2 Tier Unicorn Baby Shower Gift with Elephant Animated Plush

Mommy’s Girl has arrived!  We are proud to play a part in welcoming a newborn princess with this 2 tier unicorn baby shower gift hamper.  Hello Baby Maya!

Our customer decided to pair this baby shower gift with our best selling Flappy the Elephant animated plush.  This adorable elephant plush toy sings and plays peek-a-boo with his ears!  A sure hit with the baby girl when she is a few months older.

What is in the cake? Everything cute and practical, as with all our diaper cakes!

25 pieces Huggies disposable diapers, a Mommy’s girl baby onesie, a pair of baby shoes, socks, swaddling blanket, feeding bib and a cute 14cm pink unicorn plush toy.

All packed in a nice 46cm tall exclusive baby shower gift box that is only available from Diaper Cakes Singapore.

Unicorn Baby shower gift with flappy Elephant

Congratulations to Komal on the arrival of your little princess! And thank you Claire for your support!


Free Delivery Baby Gifts Wilkie Edge

This unicorn baby shower gift was delivered to Wilkie Edge.  Searching for a last minute baby shower gift in the Bukit Timah, orchard area? We can help! Free next day delivery for all our diaper cakes, or same day delivery if you pay a nominal sum of $9.  We deliver to residential estates, condominiums, hotels, hospitals, you name it.

2 Tier Eeyore Baby Gift Diaper Cake Hamper

Welcome Mommy’s Prince Charming with this 2 Tier Disney Eeyore baby gift diaper cake.  Sure to put a smile on the new mother’s face!

Created with 25 disposable Huggies diapers, swaddling blanket, a grey baby onesie, a pair of blue soft sole pre-walker shoes, a baby feeding bib, baby socks, and a authentic Disney Eeyore soft toy, this baby gift hamper is full of practical goodies that look so good and yummy when combined into a cake like structure!

Up the cuteness level with an 18cm Self inflatable balloon with the words “It’s A Boy” printed on it.  Not your first time buying a diaper cake?  Ask us for the balloon FOC!

Thank you May for your support.  Hope your godparents liked the diaper cake we made.

2 tier Eeyore Baby gift diaper cake

Free Delivery Baby Gifts One Tree Hill Grange Road

This 2 tier Eeyore diaper cake was delivered free of charge to One Tree Hill Residences.  If you are looking for a baby gift, we provide free delivery to the Orchard road and Grange road areas.  Whether it’s a hospital, hotel or residential area, we can deliver the diaper cake baby gift to your doorstep. Need a last minute gift?  We also do same day delivery for a nominal sum of $9.

2 Tier Piglet Baby Gift Diaper Cake

This 2 tier Piglet baby gift Diaper Cake has a cute slogan baby onesie with the words “Princess Fussy Pants” printed on it in pink.

Because babies can be so fussy at times!! But they are super cute all the same. Plus the “fussiness” stage doesn’t last very long before they are all grown up!

Congratulations to Randyce with love from your USB Taiwan Team.

2 Tier Piglet baby gift diaper cake

What’s in the cake?  Plenty!

25 pieces of Huggies disposable diapers in Medium size, a swaddling blanket, a pair of prewalker shoes, baby onesie, socks, bib, and a original Disney Piglet plush toy.  Plus a sweet 18cm It’s a Girl foil balloon to top it off.


About Diaper Cakes Singapore

Well known in the local baby gifts market for it’s beautifully packed baby gift hampers, Diaper Cakes have been given by ministers and featured in the local magazines and newspapers.  We also have the widest range of designs suitable to fit any budget.

Because baby gifts CAN be both practical and cute.


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This Piglet baby gift diaper cake was delivered to Mount Elizabeth Hospital Novena.  With one of the fastest turnaround, Diaper Cakes Singapore can deliver your baby gift the next day for free if your order is above $50.  If you want to impress your recipient, and be the first gift to arrive at the hospital, we can also offer same day delivery for additional $9.

3 Tier Boo Dog Baby Gift Diaper Cake

It’s A Boy!  This 3 tier diaper cake baby gift features the world’s cutest dog Boo dressed up in a dragon costume.

For baby boy Raphael from his Auntie Joanna.

3 Tier Boo Dog Baby gift diaper cake

Measuring 46cm high, this towering baby gift hamper is made with lots of goodies.  2 baby onesies, 2 pairs socks, 1 baby bib, swaddling blanket, a pair of prewalker shoes, 32 Huggies disaposable diapers, and a plush toy featuring our cute little Boo the Dog as a dragon.

We love the slogan onesies, which suggests Baby Raphael got his good looks from Daddy, but Mommy is still the Boss!  Both will definitely put a smile on the new parents’ faces.

This Diaper Cake Baby Gift also comes with an 18cm self inflatable foil balloon with a blue whale and the words “It’s A Boy” printed on it. A perfect addition to our beautiful baby gift box packaging.


About Diaper Cakes Baby Gifts:

Baby gifts should be both cute and practical.  These 2 criterion, which are crucial when searching for the perfect baby gift, should not be mutually exclusive.  At Diaper Cakes Singapore, we make sure the cuteness and practicality aspects of your baby gift are not compromised.    Plus, we also strive to make sure your cute and practical baby gift reaches the recipient quickly too!

With the widest range of designs to choose from, and the only one with an impressive 46cm tall baby gift box packaging, we also provide free next day delivery.

Need the baby gift urgently?  After all, babies can be born anytime.  So why wait?  We offer same day delivery for extra $9, so your gift can be the first to arrive at the hospital!


Free Delivery Baby Gifts Kovan Residences:

This 3 tier diaper cake was delivered to Kovan Residences. We offer delivery services for our diaper cakes to hospitals, hotels and residential areas like HDB estates and condominiums at no extra charges.

