Pressed for time on finding the perfect gift for that newborn or special little one in your life? A lack of time doesn’t mean you have to give trashy baby shower gifts.

1. Gift certificate is a perfect place to find a variety of gift tags for that new mother who needs some lovely pampering. You can get vouchers from Aramsa Spa Singapore or Crabtree & Evelyn as a way to bless the new mother, and you will get a ton of gratitude for it in return.

2. Chime Ball 
Be the one to give the baby a ball of a time with this beautiful chime ball as one of your baby shower gifts. When the baby starts crawling, this ball will be a delight for him to chase after!

3. Non contact thermometers
Not the most traditional gift out of all baby shower gifts, but a non contact thermometer can be very welcome. It is a portable non-contact thermometers that detect the surface temperature of objects safely from a distance via infrared energy.
Non Contact Thermometer For Baby Shower Gifts

4. Baby blankets
Super soft and snuggly, baby blankets and quilts keep the little one warm and secure, though he will be swaddled with love through his entire baby shower, for sure.
Comfortable Blanket For Baby Shower Gifts
Isn’t this one blanket you’d love to get your paws on?

5. Moisturising cream

Moisturising cream can reduce stretch marks and can kiss the tired new mum look goodbye. Before you purchase anything, make sure the mother doesn’t have any existing allergy or skin condition

6. Baby lotions
Be extra kind and loving and spoil both mum and baby with thoughtful lotions, creams and gels all in a set! Some stores already have it pre-packed for you, so you can save the time of shopping.

A great baby bath gift set can be found right here. Other stores that you could consider include Kiehls’, Bath and Body Works, and Dr Hauschka. Feel your skin needing a little rub and gentle swash? We too.

7. Flowers
In the midst of diapers and breast pumps, one forgets that the simple act of sending flowers can make a person feel all warm and loved and keep the house or office smelling sweetly. A simple, cheerful bouquet of sunflowers, or a pretty, put-together bunch of daisies and baby’s breath, the difference you make will be appreciated. You even have flowers on your face. You have tulips. (two lips)

8. DiaperCake
The most thoughtful of the lot, a Diapercake is so delightfully different. You get to assemble a romper, a pair of shoes, a bib, a soft toy, and most importantly, diapers, all in one cake that is too good to eat. You can’t say “It’s too good to be true”, because it is true. Placing an order will only take a matter of minutes, and with a long range of designs available, we won’t be surprised if you cart out more than 1 DiaperCake for that special baby.


Baby Gifts That Won’t Stink

Baby Gifts And Baby Poop
We hope we didn’t open with a stink. To discover the baby gift out of all baby gifts, keep reading.

When you’re a parent for the first time, it’s natural to get worried and anxious about the littlest of things, because you have had no prior experience with child rearing whatsoever. The last time you were a baby was 20-30 years ago, and at gatherings with babies, you’ve rarely had to deal with the stinky parts of taking care of babies – like a smelly diaper or likewise.

Baby poop can constitute almost all the colours of a rainbow, some of which can be worrying. With all that poop, what else goes along with it?

Diapers, of course!

Cost Of Disposable Diapers:

Disposable diapers cost about $62.50 per month, $750 per year, or $1,500 over the full time a child is in diapers.

 For these calculations, let’s assumed that a family needs about 60 diapers a week. That number will be higher for newborns and lower for toddlers. The best-selling disposable diapers on the two top-selling websites for disposable diapers cost from $.17 to $.31 each. This averages to $.24 per diaper. Disposable diapers will cost about $1,500 for the average child for two years in disposable diapers, or about $62.50 a month.

Being new parents can surely be tough on the wallet, so you know you’re a good friend or family member if when you were invited to their baby shower, or even as a simple act of goodwill, out of all the baby gifts to give, you thought of a DIAPER CAKE.

Diaper Cake Baby Gifts

A Diaper Cake contains disposable diapers, baby shoes, a soft toy, a romper, a bib, a blanket and a pair of socks. One of the better and more practical baby gifts you could hope to give.

Lovingly assembled and quickly delivered to you when you need it, never be at a loss and never worry about giving a bad gift at a baby shower ever again.

8 Tips For A Budget Baby Shower

Thinking of throwing a baby shower but don’t want to break the bank? We hope these tips prove helpful as you organise your first (or second, or third!) baby shower. With some creative juices and a pair of hands and flair for DIY art, your baby shower will look like a million bucks.

1. Location

Of course the venue is an important aspect. You don’t want to have a baby shower in an overcrowded restaurant that will drown out otherwise intimate, comfortable conversations, but you don’t want it too drab and squeezy either. The best and most cost-saving option would be to have it at home, where everyone can be most comfortable, but if that is not possible, having it at a friend’s home, or outdoors like the Singapore Botanic Gardens under the cerulean blue sky is an option too. If you plan to hold it outdoors, there could be limitations to decorations and having a back up plan in the case of thundery showers is a must.

Botanic Gardens Budget Baby Shower

Perfect for a small, cosy gathering.

2. Bib garland
This decor idea is pretty, yet functional. Creating a garland out of bibs or onesies is simple, and the new mom will love that the decor becomes part of her baby stash immediately.

Just hang a piece of twine or ribbon across a window or mantle, or above a table. Then, use clothespins to hang onesies or bibs – in any color – across the twine. You can get onesies and bibs for cheap by buying them in bulk

3. Recruit stuffed animals for decor

Having it at home? To add on to the theme of welcoming a baby, furry animal friends make great decorations as well! Bring out the beanie babies and other cute soft toys. A soft stuffed bear can guard the punch, while an adorable giraffe presides over the cheese and crackers platter.

Our Diapercakes can serve as adorable decoration props.

Diaper Cake For A Baby Shower

Soft toy, adorable onesie and matching shoes, check!

4. Always check the clearance section, or Daiso.
Don’t rush to Spotlight first or Paper Market. Check clearance aisles, Carousell or Daiso to see if these cheaper alternatives have what you need.

5.Serve food in scrapbook paper cones!


(Pic credits to

Wow, these pretty cones are made from scrapbook paper! Not only is this a creative way to serve food, it saves costs too. If you’ve got extra scrapbook paper lying around,  simply roll it up and tape into place. Pour some nuts or popcorn inside, and you’ve got yourself a kacang puteh bar. To make a box for your cones, find a flat, simple box, turn it over, poke some holes at the base, and voila!

6. Always buy food in bulk

While on the topic of preparing food, consider buying food in bulk. As you’d already know, more for less is always worth it, and buying food in bulk is a great way to ensure you have more than enough food for everyone without breaking the bank. Or you could always organise a potluck party where everyone brings their own favourite dish, and you get a variety as well.

7. Avoid lunch or dinner time.
Set a time of day that doesn’t require an entire meal to be served. Having a snack bar, dessert bar, etc. will cost much less than a full meal. Skip the caterers and set the food out/make it yourself.

8. Invitations

Instead of a paper-and-pen invitation, consider using online invitation portals like Evite, or having a Facebook event page altogether. This way, after the baby shower is over, guests can post their pictures straight to the Facebook event page, without you having to ask your Whatsapp groups for them.

Here you go, some helpful tips to throw a baby shower that won’t leave you with an empty pocket. The happiest part of a celebration is to be surrounded with your closest friends and family, is there any need to spend a thousand dollars to make that happen?

Baby Gift Ideas For New Mums

Commonly asked questions include “What should we get for new parents or new mothers?” If you’ve already crossed off the idea of a Diaper Cake (not that you would, if you’ve seen the huge range of Diapercakes we offer) here are other gifts you can get to pamper your friend into the new world of parenting.

1. A Kindle
There’s not much to do while rocking the baby to sleep, or feeding the little one. Watching TV is probably out of the question because the loud volume might wake the baby, nor is surfing the net because how do you balance the laptop or type on the iPad with a baby on your lap? A Kindle is a perfect idea because you can upload plenty of books inside, and read at leisure, and flip a page with just a single flick or tap.

Lazada offers many types of Kindles, so you’ll find one you like for sure.