If your baby gift is below $50 to qualify for our free delivery, you can just top up a nominal sum of $9 for courier service to your doorstep!


Pregnancy superstitions and why we should follow them

pregnancy superstitions

When you first announce your pregnancy, you get the usual – “Congrats! Remember not to do xxxxx”. Like hey, it’s my child, don’t tell me how to raise them.

But then again, these pregnancy superstitions do have some merit. No smoke without a fire, eh?

We have compiled a list of the most common pregnancy superstitions;

Defer your pregnancy announcements till after the first trimester (3 months)

It is believed that announcing your pregnancy too early will increase the chance of a miscarriage, as most miscarriages happen in the first trimester.

No home renovations

The Chinese believe actions like sawing, drilling and hammering, (that are common during home renovations) are harmful to the baby’s spirit and could cause fetal deformities. If its an emergency, being away from the renovations are believed to help. Also calling your baby’s spirit away from the renovation site will prevent any harm from coming to him/her.

No using scissors or needles on the bed

Using scissors or needles on the bed symbolizes cutting of umbilical cord and causes birth defects. While there are many people with experience with this particular pregnancy superstition, it is still unsure whether its coincidence or the superstition has a legitimate claim.

Put a knife under the bed

This is done to ward off evil spirits with evil or malicious intent from harming your baby’s spirit.

No attending funerals

Funerals are largely considered unlucky in Chinese culture and therefore, people often warn expecting mothers to avoid attending any. However, in the case where it is necessary, it is recommended to tie a red scarf around the belly area to ward off the negative energy from the funeral.

No cursing

Cursing is far more common in today’s society, so much so a curse word is always at the tip of your tongue. Try to refrain from cursing or have anyone around you say any curse words as it is believed that cursing around the unborn child equates cursing him/her. In Western culture, this is also avoided as they don’t want the baby’s first words to be a curse word.

No rubbing belly

Its normal to want to caress your pregnant belly, but its told that excessive rubbing of the belly will result in a spoiled child.

Have you heard any of these superstitions passed down from your mum/grandmother? I know I’ll definitely be abiding by these “guidelines”. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

5 Piglet Toys that will make you squeal

Commonly known as Winnie the Pooh’s best bud in the show, Piglet has a generally scaredy demeanor but tries to conquer his fears. We have compiled a list of our top picks of 5 piglet toys for any piglet fan.

1. Disney Piglet Scented Ufufy Plush Toy (4.5″)

piglet toy scented

Scented with apple blossoms, this round plush sits upright and would be a great addition to any piglet lover’s collection.

2. 9.5″ Piglet Soft Toy

piglet toy

This adorable piglet sitting soft toy would make a great companion for any baby, toddler or child.

3. Winnie the Pooh Piggy Piglet (Disney) by Kato crafts

piglet toy piggy bank

A great way to introduce kids to saving money early on in their childhood. “Paying” your kids to do chores and having them save the money in this piggy bank. Two birds with one stone!

4. 2 Tier Diaper Cake – Monkey Piglet Toy Baby Gift Hamper

piglet toy diaper cake

This diaper cake consists of:

  • 25 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers in size M (Fits babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Disney Piglet Soft Toy Cake Topper
  • 1 Monkey Romper / Bodysuit (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76x76cm)
  • 1 Pair of Socks
  • 1 Bib
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Gift Box Packaging (46 x 22 x 22cm)

5. Disney Piglet Toys ”Tsum Tsum” Plush Toy – Mini – 3 1/2”

piglet toy tsumtsum

Following the recent tsumtsum craze, this is a perfect gift for a tsumtsum toy collector. Its unique shape makes it easy to stack and can be used to create a cute feature wall in your room/home.

5 Mickey Mouse Baby Gifts that will make you go “Oh boy!”

Mickey mouse has been a household name since he was created in 1928.

We have compiled 5 Mickey mouse baby gifts that will make you go “Oh boy!”, as Mickey likes to say.

1. Disney Mickey Mouse Mouse Push and Go Racer Car

mickey mouse toy

This push and go car encourages crawling and first steps, all while teaching toddlers motor skills.

2. Red Mickey Mouse Baby Gifts Prewalker Baby Shoes

mickey mouse toymickey mouse baby gift shoes

This pair of prewalker shoes will fit any baby up to 6 months and will pair well with Mickey themed onesie or pants. Comes in two colours; red and dark blue and available on Diaper Cakes SG.

3. Delta Children Disney Mickey Mouse Baby Gifts Upholstered Chair

 mickey mouse toy
Let your toddler have his very own armchair sofa. Perhaps put the chair in a little reading corner to encourage reading instead of being on the phone all day.

4. Mommy’s Little Man Mickey Mouse Toy Diaper Cake

mickey mouse toy

A diaper cake is pretty much a baby gift hamper, in the shape of a cake, adorned with a soft toy of your choosing.

This diaper cake consists of:

  • 25 “Huggies Total Protection” Disposable Diapers M Size (Suitable for babies 5-10 kg)
  • 1 Pair of Pre-Walker Shoes (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Red Mickey Mouse Plush Toy Cake Topper *See related image
  • 1 “Mommy’s Little Man” Romper / Bodysuit (Size 6-12 months)
  • 1 Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket (76 x 76cm)
  • 1 Pair of Socks
  • 1 Bib
  • 1 Premium Diaper Cake Gift Box Packaging (46 x 22 x 22cm)

5. The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-In-1 Potty System

mickey mouse toy

A toddler’s first step to being toilet trained. This can be used as a standalone potty or as an attachable on a regular toilet bowl.