2. A custom mommy necklace
Which girl couldn’t use one more necklace in her collection? Bonus point if the necklace is made of a safe material whereby upon accidental consumption, Baby won’t die of poisoning. 2 bonus points if the necklace is actually chewable!

This necklace even allows for adding charms on to it, if the mother so desires.

3. Chocolate covered strawberries
Very random, but chocolate-covered strawberries make a surprisingly wonderful new-mom BABY gift. They are rich and decadent, yet fresh and healthy, somewhat similar to what it’s like to be a new mother, embarking on an enriching, wonderful adventure, and staying healthy and tip top as much as you can, in order to be the best mother to your child.

4. A pretty, floaty top
Trying to find clothes to match that post-baby body isn’t always the easiest and it’s common to have post-natal depression. Since the new mother can’t participate in retail therapy for a while, give her a little thought of kindness and indulge her in a pretty top as a baby gift like this:

Dress As A Baby Gift
Maternity Stripe Pocket Dress

5. Bathtub divider
If the new parent isn’t planning to buy a smaller tub just to bathe baby and have it be outgrown in a year or so, you can consider getting a bathtub divider for her.

Bathtub Divider Baby Gift Baby Dam Bathtub Divider Baby Gift

Not only will it help to save water, but it will also make it safer for babies and younger children because they will have lesser space to make mischief.

7. A delicious body scrub
After a long day and night of taking care of the baby, what could be a more enjoyable and relaxing baby gift than having a delicious smelling body scrub while in the shower to help relax?

Feel like a rock star with the rock star star (100g).

8. The gift of no pressure
Perhaps the best baby gift is the gift of no pressure. Send her daily words of encouragement and love and sign off with “Take your time to reply, I understand, no pressure!” To let her know she’s not alone, and to let her know there’s someone rooting for her when she’s feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

A Baby Hamper Can Solve Such Problems.

A baby hamper can solve all or most of the common problems faced in life.

1. Nothing to talk about.
We’ve all had days where even the simplest topic like the weather is too boring to talk about. Not that clouds and sun are the most interesting elements of the world to begin with, but generally, the weather does provide for something to talk about.

A baby hamper can give them something to talk about.

Holding a baby hamper elaborately stuffed with all things cute yet practical (Like a Diapercake!) means your conversation can become something like this:

Friend: What’s that you’re holding? It’s so soft and cute! I almost want to put it to my face.
Me: You’re not the lucky recipient, it’s for……… (inserts name here)

A conversation about the lucky baby recipient ensues and everybody knows a conversation about babies can go on non stop (like a baby’s babble!)

2. Nothing to wear

This probably wouldn’t solve your cries of “There’s nothing to wear!” (when you just shopped 2 weeks ago) but it would solve your baby’s cries for nothing to wear (literally) A baby hamper can be customised to your needs, so fill it up with onesies (read our recent post on Top Baby Items) and other adorable, yet practical clothing items for the little one to wear and re-wear.

3. Nothing suitable to use
New mothers mostly end up with many things they don’t really need – like a bunch of soft toys, for example. Soft toys are great for decorating up a baby’s nursery and add plenty of colour and make a kid’s room look very cheerful and pleasant, but they’re not really useful.
A baby hamper would make a welcome addition among the soft toys.

Fill up your baby hamper with products that the new mother will actually use – nipple cream, creams gentle on the baby’s skin, a small tin of milk powder possibly, and most importantly, diapers!

4. Nothing suitable to give

Ever received an invitation for a baby shower and not known what to give? Don’t turn up empty handed nor turn up with yet another red packet, but give a Diapercake instead.

It’s a gift everyone would love to receive – blankets of your choice cutely stacked on top of each other to make a 2 tier cake surrounded with other practical items of your choice. So be the different one from your group of friends, and let your useful gift be remembered in months to come as the new mother uses item after item from the Diapercake. All Diapercakes can be customised to meet each person’s different need and budget, so don’t worry about not finding something.

Top Baby Items

Congratulations on your life being richer and fuller with the addition of a little one! Taking care of a baby is hard enough (hello days that never seem to end and sleeps that are never enough!) Here are some baby items you definitely need on hand but you might not yet know about!

1. Bassinet
To be used for sleeping, ensure your bassinet complies with safety standards before making that purchase.

baby bassinet

2. Baby Monitor
It’s like having an extra pair of ears in the house, except this one won’t eavesdrop on your personal conversations (if you’re careful enough). Check the range and frequency before you add your baby monitor to your list of baby items. Choose one that has a large enough range to be useful in your home and a frequency different from your electrical goods.


3. Baby bodysuits
Onesie, onesies, onesies! Go for thin yet comfortable, or warm and cosy. One of the must have baby items.


The cute thing about baby onesies is that they always come in cheeky, punny designs that can be used to make fun of your baby (in a good way!)

4. Baby wipes.
Disposable or reusable, ensure you have plenty on hand because these wipes will come in handy from wiping spills, messes and hands to changing diapers.

baby wipes

Your other best friend next to Kleenex!

5. Changing pad
Consider bringing your own changing pad although many malls and public toilets have changing tables. But you don’t know how often that changing table is cleaned or not, so best to bring your own changing pad to reduce the chances of Baby catching something nasty.

6.  Diaper bag
Apart from diapers and wipes, you have to tote around toys, a change of clothes, bottles, blankets and other miscellaneous items around. So get a roomy bag with a thick strap that won’t kill your shoulders when you carry it. There are plenty of eye catching designs nowadays so you don’t look like a frumpy mum!

7. A stroller
You don’t want dead arms carrying your baby around when he hasn’t even reached 1. Invest in a stroller that can fit your needs and can fit into your home and car comfortably.

8. Nipple cream
Breastfeeding? You need nipple cream to soothe sore, cracked or chapped nipples. In addition, nipple creams can be used as a lip balm for your lips! Just think about it, if it’s safe for your baby lips then it is definitely safe for your lips. You can also apply it to any dry areas of your skin such as cracked heels or blistered toes, so fret not if you’re worried about the possibility of a half-used tube.


Thinking about some practical baby items to give to your friend becoming a new mother? How about a lovingly packaged, thoughtfully assembled Diapercake for her? We have Diapercakes that can fit every budget and need, feel free to shop around and pick one you like.

Useful Housework Hacks

Allowances, nagging and yelling can all work to a certain extent in getting your children to do the chores they were supposed to complete days ago. But to save your sanity and to reduce the disagreements between your children and you, here’s a few housework hacks.

1. Watch what you say
Tone down your complaining. Kids are listening, and they are very mouldable! If all you talk about is how much you hate folding the laundry or mopping the floors, they will sub consciously adopt that same attitude, and produce that same complaining, moping tone you’re using as well.

2. Be a team, not a dictatorship
Screaming and ordering don’t help much if you want someone to listen to you. Be a part of a team with your child, so they see themselves as part of a team, not just some junior around the house to be ordered around.

Practical tips:

1. Use fabric conditioner as an air freshener
This is a more cost-effective way to fill your house with the scent of fresh laundry than buying premium candles. Simply place your favorite fabric conditioner, along with some water, in an empty spray bottle and use just like your favorite air freshener. – See more at:


  1. Clean up broken glass with white bread.

    The bread absorbs all those tiny shards that you might miss with a broom alone.

    3. Clean stainless steel pans with vinegar.
    Cooked an amazing meal, but left with stains at the bottom of your pan? Rather than using elbow grease to clean them, make the job easier with vinegar. Simply pour some vinegar into the pan along with some water, and slowly bring the mixture to a boil. Your house will smell of vinegar for a bit, but your joints will thank you.

    4. Cleaning your blender
    Save valuable time by filling a blender with warm water and dish soap, then turning it on and blending for a few seconds. Rinse with clean water and dry.

5. Clean wooden furniture with beer

If you find yourself with leftover beer or find some beer that is no longer drinkable, use it to clean around the house. Flat beer works best, but a regular beer will work as well. Simply, pour a bit of beer onto a soft cloth and start wiping down your wood furniture. Once you have gone over it once, take a dry cloth and go over it again to shine it up. This not only will leave your furniture looking new and shiny it will also help preserve the woods coloring.

With all that time saved, what do you want to do now?